Subscription Site Setup

10 Best Online Business Models for Startup Success

Online Business Models Subscription Business Model Scalable Business Model Sharing Business Model Secure Business Model Shipping Business Model Membership Business Model Network Business Model Productized Services Model Analytics Business Model Web services Business Model Conclusions Many people, including bloggers, want to start online businesses to deliver their values to the community but find it challenging […]

10 Membership Site Templates to Create Awesome Website

Membership Templates Registration Page Template Registration Thank you Page Login Page Template Login Error Page Template Membership Welcome Page Modules Page Template Restricted Content Page Pay Expiry/Upgrade Page Template Members Home/ Join community Page Members Logout Page Conclusions Do you have an idea to create a protected area in WordPress?. or Are you looking best […]

Wishlist Member Content Protection and Access for Subscribers

Membership Site Setup Protection Within a Post or Page Protection at Manage Content Protecting Specific Content Pay per Post protection Conclusions Content management involves two parts first one is type of content and second is protection and access. Based on these two criteria we should setup our membership site. The type of the content means […]

Wishlist Member Setup to Create Membership Site in WordPress

Wishlist Member Setup Create Membership Levels Content Protection Grant Access Membership Member Registration Page Conclusions This article I am going to explain about the basic settings in Wishlist Member Plugin to create membership website. It will explain a complete overview of the functionality of Wishlist Member Plugin. The major part of the plugin function is […]

How to Install Wishlist Member Plugin to Create Membership site

In this article we are going to tell about Wishlist Member installation process. Installing the Wishlist Member plugin is a simple and quick process that will help you turn your WordPress site into a Wishlist Member protected membership site. To begin, all the information you need is included in the e-mail sent to you once […]

Wishlist Member Plugin to Create Membership Sites

Wishlist member Plugin Updated Notification Emails New Member Search Pay Per Post in Wishlist Sequential Upgrade Shopping Cart Integrations Autoresponders in wishlist Conclusions The WishList Member plugin now has more powerful promotional, management, and integration features than ever. The new version was recently released and includes several new upgrades that will make member site management […]

How to Setup an E-Book Pages in Word and PDF

Create eBook in Word & PDF Designing Your E-book Front and back pages of E-book Formatting in Acrobat Should You Zip It? Conclusions Microsoft Word has lots of features that make creating ebooks easy. You can use styles to format an ebook or update its formatting to work on a different platform. You can use […]

Wishlist Member – Sequential Upgrade for Membership Levels

Wishlist Member has two types of sequential upgrade one is ADD another one is MOVE upgrade. In ADD type the members for the Module 1 are added to the Module 2 after the specific time. and have access to the Module 1 and 2. This is useful for training programs to review previous module information. In MOVE sequential upgrade the members moved to the next level once the time period ends. The members have access for only the current membership level they don’t have access for previous levels.