Product Launch Setup

Sales Order Form Customization in Clickbank Marketplace

ClickBank is a leading retailer of digital products. In order to sell more products it is best to keep the buying process as simple as possible. However, when you click “Buy” on a Clickbank product you are taken to an extremely ugly, bog-standard Clickbank order form to make your purchase. It’s hardly ideal! You spend […]

How To Use E-Junkie Marketplace To Sell Our Product

Sell product in Ejunkie What E-Junkie Is? Getting Your E-Junkie Account Setting Up Your First Product Upload Your Product & Get Links Conclusions If you’re getting ready to sell your ebook release some MP3s/videos or just want to sell access to some product you’ve created, you may be asking yourself “How the hell do I […]

1Shoppingcart Payment Integration in Membership site with Wishlist Member

1Shoppingcart in Wishlist WP and 1Shoppingcart integration 1SC Recurring billing Notification 1SC full integration with Wishlist 3 Integration steps for 1SC Conclusions Checkout the Wishlist Member plugin review on creating full featured membership site in WordPress. Wishlist Member is the powerful low price membership site plugin from WordPress. It has special features like subscriber management, […]

How to Sell a Digital Product with PayPal Payment Gateway

Sell a Product with PayPal Sell Digital Products with PayPal Requirements to sell a Product Setup PayPal to sell eBook Create a PayPal Buynow button Add BuyNow Button in Sales page Conclusions It is easy to sell our own products and services with PayPal using Website Payments Standard.  There is no limit to what product […]

How to Start Sell Own Products with E-junkie to Earn Money

Sell a Product in E-Junkie Adding a product in E-junkie Add Button Code in sales Page Selling Products Types Add a Multiple products in E-junkie Test the E-junkie Product setup Manage Discounts in E-junkie Discount Settings in E-junkie Combining Discounts in Ejunkie Conclusions It’s awesome to launch our own product in the marketplace like ClickBank […]

8 Steps to Setup a Digital product in ClickBank to Make Money

Setup a Product in ClickBank Sign Up with ClickBank Create a Pitch and Thank You Page Make a Payment Link Setup MySite Information Complete My Products Information Test the Payment Link Request the Product Approval Pay One-Time $49.95 for Activation Conclusions I have seen many products come and go throughout the years on ClickBank, but […]

WordPress aWeber Integration for Quick Response to Customers

Aweber WordPress Integration How to add AWeber in WordPress AWeber integration for autoresponse Email responder by Wishlist Integration steps in Wishlist AWeber list settings Wishlist other features Conclusions AWeber is one of the world’s biggest email marketing or autoresponder service provider. I have not seen any affiliate internet marker without email autoresponder service. When we […]

ClickBank Payment Gateway Integration with WordPress for Product Launch

ClickBank WordPress Integration How CB Integration Works ClickBank Integration by Wishlist 3 Steps of ClickBank Integration Things for ClickBank Approval Add ClickBank Recurring payment ClickBank Recurring Billing setup Add Affiliate Commission  Conclusions ClickBank is the best marketplace to sell our own product online because it has the special feature to connect affiliates and vendors at […]