7 Best WordPress Form Builders for Lead Capture and Conversion

The look and content in the webform are vital to sign of conversion that is used in form builders for lead capture. The best designed web forms always give better conversion. Here we find the best form builders to create interactive web forms. These forms can be placed anywhere on the website by HTML, Javascripts, and shortcodes as well. A good form builder should provide a drag and drop editor with pre-designed form templates.

What is Webforms?

The web forms are the entry point of a communication tool between a business and its customers. There are many types of web forms available for communication, and they are generally classified as interaction forms and conversion forms.

The interaction forms are used as a contact form, quote form, donation form, poll, quiz, and survey forms. These forms help business people to collect feedback about a particular issue or product, or even services. They are used to analyze the demand and supply in the business.

The second type is conversion forms; they are subscription or signup forms to capture business-enhancement leads. These lead capture forms are placed on a landing page or in the sidebar of a website, and they should have a good call to action button for signup or subscription. It may be a single-step or multistep form.

Parts of subscription or signup forms

Every signup form has three fields, which are input, description, and Call to action.

Form builders

Form builders

The first one is, Input fields – Name, Email, and Submit. The name and email are the data collected by the signup forms.

The second one is the Description field – It should have the information about why people need to provide their name and email in the signup form. This information should be a text or image that shows the purpose of sign up.

The final section is Call to action – It is the important part of the signup form to grasp landing page visitors’ attention by colorful submit button text or call to action image.

So the webform builder should have a drag and drop editor with customization options. Here we have some best form builders with custom form templates and customization of form fields, and these form builders can provide extra security options for interactive forms as well.

How to identify the best form builder? 

The best form builder should have a design, placement, and security provision for every web form listed below.

  • The form builder should have custom forms with multiple form fields and typography settings to style the form.
  • A visual drag and drop form editor with an image editing option would be best for signup forms.
  • The web form builder templates with responsive layouts help to convert people from gadgets as well.
  • The webform should also have file submission options and conditional logic for placement on the webpage.
  • Best spam protection methods such as captcha and interactive forms should notify the next step after the form submission. It is helpful in interactive web forms.

We should also include other options in web forms, such as payment options, replay options, communicative options for donation, survey, and a contact form. The best form builder should have customization provision for these types of forms as well.

7 best form builders to create best web forms

This part covers the list that has conversion-based web form builders with visual editors. Here the subscription form and signup form design have been focused on ordering the list, and its interactive form design features are also mentioned in the features list. We should focus on the visual editor, custom template, styling, form fields, and Call to action buttons.

Gravity forms

Gravity forms are one of the best WordPress form builder plugins with a visual form editor. It has custom form fields, and we can configure form design options. These webforms are easily embedded anywhere on the website. Gravity forms have payment collection, workflow automation such as interactive form field’s addition during form filling, and secured file uploads options with conditional logic for webform placement.

gravity forms

gravity forms

The visual drag and drop form builder is used to construct custom web forms. In this form builders, we use a pre-designed column layout or custom width to the column. The drag and drop form field customization with workflow review has available to check the responsiveness.

Gravity forms have predefined layouts for contact, sign up, payment, and survey forms with many addon integrations for its operations behind the form submissions. It uses Paypal, Stripe, and authorize.net for payment processing. Mailchimp and campaign monitor are used for subscription forms to manage the email list, and Hubspot is used for email and contact communicantion services.

Features of Gravity forms

  • Create, customize and automate web forms using gravity forms.
  • The drag and drop form builder is available with WCAG 2.0 compliant form designs.
  • 30+ form fields are available for customization.
  • Gravity forms support multiple languages for submission.
  • It is WordPress multisite compatible.
  • Data collection in webforms has been done using API, webhooks, and data routing methods.
  • Quiz, poll, survey forms are available with file upload options.
  • Gravity form provides options to add images; nested forms display with many addons.

The gravity forms are best for custom form design with image addition to form fields. And it has a visual editor with live preview options, and these options made gravity forms are the best option for WordPress form builder.

Ninja Forms

NinjaForms has a Drag and Drop form builder with a simplified user interface for WordPress subscription form creation. These form builders require no coding knowledge and CSS skills and use drag and drop form fields to achieve awesome form designs. It uses row and column layouts for form design and customization, and even a beginner can design multistep web forms.

ninja forms

ninja forms

It is a good form builder for lead capture with many custom templates for form design. Each column and rows layout can add custom fields for form inputs with styling options, and we can add background and border for input form fields. The form fields are easy to swap by drag and drop, and the name and email can be arranged in a row using simple drag and drop.

It has many CSS elements to style the label, button text, and button image as well. The web forms are placed easily at any part of the landing page with conditional logic.

Features of Ninja forms

  • we can use ninja forms for payment collection using paypal, Stripe, recurly, elevon, etc.
  • We can integrate ninja Forms into email marketing services such as Mailchimp, Aweber, campaign monitor, etc.
  • We can also integrate the CRM software with the ninja form for marketing automation and customer relationship services.
  • We can export the contacts as PDF files, excel or google sheets easily.
  • It provides insights and analytics options as well.

Ninja forms have the best drag and drop builder with a simple row and column layout for form design. We can customize every form field with background, style, and border options, which makes ninja forms best for lead generation process.

Everest Forms

Everest forms make the WordPress form building simpler by its drag and drop builders. We can create web forms in a minute using fields and builder settings. We can also integrate form functions payment, signup, survey options easily with this builder.

everest forms

everest forms

It has a number of pre-design form templates for a signup, subscription, contact, job application, and donation form. It has an unlimited amount of form fields such as general, payments, advanced, and survey fields. These fields have been styled and customized with drag and drop options.

The form designer used typography styles with individual fields for the label, wrapper, sub-label, and description customization. So it is the best form builder for lead capture form designs.

Everest form Features

  • Everest forms use paypal and Stripe for payment processing in donation forms.
  • MailChimp, zapier, and convertkit are used for email marketing and customer relationship building.
  • The form entries are managed using the email marketing software integrations.
  • Premium addons are also available such as style customizers, email templates, and multi-part forms.
  • Spam protection and conditional logic for form placement are available in Everest forms.
  • It has a mobile responsive form design with GDPR compliance.

Everest has designer styles for various form fields with quick form review options. It uses shortcodes for form placement with multiple language support, and the ajax form submission is used for faster responses.

Formidable forms

The formidable forms are advanced form builders with multiple forms, and it has 7 different web forms for conversion and interaction. Formidable forms used calculator, registration, payment, contact and survey forms with directory and list views inform design. The easiest form builder is used with visual styling options to create web forms for conversion.

formidable forms

formidable forms

The complex forms can be designed simple manner using different views for form description. The form builder uses directories, lists, and calendar views to display form fields. So the web forms can be designed and customized with multiple columns. The form builder has tons of templates and dynamic form fields for design and customization with simple drag and drop options.

Features of Formidable Forms

  • We can easily customize the form templates with 125+ hooks and HTML styles.
  • 30+ addons are available for web form design with a single click license.
  • Advanced online form building options with conditional logic, file upload, and built-in captcha.
  • The formidable form uses simple data entries with easy-to-manage options.
  • The payments are collected using paypal with Woocommerce integration in formidable forms.
  • Email marketing and CRMs are integrated with formidable forms for marketing automation.

Formidable form uses flexible form layout design with bootstrap form styling in its visual editor. It makes form design simpler even with Woo Commerce support, and the form placement is simple anywhere on the website.


WeForms are the fastest WordPress form builder plugin to create web forms in a minute. We can create contact forms, support forms, and subscription forms easily with 33 types of custom form fields. Each form fields have individual styling options for the web form design. The Webforms has 25+ form templates to design our custom signup form for lead capture.

The form designed with the WeFrom builder is responsive on all mobile devices and gadgets. We can also design multistep conversion forms using the custom fields. We can add web forms anywhere on the website, even within the Gutenberg, widgets, and landing page builder.

The premium integration modules are available for marketing and contacts managements. The Webforms Mailchimp used for email marketing and Webforms HubSpot integration used for customer relationship building.

Features of WeFroms

  • Contact forms, admission forms, and job listings forms can easily create with a drag and drop form builder.
  • We can create dynamic entry forms with time and entry restriction rules.
  • Aweber, Mailchimp, and HubSpot marketing tools are integrated with Webforms used in marketing.
  • It uses shortcodes to publish web forms on any WordPress page.
  • Spam protection is used to protect unauthorized entries.
  • Modules make the web form designs simpler with Wefroms.

The multiple web form design is simpler with Webforms. It uses a drag and drop form builder with 33 custom form fields for web form design. It makes Web forms are the best choice for WordPress form building.


ARforms are the best WordPress form builder to create all types of web forms. The subscription form design is simple with its material style forms. The AR form used input form fields very appealing with the help of many pre-built themes selection during the form design. It uses a fully responsive form design for all mobile devices and gadgets.



The form builder used more than 25+ form elements with mobile-ready form templates. All the form elements have drag and drop styles with real-time form editing options. We can create multi-columns with easy resizable designs. The pop-up plugin is used for subscription form placement in web pages with time trigger options.

The multistep forms and survey forms can also be designed using the form editor. The powerful data analytics used for form entries management in ARforms.

Features of ARForms

  • ARForms uses a new user interface with faster navigation for drag and drop form builder.
  • The inline editor is used for form field customization with real-time preview.
  • 30+ basic and advanced form field designs are available with custom styling options.
  • It has multi-column forms with easily resizable options.
  • We can embed third-party video and media files in the form fields for better conversion.
  • Live form designer with responsive design preview options.
  • Trendy material form design with 15+ theme options
  • Fonts, background images, and CSS options are available for form fields with 40+ pre-designed form templates.

ArForms uses an eye-catching signup form design with trendy input fields. The live responsive editor for form design with an inline style editor is available, and these things with multiple form designs make it a good form builder for lead capture.


WPforms is the best drag and drop form builder to build smarter forms for surveys, payments, and subscriptions. It has an awesome form builder with 100+ web form templates for multiple types of web form creation. It creates web forms that are responsive to all mobile devices and gadgets.



We can easily embed webforms in blog posts, pages, sidebar widgets, and footer as well. The subscription forms are created and connected with the email marketing service. We can easily collect payments, donations, and online orders using WPfroms. We can build online forms in minutes using the form builder.

The form builder has provided a smarter workflow for complex forms with conditional logic and multistep processing. Every form field can be easily customized using a section divider with HTML blocks and a custom CSS option.

Features of WPForms

  • Instant form notification features after the lead submission.
  • Best drag and drop form builder with pre-designed form templates.
  • Multiple forms are designed possible for payments, subscriptions, quotations, surveys, and even polls.
  • It has file upload and spam protection options in contact forms
  • It has multiple addon integration for payment processing and email subscriptions.

WPForms has a user-friendly, powerful interface with a drag and drop form builder. We can easily design quotation forms, survey forms, subscription forms, and donation forms with conditional logic. Easy forms embed options in landing pages make it as best form builder for lead generation.


The best form builder for lead generation and conversion should provide a visual form editor. The pre-designed form templates with a drag and drop custom form field make the webform design easier with form builders. The form placement options with conditional logic place an important role in conversion.

Gravity form is the best form builder with row and column layout for webform design. The form fields are customized using a visual editor with live preview, making it the best choice for signup form design for lead generation.


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