WordPress aWeber Integration for Quick Response to Customers

AWeber is one of the world’s biggest email marketing or autoresponder service provider. I have not seen any affiliate internet marker without email autoresponder service. When we plan to launch a own product in marketplace we need to plan for its promotion also. Here autoresponders like aWeber plays dominant role.

In this post I would not go further into details about aWeber and its services but here we will know about how the aWeber integrated to WordPress in order to user autoresponder functionality in WordPress product launches.

I would like to introduce a plugin that will help to integrate aWeber into our WordPress blog. The plugin named as Wishlist Member Plugin, It is actually a membership plugin which is used for the full integration with WordPress sites. By using this plugin we can create membership site and protect content inside the member’s area.

But before we move to know about autoresponder integration let us discuss with how exactly aWeber works for WordPress. Basically aWeber is a very simple email subscription provider.

Aweber WordPress Integration

Aweber WordPress Integration

When a visitor signup at aWeber webform we will get a chance build our own email list for future product launches. The main use of the aWeber in product launches we can setup instant responses for customer who purchased or subscribed your service. And also we can setup Follow up messages for subscribers.

AWeber WordPress Integration

Now we are ready to know about WordPress aWeber integration. Here I will discuss about how one plugin used for the autoresponder integration with WordPress. From this plugin we can use multiple methods to collect email subscription lists from the landing page visitors.

Wishlist Member can give aWeber integration for different membership levels. That’s we can process the subscribers based on the subscription levels available in the membership site. The subscription level may be silver, gold and platinum.

Only thing we need to create new membership level for every different type of subscription. By the same way we should create separate email subscription list for individual membership levels in the Wishlist Member plugin.

Apart from the autoresponder integration, there is also some special feature available in Wishlist Members. It gives a way to grant access to different membership content to different member levels. Content protection and granting access to the protected content are all going to be one of the numbers of features of Wishlist Member plugin.

Is it necessary to go with paid plugin?

Based on the purpose of the autoresponder integration we need to choose the integration method. Basically we may use the autoresponder service mainly for two features.

  • Build email subscriber list
  • Instant response and membership support

If you are using the aWeber only for collecting the email list then there is no need for paid plugin. For product launches and membership site creation process definitely we should go for the paid plugin for the aWeber integration.

When we consider email list building we should remember the answer for the question ‘why we need email list?’.  The answer always says that we need paid plugin for necessary for aWeber and WordPress integration.

AWeber simple integration or full Integration with WP

There are two types of integration possible between aWeber and WordPress. One is simple integration another one is full integration. When we go to WordPress plugin directory there is no good plugin for full integration of aWeber and WordPress.

Even if one plugin exists, it has simple integration so we cannot get the more features of aWeber autoresponders in WordPress site.  So we are in need of paid plugins. Especially Wishlist Member can offer full and simple integration for WordPress and aWeber.

Here we have the main difference between simple integration and full integration of autoresponders with WordPress site.

Simple integration with aWeber

In this type of integration when a subscriber added to the WordPress dashboard they will automatically added to the aWeber email list which we have integrated to WordPress. We can add as much members via WordPress dashboard.

Aweber Full Integraion

Aweber Full Integraion

But when a subscribed member has cancelled their subscription or if we want to remove the member via WordPress dashboard, it will not be updated in aWeber. Their membership in WordPress will be immediately removed from the WordPress. But in aWeber list they will not be removed they will receive updates form the WordPress sites.

Full integration with aWeber

Wishlist Member plugin offer full integration for aWeber autoresponder. We can add and remove member in WordPress dashboard it will be automatically replicated in aWeber email list. So the peoples will prefer full integration over simple integration to integrate WordPress and aWeber.

WordPress AWeber Integration – Wishlist Member Plugin

Once you have installed Wishlist Member plugin to the WordPress site you will see the Wishlist options page as ‘WL Plugins’ in the wp-admin dashboard. Just navigate to “WL Plugins page here we have all options of Wishlist Member dash board.

In the top navigation we will have the option as integration just click in the link.

Aweber WordPress Integration by Wishlist

Aweber WordPress Integration by Wishlist

Now you will have two options autoresponders and shopping cart integration. Now choose autoresponder integration. Probably we have come to the right place for the autoresponder integration with WordPress.

Wishlist Member plugin can offer autoresponder integration not only for aWeber some of the other autoresponder integration possible with Wishlist Member is Mailchimp, Get Response, Autoresponder plus, Infusion soft and Interspire.

AWeber autoresponder Integration steps in Wishlist 

Follow the below steps for the full integration of aWeber with WordPress.

  • First we need to create membership level based on the number of subscription levels available in the membership site example silver, gold and platinum.
  •  To create membership level click on the ‘Members’ tab in navigation of Wishlist dashboard create the membership levels.
  • Go to ‘Integration’ link on the navigation and choose Autoresponders.
  • Now select ‘AWeber’ in the available autoresponder list in Wishlist Member.
  •  In this page we have some text boxes for the aWeber integration for the corresponding membership levels. Remember every individual membership level has separate text box for aWeber list name integration.
  • We can also use the same list name for different membership levels for this kind of situation members form the different membership levels are collected in single aWeber list name we have added here.
  •  I would suggest creating separate list name for each membership level in WordPress. So we can process the subscriber easily for individual membership levels check out the tutorial to create new list in aWeber.
  • We need to enter the aWeber list name as listname@aWeber.com in the text box available for the membership levels and aWeber integration in Wishlist Member. For example we will create new listname as ‘silver’ in aWeber for silver membership level. Example silver@aWeber.com.
  • Once we have filled the list name save the page in Wishlist Member dashboard.
  • Now login to the aWeber account to complete the integration. Email parsers setup for the email listname is important to finish the integration.  For this select the list name we have used for the integration with WordPress.
  • Now navigate to Settings–>Email Parsers for the listname.  You will see the check box options as ‘Wishlist Member’.  Click the check box and save it to finish integration.

That’s all.  Now we are ready to use the autoresponder for the membership levels. To setup follow up messages and other supports we should follow the instruction in aWeber.

Aweber Wislist Email Parsers

Aweber Wislist Email Parsers

AWeber list settings for WordPress integration

In the aWeber side we need to setup some details for the integration process example. Unsubscribe email settings, thank you page settings, welcome email and follow up message settings.

Once we have finished these settings now we will ready for use the integration for the product launches. So we need to setup followup messages for each list in aWeber. Once the subscriber added to the particular list that means means that a new member subscribed to a membership level we need to welcome theme with greetings.

And we need to send the proper instruction to login their corresponding member area and relevant information need ted to access and navigate the entire content of the subscription levels. The follow up messages are necessary to avoid post-sale questions from the customers after he successful subscription.

To test the integration with the membership registration form. Once the member subscribed via this form they will be added to the corresponding Membership level inside the Wishlist Dashboard and simultaneously to the AWeber list we have integrated and the customer will receive the follow up messages intermediately.

So, you have completed the WordPress AWeber Integration successfully.  But this integration is just one minor feature out of the so many cool features of the Wishlist Member plugin.  Check out the other features of Wishlist Member below.

Payment system integration with WordPress

Autoresponder integration with WordPress

Content protection and membership levels setup in WordPress

Get wishlist Member now


AWeber integration with WordPress must needed one for the internet affiliate marketers who uses WordPress for their product promotion. AWeber is the biggest autoresponder and email marketing service in the digital media.

Wishlist Member plugin offers WordPress integration with aWeber by full integration method. Some of the aWeber integration plugins available in the plugin directory has done only simple integration.

We can integrate different membership levels in WordPress with different listname in aWeber by simple step in the Wishlist Member plugin. The email parsers settings are the important step in the WordPress aWeber integration in Wishlist Member.

Wistlist member not only used for aWeber integration with WordPress It is the membership plugin used to protect membership content and and payment system integration. We can use OptimizePress for the product launch for the membership site.

Share your experience in comments section.

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