Wishlist Member Content Protection and Access for Subscribers

Content management involves two parts first one is type of content and second is protection and access. Based on these two criteria we should setup our membership site. The type of the content means content conveying method. Any membership site content should be displayed to members any one of the listed format like video, audio, text, images, discussion and others like downloadable exes Or the combination among the 5 formats.

Based on the content display formats we should design the membership site welcome page and other navigational tabs on the welcome page. Then only members can get their own content for their subscription. Here we will see about wishlist member content protection and access.

Wishlist Member Content Grant Access

Wishlist Member Content Grant Access

This post explains how to set protection and access for content. Essentially, this is the essence of what makes a membership site. By protecting content, you’re inviting people to join and get access. We’ll go over 3 different ways you can protect content.

  • Protection Within a Post or Page
  • Protection at Manage Content in Wishlist Member
  • Protecting Specific Content in Wishlist Member

Protection Within a Post or Page

In this example, we’ll work with a post, but the process is the same for a page. Go to the WordPress Dashboard on the right-hand side and find a post you want to protect or create one. Hover over the name of the post and hit edit.

Within the post, scroll down and there is a WishList Member section with the following options:

  • Content Protection– Gives you the option to protect this post for your paying members. Selecting ‘Yes’ protects the content so please select this to protect it. Selecting ‘No’ makes it available for the public. There may be cases where you want content to be available for everyone (such as a sales page). ‘No’ allows everyone to see it.

    Content protection in Wishlist

    Content protection in Wishlist

  • Membership Levels– Allows you to select the Membership Level that can access the content in a particular post. You have the ability to select more than one if you want several Membership Levels to have access to that content.

    Membership levels access

    Membership levels access

  • Per User Access– Allows you to enable Pay Per Post for a post’s content, thus allowing someone to register and/or pay for access to that one post instead of having to create a Membership Level.
  •  Specific System Pages – When a member of a non-member try to access a post that that they don’t have permission to view, they will be redirected to an external URL, the Dashboard, a ‘Members Only’ page, or a confirmation page based off the action they are trying to perform, and their membership level. The options you select here will overwrite the general default options you have under Settings » Configuration » System Pages.

If you haven’t already, click the ‘Update’ button. You’ve now protected your post and assigned a Membership Level to it.

Protection at Manage Content in Wishlist Member

With the first method completed, select the ‘WL Plugins’ option from the WordPress Dashboard on the left-hand side. Click on the ‘WL Member’ link that will take you to the WishList Member Dashboard.

On the WishList Member Dashboard, click on the ‘Manage Content’ tab, and then the ‘Posts’ sub-tab. Here, you will select ‘Content Protection’ from the drop down menu.

Here, you can make changes to your posts in bulk instead of having to make changes to each individual post. Imagine that you had 100 posts. While you could do the first method and edit each post one at a time, it would take a long time to do. Using the Manage Content option allows you to protect and set access in bulk.

Click the ‘Content Protection’ choice from the drop-down menu. Any posts checked will will be protected from non-members. If you’ve already set protection within the post, you’ll see it selected here.

Manage Content Post

Manage Content Post

If you see any posts that are currently selected, you can uncheck them and hit ‘Set Protection’. They will then become public thus allowing anyone to see them. If you want to check your settings, go to the post in question and you should see your settings have been changed.

To protect it again, click the check-box next to the name of the post and hit Set Protection.
Selecting one of the membership levels in the drop-down menu takes you to a screen where you can pick one Membership Level has access to that content. Once you click your desired access levels, click ‘Grant Access’, and the changes will be saved.

Settings in Wishlist Member

Now, on the WishList Member Dashboard, click on the ‘Settings’ tab, and click the ‘Protection Defaults’ sub-tab. Now you can change the settings for the content protection, including making every new post automatically protected by default.

Scroll down until you see the option ‘Enable File Protection’. Change that option to ‘Yes’, and save the settings.

Setting this to ‘Yes’ will automatically protect new content. Setting up to ‘No’ means you have to manually protect any new content you want protected.

This increase ease of use when creating multiple posts at once. All posts will be done with one setting without having to change options on an individual level. If you believe most of your content will be protected, set it to ‘Yes’ to save yourself some work.

Congratulation! You know two different ways to protect your content and even have it automatically protected if you so choose.

Protecting Specific Content in Wishlist Member

On this page, you will learn a general overview of protecting content.
On the WishList Member Dashboard, click on the ‘Manage Content’ tab.

In this tab are the different types of content you can protect, such as the Content Protection, Pay Per Posts, Membership Levels, and User Posts Access levels can all be adjusted.

  • Posts– The various posts can be protected by assigning membership levels to particular posting accesses.
  •  Pages – The various pages can be protected.
  • Categories – The various categories can be protected.
  •  Files – The various files can be protected.
  •  Folders – The various folders can be protected.

Setting Protection

The method for protecting content is pretty much the same no matter if you’re protecting a post, a page, a file, or anything else. For this example, we’re going to protect a post.

Click ‘Posts’. You’ll notice a drop-down menu. Select ‘Content Protection’ and a list of posts will appear.

Manage Content protection

Manage Content protection

One of the advantages of the Manage Content area is the ability to protect large amount of content at a time.One could go into each post individually and protect them one at a time, but here you can protect a large number at once.

To grant access in bulk to an entire database of members, simply click on the check box in the gray bar, and then click the ‘Set Protection’ button just above it. If there are any posts you don’t want included simply uncheck them or just check the posts you want to protect.

Once you decided what content is to be protected, click the ‘Set Protection’ button. You should see a ‘Content Protection updated’ message. Now it’s time to pick what Membership Level has access.

Setting Access

Click the drop down menu and pick the Membership Level you want to associate with that Membership Level.

In this example, we are going to select Gold to have access to only two posts but not the third one. So ‘My Third Post’ would not be checked.

Once satisfied with the protection, hit ‘Grant Access’ and Gold has access to all the posts that have been checked.

Again, the method for protecting other to the content is still the same. Select Content Protection from the drop-down menu and specify what is to be protected.

Once saved, pick the Membership Level from the drop-down menu to tell WishList Member what Membership Levels have the right to see that content.

Pay-Per-Post Content protection

Go to the drop-down menu and select ‘Pay Per Post’. This option allows you to protect a post (and sell if you like) without having to create a Membership Level.
It’s a way for you to offer a single post.

Simply check the check boxes next to the post names you want to offer as a Pay Per Post. Functionally, it’s the same as going into each post and selecting the Pay Per Post option but this allows you to do more at a time.

If you want to allow free registration for a Pay Per Post, click the ‘Yes’ radio button. Otherwise, the only way someone can get access to that post is to pay for it.

Once you’re done, hit ‘Set Pay Per Post’.

User Posts

This option allows you to give access of a particular user to a page or a post. Select ‘User Posts’ from the drop-down menu. A pop-up box will appear. Enter the username or e-mail of a member. That member will then show in the drop down menu.

Select the content you want them to get access to. Once done, click ‘Grant Access’ and that person have access to that content.


You now know how to quickly give access and protect your content be it just one member or several at a time by three content protection methods of wishlist member. We can protect content in Protection Within a Post or Page, Protection at Manage Content in Wishlist Member and Protecting Specific Content in Wishlist Member. Users can access the content using the subscription on membership levels, pay per post and etc.

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