Wishlist Member Setup to Create Membership Site in WordPress

This article I am going to explain about the basic settings in Wishlist Member Plugin to create membership website. It will explain a complete overview of the functionality of Wishlist Member Plugin.

The major part of the plugin function is to create membership levels protect the membership content and grant access to the membership lever corresponding to the membership subscription. Its starts with membership level creation to the new members registration page.

Basically the complete setup of the membership site creation has 9 steps that starts from landing page creation and setup, sales page creation and setup, Membership content protection, grant access to the protected content, membership levels creation, autoresponder integration for followup messages and newsletter setup, Payment process integration. Registration page setup and affiliate process integration. We will explain each step in detail in upcoming articles.

Create Membership Site

Create Membership Site

Four Components of Membership site

Now we will see about the Wishlist Member Plugin settings to create membership plugin. The basic setup has four components as follows

  1. Create membership levels
  2. Membership content protection
  3. Grant membership access
  4. Membership Registration Page setup

Get Wishlist Member to create membership site for giving restricted content access to the subscribed members.

1. Create Membership Levels– Create a Membership Levels are also called as membership groups. These levels are used to group the members to give the unique content for the particular group. We can separate the member group to access protected content with help of multiple membership level access in Wishlist Member Plugin.

2. Membership Content Protection- Once we created a Membership Level, you gave give those members access to certain content on your site based on their membership level. For this process we need to protect all the content irrespective of membership level using Wishlist Member.

3. Grant membership Access — After protecting all the membership content we can grant access to the certain level of content corresponding to the membership levels. These levels may be gold, silver, platinum and etc. Only access granted membership level can see the protected content.

4. Member Registration Page Setup– There are two ways to get membership level access by the subscribed members either free registration or paid registration which should be decided in registration process.

Basically we need to create a Membership Level and allow that Membership Level access to content, for setup the registration. During the registration process Wishlist Member will get the user name and password for the membership level access. Now we will see these four membership setup components in detail.

Create Membership Levels in Wishlist

To create new membership level go to the Wishlist Member Dashboard, click on the “Membership Levels” tab. This will create Membership Levels. In Wishlist Member we can create new membership levels at the bottom of the membership level page.

We can add Membership Levels to differentiate content access for different membership levels. We can create multiple membership levels like Gold, Silver, Platinum and etc. While creating new membership levels we have multiple options for the membership level settings.

Create Membership level in Wishlist

Create Membership level in Wishlist

Membership Level Name– Here we should enter the membership level name like Gold membership. We can also add the membership description here for good understanding by the subscribers at the corresponding level.
Registration Page URL – It is the URL used for the registration of the new members for the particular membership level. This URL is different for every membership level this will be encoded with different URL while the subscription done by the members.

After Registration/ Login Page – We can create new page in WordPress admin and enter the URL here to direct members to after logging in or registering this will also called welcome page. The After Registration page and after login page both are different. The after registration page shown once after the registration complete after login page will shown every time after members login.

Grant Access – Every Membership levels has different access for membership content initially all the content protected using Wishlist. New we will grant access to the gold membership level. It allows full access to pages, posts, categories, or comments.
Length of Subscriptions – It will be the total length of the membership level. It may be one month or two month depends on the content. Once the length of the subscription ends the access to the membership level gets expired. If you selected No expiration date the membership will not expired for recurring billing we can use this option.
Cancel Members Access– It will be automatically remove a member from a selected level after the time expired. This will be very useful if you have someone in a Free or Trial Membership Level and want to remove them once they join your paid membership level.

That’s all we have created new membership level in the name of Gold, Silver or Platinum with help of the above settings.

Content Protection in Wishlist Member

Go to the WordPress dashboard on the left-hand side and click the “Posts” link to create a new post for the content for the membership level. Once you have created the post we have options to protect the post using Wishlist Member. We can also protect all the post using Wishlist Member options.

Wishlist Member Content protection

Wishlist Member Content protection

We can protect the individual posts using the option available at the bottom of the edit page or post settings. Once you edit, you’ll notice the title area and a content area below where you can enter the content that people would either pay for or register to see.

Grant Access to The Membership level

Once you have protected all the content using the options available like protect all posts, pages, category, comments, folders media and etc. New we are ready to grant access for particular level of the membership.

Wishlist Member Content Grant Access

Wishlist Member Content Grant Access

Go to Wishlist Member dashboard click on content protection and select the membership level in which we can grand access for the protected content. We can made tick mark to access the content for the particular membership level.

Member Registration Page Setup

The membership registration page setup has two different way depends on the membership levels access. Membership level access has two types listed below.

  1. Free membership level
  2. Paid membership level

The registration page is slightly different for these two methods.

Free Membership level Registration – Create a Free Membership Level in order to get new members interested in registering for and subscribing to new content. Typically this is used to gather e-mail addresses. This is called free membership level. Later we can transfer the members in to paid membership level as per the interest of the members.

We need to provide a registration page so they can register. Go to the WordPress admin dashboard. In the left side at the “Pages” section and click “Add New” and Give the page a descriptive title such as “Free Membership Level Registration” and publish the page. We can add this page in the free registration level we have created in the Wishlist Member.

Registration Page in Wishlist member

Registration Page in Wishlist member

Paid Membership Level Registration– The paid method integrates your site with a shopping cart. Using the shopping cart will automatically cause Wishlist Member to generate your registration page after a successful transaction at the payment processor.

To begin, go to Wishlist Member link in the side bar and click on the “Integration” tab. Here, you will select your shopping cart, then follow the steps necessary to integrate the two sites. Once the integration is done, you’ll get a link or button you can put on your sales page.

When member will click on the button in the sales page They will be taken to the payment provider. After a successful transaction, they’ll be redirected back to your site where an auto-generated registration page will be waiting for them. Once they fill out the registration form, they become members of your site. That’s all for the paid membership registration page.


Now we have created a Membership Level, protected content and grant access to the protected content, and either created a free registration form, or integrated with your payment processor or shopping cart using Wishlist Member Plugin

These are the basic steps to create membership site using Wishlist Member Plugin. We will see the detailed explanation in create membership site with Wishlist member. Share your experience in comments section.

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