Wishlist Member Plugin Review – Create Full Featured Membership Site

Are you a blogger who has the loyal reader in your blog? Then, you are in the right place to offer your valuable content to the readers in a much protected way. You will deliver the protected content to the interested visitors of your blog. So we can improve the loyal readers’ follow-up in your blog.

To identify the readers’ opinions about your content, we need to closely analyze them with the help of valuable content offering and community participation. The content protection and access to the interested visitors can be provided by downloadable ebooks, online courses and membership websites.

 Why we need Content protection for our readers?

Generally, bloggers don’t want to hide their content from its visitors. But the protected content offering to the reader of those who became subscribed members of your blog can help you stay connected to your readers. So we can find the needs of our loyal readers and find where they have struggled to achieve the desired results.

Once you identified the reader struggle during the content follow-up, we can provide a better solution to the visitors who comes to our blog. The protected content always valuable than the opened one, irrespective of whether it is free or paid content.

 The content protection and its access can be done using the wishlist member plugin. The readers will become members by adding a lead optin form in our blog sidebar or below the post pages. Every optin form should have the purpose of collecting the email address of the readers.

Content Protection

Content Protection

 A good email autoresponder service will complete this task much easier than we expected. The different lead optin forms can be added to our website with the help of optimizepress theme lead optin templates. So wish list members with OptimizePress combination can provide the best membership site templates for content protection and delivery to the subscribed members.

 Why we Need Wishlist Member Plugin for Content Delivery?

 Wishlist Member Plugin for membership site will work smoothly in both new blogs and existing blogs running WordPress. It integrates very well with WordPress, Payment processor and Autoresponder systems to create a full-featured membership site to deliver quality content to its VIP members.

 Example With the minimal configuration, we can build your list using AWeber autoresponder. This list will be collected using different landing pages, and the conversion funnel follow-up can be made easy with this list during product launches and protected content delivery.

 We can also add the payment for subscription of the valuable content in our blog using PayPal, 1shoppingcart or Clickbank. Not only payment system but autoresponder integration has also been included in Wishlist Member. It has awesome content delivery methods like sequential and Drip content delivery with full protection over WordPress website.

 So we can create products for the subscription like downloadable eBooks, Online courses and membership websites using Wishlist Member Plugin.

The Features and benefits of Wishlist Member

 The number of features included in Wishlist Member is unbelievable when we look at the price level. We can reduce the price even further with the discount provided by the Wishlist Member.

Wishlist Member Review

The Best benefits of Wishlist member plugin features are listed below 

  • We can create a monthly subscription membership site using Wishlist member
  • We can Create Online courses with learning management systems
  • We can sell a digital products like Ebooks, webinars, video series and online courses or even blog posts.
  • We can offer free or paid content to the private communities and churches.

 Wishlist Member also has excellent technical support using their Video tutorials for every step in membership site setup and online course delivery. The support videos at their sites make it easy to use the plugin. We can do the third-party application integration for extended operations of a membership site much easier way by these video tutorials. Check out the videos here.

 When I started constructing my first membership site, I feel a bit hesitant. But then I come around Wishlist Member, which makes me learn many strategies of the membership site workflow and its member management. Check out my comparison on Wishlist Member vs aMember membership scripts.

Wishlist Member not only simple for installation and integration of payment system and autoresponders. But, apart from this, it has huge advanced features and benefits, which are listed below.

Members Admin Dashboard

 Wishlist Member plugin has setup and configuration pages with very well organized and easy to use. In the dashboard itself, we have the clear navigation for different integrations, content protection, membership levels, subscriber management and content delivery.

 Also, the Admin dashboard home page has membership level expiration, cancellation and Update links. 

Membership level options

 Based on the goal and requirements of content protection, we need a different kind of membership levels to access the content with a unique identity. Here Wishlist Members can offer as many ‘levels’ so that members of each level can be treated differently. 

For example, we can use ‘Silver’, ‘Gold’ and ‘Platinum’ levels for the members. We can drip the content and sequential upgrade to the levels to make membership content available to the entire subscription period. 

Flexible Membership Subscription Options

 Wishlist Member has many membership levels, which is different for every membership subscription. Likewise, each subscription may have many membership levels, or every membership level has different subscription types. 

Wishlist Member gives the ability to create Free, Trial or Paid membership levels and any combination of all three. In addition, we can choose the membership level as a monthly subscription or a single payment level.

Simple Installation with New or Existing WordPress Blog

 Wishlist Members can install the plugin in new and existing WordPress blogs to convert them as membership sites. The installation of Wishlist Member is very easy. Just a few clicks are enough. Then, unzip the file, upload it to your ‘plugins folder’ and activate with the license. 

Or we can install the plugin in the WordPress admin plugin section in the same way as ordinary WordPress plugin installation.

Easy Membership content Management and Control

 Consider we don’t want our members to see content with some membership levels they haven’t subscribed to. For this, click the ‘Hide’ button. This works to protect the membership content for the non-members of the particular membership level.

 For example, the ‘Gold’ level content has been protected for the ‘silver’ membership level. Check out more detailed content protection in Wishlist.

Simple Member or Subscriber Management

 The member’s management has been the important task for every membership site owner. Many membership site scripts give different options for subscriber management. For example, wishlist Member can offer options to see all members, their registration status, membership level and much more. 

It’s also helpful to process the members with the upgrade, move them to different levels, ‘temporarily stop’ their membership or delete them manually.

Total WordPress Content Protection

 Wishlist Member can determine exactly what our members can access for their subscription level. We can even drill down and grant access to specific posts, pages, categories and comments for each membership level. We can also protect files, folders and tags in WordPress using Wishlist Member. The possibilities are endless!. 

However, if we enable auto protection, it will protect all posts and pages when we create. Therefore, if we have a blog on the membership site for non-members, we need much care about auto content protection settings.

Wishlist Member Content Protection

Multi-Level Access for Single subscriber

Wishlist Member can offer its extensive feature to have access to multiple membership levels for a single subscriber. So that one member can easily get access to multiple membership levels within our membership site.

 Sequential content delivery

This will be the great feature for content delivery for members, especially for subscription-based membership levels. Depending on the goal of the membership site setup, we can graduate our members from one level to the next.

For example, members start at ‘Module 1’ of ‘silver’ level, and after 30 days, they are automatically upgraded to ‘Module 2 Of the same ‘silver ‘level. This will be the concept of the Wishlist Member Sequential Content Delivery system. It will be more useful in monthly subscription-based membership site content delivery.

Drip and schedule the content delivery 

We can automate content distribution into our membership site. Drip our favorite content to new members, schedule posts to go live on an exact date within the membership site.

Secure RSS feeds to see Membership content.

The Secure RSS feeds in Wishlist Member can allow our members to view their membership content in their favorite RSS reader. But, Wishlist has complete control over the RSS feed. The non-members can’t access the feed, and if a member stops paying for the subscription, their RSS feed automatically stops working in their favorite RSS reader. 

So members do need to log in to their membership site every time to see the updated membership content in their subscription level. However, they can easily read the new update inside the membership site using the RSS reader. Check out the features.

Shopping cart integration in Membership site

Wishlist Member can integrate many shopping carts with the membership area, and it can accept more than 20 payment systems. However, wishlist member does not have an internal affiliate system, so we need to choose the shopping cart based on good affiliate management.

Wishlist member integrates the most popular shopping cart systems, including PayPal, ClickBank, 1Shopping cart, etc. Also, Wishlist Member now has total integration with Cydec, stripe and Infusionsoft. 

The integration will ensure that the subscription starts once payment has been made and that access is closed if the members stop payment. Wishlist Member has a video tutorial on setting up membership site payment integration in detail.

A lifetime of the Subscription control

By using this feature of Wishlist Member, we can control the lifetime of each membership level. During this period, the member has access to our membership site. Once the length of the subscription or lifetime ends, their subscription for the membership level has stopped. 

So now we can set up an expiration period for the membership level to automatically expire a membership after a particular period.

Auto Responder Integration in Membership site

Wishlist Member integrated with popular Auto Responders like Aweber. Moreover, it can offer autoresponder integration not only for Aweber. Some of the other autoresponder integration possible with Wishlist Member is Mailchimp, Get Response, Autoresponder plus, Infusion soft, Generic, Constant contact, Icontact and Interspire. 

Wishlist Member Autoresponder Integration

And It allows you to maintain an email list in parallel with your WordPress membership site. It is important as a huge email list is one of the most important elements of making money online.

Third-Party Integrations with Wishlist Member

The Wish list member fully integrates with elementor page builder plugin, Buddypress forum for community participation, eLearn commerce, learn dash and Lifter LMS for online courses, easy webinars, Goto Webinar idevaffiliate, zapiar, response suite, etc.

Sneak Peak Content Display

In Wishlist Member, protecting our content is extremely easy with the sneak to peek content display feature because everything after the ‘more’ tag is automatically protected for particular membership level members only. 

So the motto is to have an eye-on-grabbing post title, combined with a compelling opening paragraph is more than enough for non-members.

Partial Content Display for Non-Members

The partial content display feature allows most posts to be displayed for non-members except for one secret sentence. 

With the Wishlist Member Partial Content Display feature, we can hide that ‘secret sentence’ to only display the ‘secret sentence’ for members who have subscribed to a membership level inside the membership area. Get wishlist member Now.

Wishlist Member Error Pages Setup

Custom Error Pages in Membership site

The Wishlist Member dashboard has the navigation for general settings. For example, here, we have options to set up error pages of the membership site.

For example, when a person tries to access content in different membership levels that they do not subscribe to, it will take them to an error page for this kind of situation. 

Now we can determine what content we need to have on the page. This gives you the chance to encourage them to register or upgrade to a different membership level.

Login Redirection pages in Membership site

Login page redirection plays a major role in post subscription support. The login redirection page is also called as membership level welcome page. It should contain prober navigation for all the content available for the corresponding subscription. Also, this page should contain membership level upgrade links and proper membership level information. Wishlist Member Error Pages Setup

Suppose we would like to control the first page of our membership level when a member logged-in. It can be easy with Wishlist Member. The best part is, we can have a different redirection page for each membership level in the Wishlist. So it’s perfect for adding welcome messages, updates, news, and so much more.

Wishlist Member Login Page Redirect

IP login protection

Really useful Wishlist Member feature to avoid that one account of the membership site is shared and used by many people. If you set it to 3, one user will only log in from 3 different IPs.

 Get Wishlist Member Plugin Now

With Wishlist Member, creating a membership site has been easier or more functionality. See the support videos and review the FAQ on the site to set up a good quality membership website. The popularity of membership sites is increasing rapidly.

So it is not hard to set up a membership site to express your values with a WordPress membership site. Wishlist Member has a wide variety of additional features that expand how we can use WordPress to build our membership site. Setup membership sites with simple clicks with Wishlist Member easily.

Wishlist Member alone requires us to create nine pages for the membership site to work right. Further, we can create pages to contain the membership content, and it adds up. The nine pages are the login page, Membership welcome page, Disclaimer page, Privacy policy, Affiliate page, JV Partners page, Squeeze page, Sign up page, Terms and conditions page, etc.

The Wishlist Member is a powerful membership script that can turn any WordPress blog into a full-featured membership site. We know getting a membership site up has never been easier, and with Wishlist Member, we never have to worry about the membership system not working with WordPress because it was built for WordPress.

Once we purchased Wishlist Member, they will provide a secure members area for the customers. This is a secure members area just for customers. This is not available to the general public inside this are we can have all kind of support from the Wishlist Member side.

It has a video tutorial for their primary support for those who newly create a membership site. If we don’t want step by step explanation, they will have helpdesk support for the customers. We can get an answer to and question on the membership site within 24 hours.

The wishlist Member plugin comes up with a single-site license for $147 and a 20 site license for$297. Check out the details.

Using the coupon code and discount coupon, we can reduce the actual, but there is no coupon code for the Wishlist Member plugin. 


Wishlist Member plugin is one of the powerful membership site setup plugins for WordPress. It can convert a simple new or existing WordPress site into a full-featured membership site.

This plugin integrates very well with WordPress, Payment processors and Autoresponder systems to create a membership site to deliver quality content to the VIP members of our blog.

Wishlist Member has good support for the membership site setup with their step-by-step video tutorials. In addition, it has helpdesk support for the customers we can get an answer for and question in the membership site within 24 hours.

It has better membership levels management, subscriber management, Drip and schedule content delivery for a subscription-based membership site, partial content display for non-members are some of the special features of Wishlist. Share your experience in the comments section.



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