Wishlist Member Plugin to Create Membership Sites

The WishList Member plugin now has more powerful promotional, management, and integration features than ever.

The new version was recently released and includes several new upgrades that will make member site management easier for you, plus give you exceptional ways to promote your content.

I’m particularly excited about two features, which are the new Expiring Member Notifications and the spruced up Pay-Per-Post options.

Wishlist member plugin

Wishlist member plugin

The folks at WishList Member (WLM) not only produce the membership plugin, they also make available many other plugins that extend the functionality through their own member site WishList Insider.

For this reason, they have created a new tab for the main WLM plugin, and a separate tab for all other extension plugins.

New and Updated Notification Emails

The Incomplete Registration Notification settings have been updated. For one, it actually works now. In prior versions, you could turn it off, but it still sent out. And you couldn’t set the max number of notifications to anything less than 1.

email settings

email settings

If you’re experiencing a lot of incomplete registrations, there is a plugin that will take them to zero. I’ll have a post with a review on it later.

A new Expiring Member Notification email template has been added. This is a major plus. Prior to this addition, if you wanted to help retain your membership by letting them know that their subscription was about to expire, you had to connect WLM to an email service like MailChimp or Aweber that offers autoresponders. Beyond that, you had to ensure that each new member opted in to that list immediately, else the autoresponder would not start in a timely manner and they would not get their expiration notification in time.

This new template will send the notification via the email functions in WLM. And, you can configure the settings for how many days advanced notice you want to give your subscribers.

New Member Search in Wishlist

If you’ve ever had to search through hundreds (or thousands) of members to update their status, you’ll appreciate the new Advanced Search feature. There are several options including by status, whether they have sequential turned on, or a date range.

New Member search in wishlist

New Member search in wishlist

And, there’s a new Save Search feature, in case this is something you do often.

Keep in mind that after a membership has expired, that member is still listed in the database. If they try to re-up their membership, they normally have to go through a special link, not the regular registration form, else it creates a duplicate subscription warning.

This new search feature will help you find members with an expired status and delete them.

Or, you could use it to find members that have cancelled and send them a special offer to rejoin.

There are a lot of other uses too, and this new advanced search feature will help you cut down on your admin time and help you regain members.

Pay Per Post Advancements in Wishlist

WishList Member has included a Pay-per-Post feature for some time. But it was enhanced in version 2.8 in a way that makes it easier to use to promote your full membership offers.

wishlist member pay per post

wishlist member pay per post

In the Pay-per-Post section, you could always add individual people. But now you can also add whole member levels. This will have the most impact on member sites that run a monthly subscription. It is a way for you to reward folks who have been in the membership the longest, yet makes your archive, or bonus material, available for purchase too.

Sequential Upgrade Improvements

The entire sequential dashboard has been rearranged. This helps you manage the way members move through a drip course.

wishlist member sequential upgrade

wishlist member sequential upgrade

Another enhancement is the ability to select a specific date for the next module in the course to become available.

In prior versions, you could only select the number of days after someone started the course to make the next level available. That’s great if you want the drip course to be run on auto pilot.

But, what if you are promoting this along with a live event, or a specific time frame for everyone to start and complete the course? Now you have the ability to assign calendar dates that match your promotion. Every member moves to the next module at the same time, regardless of when they subscribed.

Shopping Cart Integrations in Wishlist

WishList Member already supported an impressive list of integrations with both shopping carts/payment gateways, and email services.

wishlist member shopping cart

wishlist member shopping cart

Several new shopping cart and payment integrations have been added in version 2.8.

Infusionsoft integration is now available, along with extensive tag settings.

That’s important for ease of management because tags are integral to Infusionsoft settings.

Stripe integration has also been added to the lineup. It has become a strong contender to PayPal and growing in popularity by leaps and bounds.

Other payment integrations have been available for some time.
These include PayPal, ClickBank, 1Shopping Cart, Authorize.net, and more.

Autoresponders in wishlist

A few new email service integrations have been added as well, including Madmimi, Infusionsoft, Interspire, and others. This is in addition to an already impressive list including AWeber, MailChimp, Constant Contact, and more.

wishlist member autoresponders

wishlist member autoresponders


As with the email integrations, more webinar API integrations have been added. I suggest you use these versus the non- API integration options. They include GoToWebinar, Easy Webinar, and Evergreen Business Systems.

The folks at WLM have promised to continue to bring even more variety to integration options. These will be placed in the Others tab for now.

They’ve already started with Call Loop, which allows you to send text messages and such to your members.

Upgrading to 2.8

If you are already running WishList Member, be sure to go to Settings > Backup and create a backup that includes both your Users and Content before you do the upgrade. Then download the backup file.

And, it might be a good idea to do a full site backup as well.

You will not lose any of your settings when you upgrade.


WishList Member is one of the most powerful membership plugins available. These updates make it an even more potent promotional tool as well, plus easier on admins for maintaining both content and membership.

My advice is to choose your membership plugin based on what you want it to accomplish in the end, not on how easy it is to set it up at the start. Because, when the tool is not up to the task, you’ll wish you didn’t have to start all over with a new one.

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