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Wishlist Member is one of the best WordPress membership site creation plugin. We can create many membership levels in Wishlist to manage huge amount of subscriber based on the goal of the membership site setup.

One important factor in membership level subscription setup is the life time of the membership level or length of the particular membership level. What happen if the lifetime of length of the subscription exceeds.

Actually the membership length is the active time period of the particular membership subscription. Once the life time ends the subscription of a member will automatically cancelled from a particular membership level.

But the will not be deleted for the membership level for future activation of the same membership to avoid the second time signup to access the content. Only thing they need to renew their subscription by making payment for activation of the membership level.

Permanent Membership level expiration setup in Wishlist

A common problem with membership expiry is that it is temporary and is reset each time a member makes a payment through a payment processor like PayPal, Clickbank, 1SC, etc; however, this is not the actual case in Wishlist Member.

Expiry is permanent. When a member is expired from a membership level, they are expired for good and there is no way to ‘un-expire’ them to again access the particular membership level.

Expiry is unaffected by payments. If a member who is expired from a membership level makes a payment, it does NOT reset their expiry.

These two are cases not functioning properly in Wishlist Member. Expiry is designed mainly for trial membership levels that are meant to expire and never be accessible again.

Membership Expired in Wishlist

Membership Expired in Wishlist

So, when a potential member signs up for a trial, they get access to that content for the set amount of days and once expired, can never access that trial content again requiring them to upgrade to a paid membership level using sequential membership upgrade by Move or add method.

Therefore, if we are setting up a recurring membership level, in which case, a member must pay each month to retain access, we want to set the Length of Subscription setting in the Membership Levels tab to ‘No Expiry Date’.  NOT to 30 days, etc.

Membership Expiry Date

Membership Expiry Date

Otherwise, if we do set your Length of Subscription to 30 days, once a member reaches 30 days, they will be expired from that level and never allowed to access it again, regardless of any payments they have make or not.

So, for trial membership levels set the Lifetime of Subscription to the amount of days we need the trial to last. For recurring membership levels, set the Length of Subscription to ‘No Expiry Date’ in Wishlist Member Plugin.

Delete Membership Level in Wishlist Member

There are 2 quick steps needed to delete a Membership Level in membership site designed by Wishlist Member

1.  Our Membership Level needs to have all Members removed before deleting.

2.  Once the Members are removed we can then click on the box beside the Membership Level there should be an x symbol at the top of the column and click save settings.

Delete Membership level in Wishlist

Delete Membership level in Wishlist

This will delete the Membership Level for the membership site system. Place a ‘check mark’ or ‘tick’ in the box to the left of the membership level name. Click on the ‘save changes’ button at the bottom of the page. We will be asked twice if we want to delete the membership level.

Create a FREE Membership Level and Expiry settings in Wishlist

We can simply create a Membership Level as we normally would, being sure to set protection and access for content accordingly. Then we can use the Registration URL in the Membership Levels section to allow users to sign up for FREE.

Create Membership level

Create Membership level

Grant Continued Access for a particular membership level allows us to setup two the options one is to continue a Members access to content even they have purchased and AFTER they cancel their membership. The second one we can STOP their access after they have cancelled their membership by not checking the Grant Continued Access box.

Grant Continued Access in Membership levels

Grant Continued Access in Membership levels

This feature is generally used for Modular courses.  For example, if they signed up in March and then cancel their Membership in June and the Grant Continued Access was checked for their Membership level, they would still be able to access the content up until June for as long as they like, but would not be able to gain access to any content after that.

Maximum Number of Members for membership levels in Wishlist

There isn’t really a maximum number of Members that WL Member can handle because the number is based on server capabilities.

If we have a large number of members for example 10,000s plus we would need to isolate the database to a different server since there would be so many people logging in and out accessing the database.

The performance of our site will largely depend on how our server can handle the traffic.  If it’s optimized, then we shouldn’t have any problem with have huge amount of members in the particular membership level.

The Total Members is the number of Members within all Membership Levels has counted for every member in a particular membership level if a same person have subscribed in three different membership levels Wishlist Member will count the members count as three.

For example, someone in both the ‘Gold’ and ‘Silver’ Membership Levels will count as 2 total Members even though they are only 1 single person.

Two methods to Avoid Membership level Login access in Wishlist

Wishlist Member membership plugin offer two method to avoid the membership level access from a particular member one is Expiry time another one is IP login limit.

Membership Expiry time

By using these two methods we can avoid the membership site access.  If the members may be past their expiry date for the subscription and therefore they can’t able to login. Keep in mind that a recurring payment does not reset their expiry.

For this reason, I recommend to set any membership levels with a recurring payment to ‘No Expiry Date’. That way, we won’t have to worry about login issues as result of expiry date setup in Wishlist Member.

if a member cancels their payment, they will be cancelled from that membership level by Wishlist Member plugin and won’t be able to access that content. So we don’t worry about the membership level expiry date. Next we will see about the IP login limit for membership levels.

IP Login Limit to Restrict the Membership access in Wishlist

The current version of Wishlist Member plugin have an IP Login Limit feature which allows us to set up how many different IP addresses one member can login from that the maximum amount of different IPs a member can able to login for p[articular subscription.

This is protection to keep members from passing their login details to their friends. This can also cause login issues with members, because they may access our membership site from work, home, a library, etc.

For example, if our IP Login Limit setting is set to ‘2’. And, the member can attempt to access our site from 3 different places. They’ll be blocked to have access and their account disabled for 24 hours.

For this setup we have two kinds of problems, the first case before setup this account we should keep in mind many of the internet service provides now a days used ‘Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)’. This allows our computer to detect and use IP addresses dynamically when accessing the internet.

It means is that our membership site users could even be accessing our membership site from the SAME computer, however, since their ISP uses DHCP, every time they access the internet, even on the same computer, it’s possible that they get assigned a unique IP address. So we need to have the problem on limiting the IP for members.

And in second case, if the members are using multiple computers in the same house each computer will access the internet using a different IP address. For this case also we have problem with IP login limit settings in Wishlist Member.
To check and see if this is the issue causing our login troubles, I would recommend disabling the IP Login Limit feature in the ‘Settings’ tab of Wishlist Member plugin  and attempting to login as one of the members who is currently blocked.

In general because, there’s no way for a web server to determine WHO is using a certain IP address. For example,  is it the same member who paid for access simply using a different computer or getting assigned a different IP address?

or, is it a completely different person who got passed access details and is accessing your site from their computer? There’s no way to answer that question.

So I would recommend using the expiry date options instead of IP login limit to avoid the membership level access in Wishlist Member plugin. Get Wishlist Member Plugin Now.


This article concludes the one important factor in membership level subscription setup is the life time of the membership level or length of the particular membership level. Explain the details about what happen if the lifetime of length of the subscription exceeds.

Wishlist Member uses Permanent membership level expiry option. The membership levels Expiry is unaffected by payments. If a member who is expired from a membership level makes a payment, it does provide the access to the same membership level.

Creating free membership levels and deleting the membership level is can be possible with simple steps. We can restrict the members login by two methods one is setup expiry date another one is IP login limit. Share your experience in comments section.

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