Wishlist Member vs aMember Membership Scripts Comparison

When we plans to setup membership site to provide valuable information for our privileged customers we need to think about the content protection and members management. From the past articles we know  content protection and members management will play the major role in membership site setups.

Now a days membership site setup is very easy because of number of competitive membership plugins and software’s available in the online market. Only  problem is we need to choose right membership software based on our goal and requirements to setup membership site.

In this article we will have comparison between two famous membership software and plugin. Wishlist Member Plugin is widely used membership plugin for small application, aMember membership software is popular for large applications. But both have provide complete setup and configuration for the membership site creation.

Wishlist Member vs aMember

Wishlist Member Plugin widely preferred over aMember software because of its simplicity. AMember has its own affiliate system and autoresponder system along with the third party integration, so we can choose any one among them.

References for Comparison between aMember and Wishlist

Here we have compared Wishlist Member Plugin and aMember membership software with 9 different references for the membership site setup. We have the list of references below.

  • Installation and Configuration of Membership script
  • Instant Support and documentation
  • Members Management  and Membership levels
  • Content Protection and Delivery
  • Payment Processing in membership script
  • Autoresponders and Email broadcasts setup
  • Affiliate Management for Product
  • Guarantee and Satisfaction
  • Prices and Licenses

These references will guide us to choose the right script for the membership site setup. Now we will see the comparison between aMember and Wishlist Member with all the references mentioned above.

Installation and Configuration of Membership script

Free Trial Option

Normally, AMember does offer a free trial version for 30 days so we can use the aMember free version for a month and once you have satisfied we can upgrade to the licensed version. We can do upgrade by ourself or the customer support will take care of the license update. By the way Wishlist Member Plugin does not have any trial.

The installation of Wishlist Member is so easy just like the normal plugin installation in the WordPress admin. Once we have downloaded Wishlist Member form the site then we can directly upload the zip file using plugin upload option in WordPress dashboard or we can unzip the downloaded file and upload the Wishlist Member folder inside the plugin directory of WordPress using ftp software.

AMember installation should be done using ftp software. It will not be directly installed from the plugins section. Once we have uploaded the aMember folder we need to run the setup file for the configuration of admin setup. Checkout the aMember installation procedure here.

Setup and configuration of membership software

During the setup and configuration stage we can add license key and other database information about the WordPress that we want to protect via aMember. But in case of Wishlist Member we can activate the plugin in the WordPress admin itself. No need to run any setup file just add license in the WordPress admin itself.

aMember Installation and configuration

Once we have installed aMember we have all the admin setup options  inside the WordPress admin dashboard. But in case of aMember we separate admin area we need to login separately for setup, until we doesn’t use the same username and password for aMember and WordPress.

If you have use the same login details for both amember and WordPress then no need to login aMember separately, once we have login to WordPress it will automatically redirected to aMember admin area when we click on the aMember admin link in the WordPress admin.

Instant Support and Documentation of Membership script

Both aMember and Wishlist Member have excellent documentation for installation and configuration procedure for membership site setup and its element integration. Each has step by step info with screenshot tutorial.

When we consider documentation of Wishlist Member we have one step ahead of aMember. Wishlist Member have video tutorials for every single step configuration in Wishlist Member Plugin like auto responder integration, payment system integration, membership level management, content protection and etc. Video tutorial support makes huge difference in setting up membership site with Wishlist.

When it’s come to support both have membership forum for all the detailed discussions, Wishlist Member have separate login for the support ticket system. If we have any issue we can open a ticket as customer problem the issue will be solved within one business day. We cannot expect support ticket response in weekend days (Saturday and Sundays).

Wishlist Member provides the support in four ways for its customer as below other than membership forums.

  • Wishlist Member FAQ
  • Wishlist Member video tutorials
  • Wishlist Member knowledge base
  • Wishlist Member help-desk for instant support

Free installation and first product setup in aMember

In case of AMember, it provides support in the form of free installation and first product setup. That means once we have downloaded aMember form the website we can contact them for the free installation for the first time. They will install aMember in your server and they will also setup first product for you. only thing we need to provide the necessary information for the product setup.

Wishlist doesn’t provide free installation because we know the installation of Wishlist Member is that much simple like WordPress plugin installation. Actually Wishlist Member is a WordPress plugin, so installation is quite simple.

Subscribers Management and Membership levels in script

Wishlist Member have referenced every subscriber as member in its admin setup page, But aMember referred every subscriber as Users because aMember subscription have both members and affiliate. Wishlist Member Plugin have subscription only for members not for affiliates.

We can manually add subscribers in Wishlist Member using in the admin setup page. The membership details has stored with the corresponding member. If we have multiple membership level and over 1000 subscribers using Wishlist Member identifying the individual member and their details is not easy as like in aMember.

Subscriber Management in Membership site

AMember have the browse users option from that we can easily find members details. Also it has advanced search filter for the members and affiliate search within the aMember. So we can find the whole details about the member by just entering the first name of the subscriber.

Subscribers within the aMember have multiple options for their management like adding new user to particular membership level, editing members’ membership details, advanced searching mechanism to find members and affiliate details, Import and export of members inside the membership site setup and we can send emails for subscribers using email management options in aMember. Checkout the detailed subscriber management in aMember here.

In case of Wishlist Member it just have adding new member and editing details for the members options available. There is no affiliate system in Wishlist Member Plugin but we can use ClickBank affiliate system by selecting payment integration as ClickBank in Wishlist Member settings.

Content Protection and Delivery in Membership site

Content protection and grant access for the membership levels is the major part of the membership site setup. Based on the content format (example text, image or video) we can choose the membership software for our system.

AMember membership software can protect folders, files, pages, videos and links with different kind of protection. So we can protect any format of content by aMember software. Apart from this we can also protect all the URLs inside the WordPress site.

We can add new membership level by adding new product in the aMember. Each membership level and its content should be described as new product in aMember. Adding new product in aMember explained here.

In case of Wishlist Member the content protection can be done by creating new membership level for new subscription used in our membership site system. In the admin setup page we can protect all the content inside the WordPress site like page, posts, categories, folder, videos, images and etc. grant access for corresponding membership level.

If we have used subscription type product the content for subsequent months will be accessed by sequential upgrade. We can upgrade members to next month subscription in two methods using sequential upgrade in Wishlist Members. Sequential Upgrade can be used to upgrade automatically a membership level to another membership level after a particular period of time.

Content Protection in Wishlist Member

This can be done in two methods one is Move upgrade and another one is ADD Upgrade the detailed explanation of membership content protection has explained here. Choose the aMember software or Wishlist member plugin based on the type of the content used in the membership site.

Payment Processors in Membership site

When it comes to paid version of membership site the payment gateway plays important role in accessing membership content. We can use popular payment systems like ClickBank, PayPal in both aMember software and Wishlist  plugin.

AMember user plugin system for payment processing it has number of payment plugins for the integration. We can choose a plugin from the aMember admina nd just configure the plugin settings in aMember  by just saving the options it will take few seconds then we can fill out the necessary details.

aMember payment gateway plugins are 1shopping cart, Cashu, ClickBank, Dibs, Offline, Payanyway, PayPal, PayPal express, PayPal pro, Plimus, swreg, Twocheckout, Worldpay, Zombaio, Authorize-cim,cc-demo and Firstdata. These payment system plugin can be easily configured with aMember in single click for payment integration. Checkout the detailed payment integration with aMember here.

When we comes to wishlis member currently Wishlist integrates with PayPal, 1 Shopping cart, ClickBank, 2Check out, Infusion soft, Cydec, Premium web cart payment system.  The integration process for any payment systems can be done easily with Wishlist. We can use dome secret key for the integration process. ClickBank integration with Wishlist Member explained here.

Autoresponders and Email broadcasts in membership site.

Wishlist Member Plugin have the third party autoresponder integration for broadcasting newsletter emails to the subscribers. It has inbuild autoresponder for sending login details for the new subscribers we cannot send newsletter using this autoresponder system.

Wishlist Member can be easily integrates with the autoresponder service providers like aWeber, Mailchimp, Get Response, Autoresponder plus, Infusion soft and Interspire. Checkout the aWeber integration in Wishlist Member Plugin here.

aMember have the inbuild autoresponder and newsletter broadcasting for the subscribers. We can send email and newsletters for members as well as affiliate who subscribed for the particular product in aMember. We can also integrate aweber , mailchimp and other autoresponders with aMember.

In addition to being able to email buyers of certain products, active or expired members and newsletter threads, we can search members for a number of different criteria using advance filter options and email them.

Affiliate Management for Membership site

Wishlist Member does not have its own affiliate system for the product or membership site promotions. We can setup up affiliate account based on the payment system integration with Wishlist Member. For example if we integrated ClickBank for the payment processing with Wishlist Member. ClickBank has its own affiliate system so no need to worry about it.

So when we choose Wishlist member we should think about the affiliate systems. But in case of aMember software it has the own affiliate system we can enable the option to ask the subscriber that ‘do you want to be an affiliate for this product?’ whenever a new subscriber added for the product in aMember.

Affiliate Management in aMember

We can setup cookie and other commissions, payout information details in the aMember software. Checkout the affiliate options in aMember membership software. The lack of an affiliate program is one of the biggest reasons why people tell me they did not choose Wishlist Member.

Guarantee and Satisfaction for the Membership script

Wishlist Member has 30 days money back guarantee so we can confidently purchase the aMember or Wishlist Member based on their membership system goals and requirements.

AMember also come up with 30 day trial period if we does not satisfied about usage in the membership software we can stay away from the purchase. AMember also have the Utilities section in its admin area.

Under the Utilities tab we have number of options like backup, restore and rebuild database details for the full membership site. We can also build demo membership site within aMember and we can checkout the working process of aMember membership software.

Within the aMember admin area we have the support documents and help-desk link so we can contact the aMember support team for further enquires regarding the integration of third party elements.

Price and License details of aMember and Wishlist

Money makes the difference because that’s what matters to most of us during the membership site setup. Thankfully, both of these software and membership plugin doesn’t have no monthly fees. We can download AMember membership software for $179.95 per site. We can get a multi-site license for $100 more than just 1 license of AMember.

Download aMember Here

But we can purchase Wishlist Member Plugin for $97 for one site, $194 for three site licenses and $297 for unlimited domains.

Download Wishlist member Here

Discount and Coupon code for Wishlist Member Plugin

By using the coupon code and discount coupon for wishlist and aMember we can reduce the actual price of the membership site script. But there is no coupon code for wishlist member plugin. but we have two offers in Wishlist member Plugin so that we can save $97 discount in one offer and $47 discount  in another offer.

The $97 WishList plugin discount is only for the First-Time Buyers Offer. If we decide to get two licenses today, we will get 33% WishList Member discount.  Go to the Special 3 for 2 offer page in WishList Member site and get 33% discount. By using this we can purchase 3 sites Wishlist Member licenses $194 instead of $291. So we can save $97.

If we ready to buy Wishlist member single site License we should decide that never start another membership site. If we have a plan to start multiple membership sites buy multi site license now for$297.

The second offer we will lose $47 discount for Wishlist Member on multisite licenses because we may buy the single license today for $97 and later on decide to upgrade to multi site (unlimited site) license, then you will be paying $247 for upgrading. So we spent $344 for unlimited site license instead of $297.  So to get $47 discount on unlimited site license today.

Wishlist Member discount and coupon code

Download Wishlist member Here


Choosing the best membership site plugin or best membership site software is fully depended on the goals and pre requirements of membership site system that we wants to launch soon. Both aMember software and Wishlist Member Plugin are solid and powerful in their perspective.

So we need to choose the right one based on our preferences. Example If you’re already using an autoresponder and have a shopping cart  for payment system then we can prefer Wishlist Member Plugin. Or if we would like to use autoresponder and payment system in one place we can prefer aMember membership software.

Pricing makes the difference. For single site license Wishlist Member is $97 and $297 for unlimited site, aMember is $179.95 for single site and $100 more for multiple site licenses. When we are planning to protect multiple sites aMember is the best one. Share your experience in comments section.

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