How to Use the Facebook Comments System in OptimizePress

OptimizePress is the best WordPress theme for managing product launches and internet marketing. We can create squeeze, sales letters, launch and pre-launch pages with advanced integration features like Twitter sharing and Facebook commenting and liking etc.

The gateway launch system remembers if previous visitors have landed in to our launch funnel, OptimizePress will show those visitors the pre-launch content instead of the initial squeeze page. Because OptimizePress have known that they have already seen the content squeeze page. It is a special feature of OptimizePress landing page theme.

Using Facebook Comments on our blog offers our readers a way to comment instantly on posts, as well as to share them on Facebook without having to do much work.

Facebook Comments System

Facebook Comments System

It’s proven to be a popular addition to the site. Most people stay signed in to Facebook when they browse on the web so it has encouraged them easily comments on posts without much effort to fill the necessary details to comment on posts.

If we think this type of commenting system will suitable for our readers then find out below how we can implement Facebook comments system in OptimizePress WordPress theme.

Setup Facebook Comments in OptimizePress

This Facebook comments system can be used on Squeeze pages, sales letter pages, launch pages and membership pages in OptimizePress.  It is a great way to engage our readers and visitors to get more feedback and social proof which can encourage other landing page visitors to stay on our site and make them enter into the sales funnel.

To setup Facebook Comments, we need to follow the below steps:

1.  Once we have installed the latest version of OptimizePress WordPress theme in our WordPress site. The procedure mentioned below has suitable for versions above 1.3, so make sure you are using the latest version of OptimizePress. Download latest version here.

2.  Now we need to go to the Facebook Developer page to setup our new APPS which will be linked to our Facebook Comments system.  For this we should follow the below steps

To create Facebook APPS

Facebook Apps Creation in Developers Page

Facebook Apps Creation in Developers Page

  • Now you have list apps we have created already. For our process Click Create New App
  • Now a dialog pop up box will be displayed here Enter an App Display Name and App Namespace
Create New Facebook Application

Create New Facebook Application

  • Don’t Make tick mark in the checkbook that shows free hosting for our Facebook apps

3.  Once we have filled the instruction now click on continue button in the pop up box. Now we may asked to enter a security captcha just fill it and click on submit to create new Facebook app.

Security Captcha for Facebook Apps

Security Captcha for Facebook Apps

4.  Our app should now basically be setup, but we need to ensure that we had completed some important fields on the APP setup page. Once you have done this click the ‘Save Changes’ button.

5.  Once the App is created, go to ‘Website’ on the left menu of the apps edit page and enter our site URL in the Site URL field (enter the full address including http://)  and click save button.

Facebook Application Setup

Facebook Application Setup

6.  Now we have created Facebook app for our website. We have Application ID and secret key for the app in the setup page which is shown in the image. We need to copy this Application ID to integrate Facebook app with OptimizePress. Checkout Facebook apps here.

7. Go back to our OptimizePress site admin dashboard , go to OptimizePress > General Settings, and find the Facebook App ID field and paste in the number we have just copied from Facebook app setup page.

Facebook Application ID in OptimizePress

That’s all we have done – that is our Facebook comments setup in OptimizePress WordPress theme.

Link Facebook Likes button to Fan Page

When we add our comments system in OptimizePress we will note that a like button is also added above our comments. If someone makes like here it will be automatically shown to their Facebook Page. So the launch page will be shared to many people using like button.

This is possible by changing the custom field we have in the overall page settings – called ‘custom page share URL’.  For this,

  • Go to WordPress admin and edit the particular page we need to add ‘custom share URL’.
  •  Below the page content editor we have overall page settings for squeeze page, sales page and launch page etc.
  • If we are add custom share URL to the launch page then expand the overall page settings using the + symbol near by the tab.
  • Here we have the field named as ‘custom page share URL’ we should enter the URL of your Facebook page, for example  and this should add the likes to our Facebook page rather than our launch page.
Custom Share URL in OptimizePress

Custom Share URL in OptimizePress

If we set the likes to ‘like’ our Facebook page, then that is also the URL that will be shared – so if other people see the ‘like’ on their friends Facebook feed, it will like them to your Facebook page, and not to the launch site. So we may lose some of the viral aspect of the like feature here.


OptimizePress provides options share to sales funnel in the social sharing sites. We can create squeeze, sales letters, launch and pre-launch pages with advanced integration features like Twitter sharing and Facebook commenting and liking etc.

This articles shows how the squeeze, sales pages can be integrated with Facebook comments system. Wish help of this feature if someone wants to make comments in our page or post they don’t want to enter the name and email details in the comment box they can directly add comments if they have logged in with their Facebook login.

This feature can allow people to share the post on their Facebook page. We can also add Facebook like button in the launch page using OptimizePress. This will allow reader to share the launch page by making ‘like’ on the page. Share your thoughts on comments section.

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