Create Unlimited Membership Levels and Products using aMember

The first step in membership site setup is to decide the subject and goal of creation. This can be difficult and if we get it wrong it can spoil the rest of the membership site setup process. There are many questions to ask ourself during the setup. And different membership level creation and its management system.

The questions are about what kind of membership website we want to setup?.

How many different membership levels/product we have?

What kind of content the membership sites levels have?

How the content will be delivered the subscribers or members in each level?

Whether it is subscription or standard product?

How much should each level cost?

AMember is one of the best membership management software. In aMember we call every membership level as product. So it has good membership management system. In this article we discuss about how to create new membership level (product) in aMember and its management.

The below points will help us to answer the questions we have when create the membership site. Check out the competitor or competitive product for our membership site product we have. When we look on the competitor product we must check the demand in niche, Price of the other product and what features it have.

Most importantly each product should resolve some customer issue w need to find out the customer problem that our competitive product can solve. Next try to find out the process being used in our product to solve the customer issue.

Why we Need Different Membership Levels/Product?

Now we have different problems form different competitive product for our product. Now develop our product with simple way to solve these problems. The solution process may be complicated but we need t give simple ways to use the in the customer point of view.

Membership Management Software aMember

All customers are not have the same ability to solve a single problem some of the may prefer simple process even if it is lengthy and others may prefer the simple solution few clicks. So we need to offer multiple membership level which should have different procedure to solve the issue.

There are not too many ideas that have not already been tried on membership websites creation process. There is no need for us to try to use new, untested techniques; just look at what your competitors are doing and does it better with catchy.

Example, If other sites in our niche are give the solution in tutorial format we try to give in the video format. Or if other gives the solution by video we need to give the solution as live sessions. We know nothing is perfect. So we need to give better solution every time to the privileged customers. Try to make our services unique.

What each Membership levels can offer?

To answer the question we need to have answer for the some other questions. What type of customer we have in the niche market?. We need to make our membership site in an area that we have interest. Then only we can provide better solution for the customer issue.

Even though if we teach a subject and find that we go over the same materials all the time, we can create a membership website to hold our teaching presentations so that people can see them on demand. We need to have different membership levels/product for different kind of people like newbie, novice and expert.

We can also used five different levels to explore the membership content to the customer form the different part of the world. Like

1 – Newbie
2 – Junior Member
3 – Full Member
4 – Gold Member
5 – Hero Member

Each level should have something unique and specialty over others. If a person asks us a question regarding the membership site content it is quite possible that many other people were wondering about the same question in the same membership level.

Others may don’t want the answer for the simple questions. So we need to use different membership levels/product based on the customer ability to understand the problem. Another one important thing is pricing for each membership level.

When we come to pricing the membership level we should enter the market with a low-priced single payment report or a video. If the product sells well then create a subscription based membership website to hold the customer and expand the content. Let the customers tell us how they like our content by voting.

So we need to have two pricing method based on the membership site content delivery if our membership site is the standard product we need to offer a single payment. Or our membership site is like monthly subscription based then we need to offer recurring billing for the subscription.

Membership Levels/Products Management System – aMember

If we are planned to offer membership content via different membership level then we need to use anyone membership management software to deliver the content to customers with its management. In this article I will suggest aMember membership software for explain the concept with ore clarity.

AMember has the good flexibility in membership management software. In aMember we call every membership level as product. We can easily create new membership level (product) in aMember and its specifications.

Membership Levels Management System

AMember membership software has the Manage Products section where we can view, add and edit new membership level in the name of product. Now let’s discuss about the membership levels/product management.

How to Setup the Membership levels/Product in aMember

Login to the aMember admin panel and navigate ‘Manage Products’ from the options on the left side of aMember dashboard. Now we have the membership management page of aMember here we can view, edit, add and delete membership levels/product or products.

We can view and edit existing membership levels/product or products from the ‘Manage Products’ page. Every membership levels/product added to a category. Hence, before we add new Membership level, we need to add product categories. Here we have the information to add new product categories in aMember.

Add New Membership Level in aMember

Membership levels/Product Management in aMember

The Products List or membership levels/product list can be filtered by product group showing only those products that belong to a particular group. To Filter the Products List Click on the arrow button in the ‘Filter’ field and select the product group whose products we want to view by clicking on it. The products list will display only those products belonging to the selected group.

We can search for a product by keyword to find a specific product. Enter a keyword to search for the product and then click the Apply’ button. Only those products containing the keyword we specified will be listed on the page. Checkout other features of aMember.

Add, Edit and Delete Membership levels/Product in aMember

aMember calls everything  we are selling is as ‘product’ even if we selling a subscription to a website. So here we need to setup a product (subscription based) in aMember. On the aMember admin screen, find Manage Products on the left side of the page and click it.

Once this page opens we will see the settings like the below image. Click the Add New Product link. There’s truly very little information we need to add here at this stage. At the top of the page, add a title and a description about the product.

In the Price field, enter 20.00 and set the duration to 1 Month. We will notice that there’s no recurring billing built in yet. Finally, we will see a field called Product URL. Enter into this field, leave everything else as the default, and click Save.

Pricing and Membership level Information

To edit existing products, click the edit icon in the ‘Action’ column for that product. The product details will be displayed. We can edit the product information as required. The fields displayed here is the same as the fields on the ‘Add Product’ page. Make the required changes to the product’s information and click on the ‘Save’ button to save changes.

To delete a product, click the delete icon in the ‘Action’ column for that product. aMember will prompt for confirmation to delete the product. Click ‘Yes’. The selected product will be deleted and will no longer appear in the list of products. Products are added to categories. Hence we need to set up Product Categories first before we add products. Checkout the aMember installation and configuration steps here.

Product category Management for different Products

We can select ‘Product Categories’ from Manage products options on the left side of the aMember dashboard The ‘Categories’ page will be displayed listing all existing products. We can view categories, edit categories, add categories and delete categories from this page.

Add a Product Category in aMember

Click on the ‘Add Category’ button at the bottom of the Categories page. The Add Category pop-up window will be displayed. Enter the following information in the fields provided.

  • In the ‘Title and Description’ fields, enter a name for the category and description of the category of products being added.
  • In the ‘Code’ field, enter a code or click on the ‘generate’ link to generate a code for the category. If code is present, products will be hidden in shopping cart and this code is required to see these products.
  • In the ‘Sort’ field, enter the position at which we would like the category to appear. For example, if we would like the category to appear at the top of the ‘Categories’ list, enter ‘1’ in the sort field.
  • Click on the ‘Save’ button to add the new category. The category will be saved and will now be displayed in the ‘Categories’ list.

Once we have added a category, we can also add child categories to it. A child category is a sub-category or sub-group. To add a Child Category, Click on the add child category icon on the ‘Categories’ page. The ‘Add Category’ window will be displayed. This is the same window as the one that is displayed for adding categories. Enter the information for the child category and click the ‘Save’ button.

Edit a Product Category in aMember

Select ‘Manage Products’ from the options on the left side of the screen. The ‘Products’ page will be displayed here, we can view, edit, add and delete products. Select the check box for the product whose category needs to be edited.

Click on the arrow button in the ‘Choose Action’ field located below the list of products and select the new category for the product from available categories. The product will be stored under the selected category.

To edit a Category, Select ‘Product Categories’ on the left side of aMember admin. The Categories page will be displayed. Click the Edit icon for the category we want to edit. The category will be opened for editing in a pop up window. Make changes to the information as required and click the ‘Save’ button to save changes. To delete a Category, Click the delete icon on the Categories page. The system will prompt for confirmation to delete the page, click OK. Get aMember Now.


aMember calls everything  we are selling is as ‘product’ even if we selling a subscription to a website. So we need to setup a product (subscription based membership levels/product) in aMember for delivering content to the valuable subscribers.

We know nothing is perfect. So we need to give better solution every time we offer something to the privileged customers. Try to make our services unique. So we need to create different membership levels/product and deliver content as per the customer perspective.

Every product should resolve some customer issue we need to find out the customer problem that our competitive product can solve. And then try to find out the goal of the product so that we can add new membership levels/product easily with aMember.

This article has explained how to add, edit and delete different membership levels/product or product in aMember. Share your experience in comments section.

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