Top 9 Membership Site Model Examples in WordPress

In recent years, Membership sites have been widely popular around the world. Membership sites provide opportunity to find the next suitable method for our community development and product launch by getting experts advice in particular field.  Membership website is best place to identify the field strength and weakness from the experts.

If anyone wants to grow their community for the enhancement of his product, marketing strategies by interacting with the members of the membership site arena. Initially we may have question when we comes into membership site creation.  How to create membership sites? What types of content delivery we show use in membership sites?.

This article will guide you the different types of membership site example based on the type of content we should deliver to the members of the membership site. If you have followed me I have written couple of articles regarding how to create membership site, How to launch a digital product, content delivery inside the membership site. I recommend either Wishlist Member or aMember membership site script for creating membership site.

Best Membership Sites Examples

Best Membership Sites Examples

Membership site software provides some very interesting options for international marketers to deliver their valuable content to the audiences. Of course international marketing is complex and takes certain amount of skill and effort. Membership site provide wonderful options to interact with our community people.

Best Membership site Examples with Wishlist Member

Apart from the membership site software selection we have different membership models to deliver content either in may be a course, product, project management, community sites or daily publishing platform. Here I have listed some membership site example as follows.

1.Publisher Type Membership site

This is one of the most common membership examples and also the easiest while comes into the setup. In the publisher model, fresh content is delivered on a regular basis for example daily or weekly best example magazine websites. With this type of membership, Wishlist Member provides lots of options to setup the content. When someone becomes a member they will automatically gain access to the currently published content as well as all of the content that has been published in the past.

The content delivery may be in any format as articles, audio files, video, PDFs, etc. for example if content is delivered as an audio interview on a weekly basis. We can use free or paid membership option with help of the Wishlist Member plugin settings. If a member wants to publish fresh content the publisher type will allow options to create the content and deliver it on a regular basis. In this publisher model Members become the author of the article.

The best example for the publisher type membership site is like an online magazine, News websites.

 2.Monthly Package Type Membership site

This membership site example a new package of content is delivered to the members each and every month. Every month the members have access to the new package they also have the old month membership access since their subscription. The content might be an interview of the month, product of the month, ebook of the month, software download, etc. Unlike the Publisher model members should not become the author of the article. It is also called UPS model.

In this membership model  if members join in different intervals at the time of subscription they should have access to the first month package. Each member treated independently for their membership content and subscription of new package. This process fully depended on the time of subscription of the member.

Each new member starts with package #1. If someone joins in January they get package #1. If they join in February they get package #1 … and so on. No matter when someone joins, they start with package #1 and then get package #2 the next month, then package #3 the next month and so on.

The best example for the UPS model membership site is delivering a package of content to the members every month.

3. Protected download type Membership site example

The Protected download sites are great if you are selling a one time delivery product like softwares, musical CD’s and eBook and another type of digital download. If someone purchases our product they are directed to a download page. Here they can download their products. We use auto responder system to build membership area in this model. We can also use a web page link in autoresponder message as a download page.

Protected Download Membership site

Protected Download Membership site

Once they made the subscription and payment for the product they are requested to set up user ID and password to access the membership area. In this case, we may give customers to limited number of days to download the product. After the specific days the product download link will be expired.

We can also create an upsell and say “would you like to add an additional 1 year of download access for $47?”. Upselling the product will be one of the greatest ways to market out products. Wishlist Member provides all the necessary options to setup product download based membership site. It has auto responder integration option as well.

The best example for protected download membership site is selling a digital product; this is about providing buyers with a username and password to access members area.

4. Modular Course type membership site

A Modular course membership model is suitable for a training course of cooking, forex trading, photography, design and etc. By using this example we can provide membership content at a regular basis typically weekly or monthly.

In modular course the complete training material has divided into smaller modules and then they will be delivered to the members based on the time of subscription.  We can charge the entire course payment as single payment or monthly basis. This type of membership is set up the content is delivered to each person one step at a time then the second is followed by the second payment. This is called sequential content delivery. This will be one of the special feature of Wishlist Member.

This sequential content delivery every member in a particular month of subscription they may able to access current month as well as past months. For example if someone is in module 1, they see only module 1 content. If they are in module 5, they can access modules 1 to 5.

The best example for modular content membership model is training courses with sequentially delivering content to the members.

5. Community Based Membership site example

A community based membership site now becoming popular in various fields. This will provide a forum or discussion center for the particular area of interest.  This type is simply a membership site with a forum integration or interactive boxes setup. Members make monthly payment for the access or that particular month.

Create Community membership site

Create Community membership site

Members can communicate through forum discussions with other members of the community. Forums are very popular with many industries, and are often used as optional methods of support for products and websites. Wishlist Member can also provide simplepress forum integration for community based membership sites.

The best example for Community based membership site is social networking websites and forums.

6. Coaching Site model membership site

A Coaching site is perfect for coaches or consultants that want to create private member areas for their coaching or consulting clients. This will provide good options for video interaction classes and webinar for every week in a particular niche. We can also create podcasting web sites for particular members using this type of membership example.

In this case, we can setup a separate and secure membership level for each coaching or consulting class for client as well as students. Here we can communicate privately with each one of the client or student using the private area.

This will be the best place to capture private documents, materials and even the replay of their private coaching calls from their couches. We can also have a shared area for group coaching or to provide additional materials that might be available to everyone.

Coaching Membership site

Coaching Membership site

The best example for coaching based membership site is webinar site and client consulting websites.

7. Fixed Term type membership site

Fixed term membership site is also called Micro-Continuity membership. These are memberships site is not a continued one. The memberships open for particular period typically for one month or one week. It should have the definite end for the membership.  After the definite period the membership will expires.

So before someone signs up for the membership, they know that it will end after a certain period of time. This membership model can be used to deliver content over a period of days or weeks, with the content of each day or week or month. One nice thing about the micro-continuity membership is that we can pre-load all of the membership content into the system and it runs on its own. We can use Wishlist Member to build fixed term membership sites.

The best example of Micro-Continuity model is perfect for a mini-course. This course is a short fixed-term membership program with a monthly payment.

8. Project Management membership site

The Project Management: membership model is very similar to the coaching membership site. We can create a membership level for each employee in our company or on our team. We need to have the separate team for a particular product. The whole product sub divided based on the number of team.

Each team should have different membership level every member in a particular membership level corresponds to employee in one team. The manager or team leader of all the team will be connected with new membership levels. The designer or webmaster, we may have a graphic designer membership level or a webmaster membership level or one that works for both of them if their duties overlap.

Project Management Membership site

Project Management Membership site

The best example for Project management membership site is web design projects or theme design for websites also used in international product launches.

9. Private members area based membership sites

A private membership site is a membership site that allows members to communicate with each other privately this will not show to other members in the same membership levels. The download resources and materials can be secretly exchanged between members by using the private member area.

This type of membership model can be easily setup for both small and large groups of community. It doesn’t matter about the community size for the private area. Now it has become a very popular trend among the larger and higher end professional community.

The best example for private member area is planning committees, clubs and other similar group based membership site.

One important thing Wishlist Member offers another special feature in membership site setup. We can use more than one membership model in one membership site. We can also have wishlist member coupon  discount to save money.


We have many membership site plugins and softwares like Wishlist Member, aMember. All the software can have special features to setup membership sites. Technically these membership site options exist because we can control many different things on the different levels of our membership site.

In Wishlist Member can use used to create all the above nine different membership site examples as publisher model, monthly content delivery, protected download membership site, modular course, community based membership, coaching site, fixed term membership, project management based membership site and private membership area.

Get Wishlist Member find an idea to deliver membership content from the 9 different membership models and setup membership site. Share your experience in comments section.

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