WordPress Thesis Theme Review – Read Before You Buy

Thesis WordPress theme created by chris pearson diythemes.com. Thesis theme is most popular among the WordPress premium themes templates. Thesis theme framework constructed with all the SEO options available in All in one SEO pack plugin.

So no need to install all in one SEO plugin separately when we have thesis theme in our WordPress blog.

Thesis theme is a pure and clean theme it has no designs while we download. But we can achieve any design in thesis frame work with having some PHP and CSS knowledge.

All the WordPress blog owners wanted some design in their blog. Thesis theme will provide custom functions.php file and custom.css file do achieve the unique design.

Thesis has hooks and filter to extend thesis theme functionality as per their customer needs. With help of these hooks and filter we can achieve any design with respect to any our blog content and nature of business. But we need to hire a designer or developer to finish the website design also we can create any custom design.

Thesis skins and Child Themes

In internet, around thesis theme there are lots of small business has developed. Example Thesis skins, child themes. We can get number of pre-constructed blog designs for thesis theme in the name of skins and child themes. You can pick the right design according to your blog or website nature and even create landing page thesis skins .

So Thesis theme is good for designers and developers who can create many designs. But when we consider bloggers thesis theme alone is not enough to achieve their blog design.

It needs a skin or developer to get good feel for our blog. Without PHP and CSS knowledge bloggers can’t achieve any design for their blog except hiring a designer or getting thesis skins.

SEO options and Page Speed in Thesis Theme

Thesis theme is good for SEO and page Speed. It has noindex, nofollow robot Meta tag options and custom title tag, Meta description and Meta keyword options for all archive pages, Posts and Homepage. These Homepage SEO options will overwrite the WordPress blog title and tagline.

It is also has options for 301 canonical redirect for all pages and posts in post editor section. It has separate place to add Java scripts and any other tracking codes. This feature will increase the page speed.

Combined CSS Files for Faster Page Loading

Thesis 1.8.3 reduces to 2 http requests for stylesheets they have combined style.css and layout.css into one for efficiency and the second one is custom.css. The Less http requests means faster load times.

We can also reduce this 2 http requests into a single http request by visiting Site OptionsStylesheet Options and Un-checking ‘Use Design Mode’. This will combine ALL your stylesheets, including custom.css, into one CSS file.

We will get thesis theme even faster loading. Page speed may consider as one of the major Google ranking factor in future.

Thesis Theme

Get Thesis WordPress Theme

But based on the design we had in thesis theme by the developer and designers our page loading speed may slower than the default thesis theme because it is clean it has no design in it.

Gravity Form support

Thesis 1.8.3 supports gravity form if you using gravity form thesis will automatically detect the necessary gravity form css and into the style sheet to get faster loading time. It would be better to use gravity forms in thesis to get faster loading time.

Download Thesis Theme to get faster page loading.

Blog Layout Design Features in Thesis Theme


It is the framework theme we can choose page frame work or full width framework. Based on frame work chosen we can design header area, content area and footer area separately. We can also achieve three columns, two columns and one column theme by choosing the layout.

We can also choose the column arrangements with specific width for each column. It will be more useful if this feature available in all pages so we can create landing pages with out creating custom templates.

Homepage Teasers and Features

Homepage design has two different looks one is teaser boxes and another one is featured posts. We can choose as per our wish both have different structure on Homepage. With help of hooks and filter we can extend are modify thesis theme frame work functionality without edit the core elements of the theme.

Thesis design Options

Thesis Design Options

Download Thesis

Teaser boxes and feature posts have different look in homepage we can also use these options in archive pages also.

Post Image and Thumbnails

Post image and thumbnail settings is the another design feature of thesis theme. We can elect post image as thumbnail in teaser boxes. By selecting thumbnail image settings options we can fix the post image as thumbnail or new images as thumbnail. We can also change the image width and height and alignment in thesis.

These images options available in all posts other than general theme design settings. With help of individual post settings we can use different size and alignment of thumbnails in each post listed in blog homepage.

Thesis Hooks and Filters

Thesis theme Framework has numerous Hooks and filters which is given as ‘User guide’ link in WordPress admin thesis setting page. This User guide provides the information about the extensive use of each hooks and filters. You can also get more thesis theme customization tutorials in thesis designer guide.

Hooks are used to expand the functionality at any portion of thesis theme. Each hook denotes a location in thesis theme. Thesis hook are written from the basis of the framework. If you used header hook which denote the same space like header added in the place of header.

Filters are used to remove some default function of thesis theme or we can modify the function by using the same filter. These are the very special from the design point of view.

Thesis Theme Features Review

Once you have installed thesis theme new version 1.8.3 we have new section called Thesis in WordPress admin dashboard. Here we have 6 options under Thesis Options

  • Site Options
  • Design Options
  • Manage options
  • Header Image
  • Favicon Uploader
  • Custom file editor.

These are the six features of thesis theme.

Site Options Review

Site options cover all the WordPress SEO details link robot Meta tags in archive pages, separate part for adding scripts and tracking codes to the blog in order to increase page speed and Homepage SEO settings like Title tag, Meta keyword and Meta description. We have explained this earlier.


In the thesis site options apart from the SEO options we have Navigation menu settings. In the Nav menu settings we can choose either WordPress menu or thesis navigation menu to use in thesis theme.

If you have selected WordPress menu then we can add each menu item by creating new menu in menus section in the WordPress admin dashboard. The thesis design will be reflected in the wordpress menu items only tabs can be added in wp-admin menus.

Otherwise If you use thesis navigation menu we have options to select pages, categories and custom link to this navigation menu in the site options itself. Child pages and child categories are shown as dropdown in the thesis navigation menu.

Thesis Site Options

Thesis Site Options

Also thesis theme provides option to change link text size and color, hover text size and color and background color in navigation menu. Theses changes will be achieved using design options page.

In SEO point of view thesis theme is well enough for search engines Click Here to Download.

Design Options review

Thesis design options have frame work and layout settings these are explained earlier. Also design options has the font family and size for the body it will be inherited in all inside elements we can change font size for inner elements.

Post Display Options

Design options have post excerpt settings for homepage and archive pages, Second thing we have options to enable teaser box elements and its alignment for homepage and archive pages. Post ahs byline elements under post Title and Teaser has teaser elements inside the teaser box we can fix it anywhere inside the teaser box by using the hooks.

Comments and Trackbacks

In Comments section we can exchange comments and trackbacks and comment form. By using the hooks and filters we can add more functionality to comments area also but we need a thesis designer with us.

Feature Box and multimedia box

We have the options to enable multimedia boxes in theme we can add videos, rotating images, and custom embed codes.

But when we consider feature box in theme it is not well enough. Now we have to choose the exact location for feature box below the header. But there are no options to add content inside the featured box. We should need a designer to do it.

Here I am not satisfied with Feature Box options in thesis Theme. Except this the design point of view It is well constructed frame work we can achieve any custom design but we need some PHP and CSS knowledge.

Manage Options feature

Manage option is one of the special feature of WordPress Thesis Theme.

Once we have configured the site options and design options in one blog. We can download these configurations as DAT file format using Manage options. We can upload the DAT files in new thesis installed blogs no need to configure the Site option and design options again.  These site and design settings will be recovered from the DAT files.

We can take backup for the site options and design options using manage options link in thesis theme. It also has options to restore the default site options and design options in single click get thesis theme.

Header Image and Favicon with drag and Drop

Header Image

By using the header image link we can upload your blog header image to the thesis theme framework. Now Thesis theme 1.83 comes up with Drag and Drop Header image upload feature. The suitable header image size for your thesis layout configured WordPress blog will be specified in the upload page.

If you uploaded the image in large size the header image will not be resized it will be crapped to the size specified on the header image page. So we can loss any important portion of header so we should use the size specified in Header image page.

Header Image

Header Image with Drag and Drop

I think we need Image regenerate option in thesis theme instead of image crapped to specified size. We can expect this in Thesis 2.0.

Favicon Uploader

Favicon image shown as small image in the browser tab which shown in the below image. By using the favicaon uploader link in the thesis options we can upload favicon image to our blog by Drag and Drop method. The size has been be specified on the favicon uploader page we should use the same while uploading the image.

Custom File Editor Feature

Custom file editor has two file custom functions.php and custom.css by using these two files and with help of thesis hooks and filters we can achieve any design in thesis theme. But we can’t do it without the knowledge of PHP and CSS.  So we need a designer to make custom design in thesis theme frame work.

In design point of view thesis theme is good for designers and developers. But WordPress blog owners not that much good they need designer or skins to get good look and feel in their blog.

Most of the WordPress user purchased thesis theme because of SEO options and page speed. Thesis has inbuild SEO options no need to add extension or plugins for basic SEO from the design point of view. But they need good thesis skins to show certain designs in their blog.

Nowadays there are number of skins and child theme developers around thesis Theme. The thesis users need to find a good designer to design thesis theme as unique foe their WordPress blog. We will see best thesis Skin developers on the web later.

WordPress Multisite (Network)  Support

Thesis Theme is wordpress multisite supportable we can use thesis in multiple site with one install. If you enabled WordPress network feature Thesis 1.8.3 will supports fully. In case of thesis child themes thesis won’t have options to use the same child theme in various sites in the Multisite networks.

Actually we can use the same child theme in different blogs in the network but all sites have the same design different design for same child theme possible now.

May be this feature comes with Thesis theme 2.0. Because we need to have the same thesis multisite back end settings for the child theme also.  So I believe It will be in Thesis theme version 2.0.

Thesis Theme 2.0 Upgrade Options

Thesis theme 2.0 comes with higher price for developer edition now price $164. So if you already had the standard license edition then upgrade to Developer’s Option now for only $77 under the current pricing structure.

Upgrading thesis theme to new version is somewhat lengthy process. Because we need to take backup for whole custom folder and we need to upload it again in the new theme. It is not have one click upgrade options.

I think we will have one click upgrade options it will be good for thesis users hope it will come in Thesis theme 2.0.


My conclusion from the thesis theme review, Thesis theme is good for SEO and page loading speed point of view. But for design point of view it is need some additional support from the designer or from thesis skins or from thesis child theme to achieve good design to our WordPress blog. So the overall cost to achieve the design in thesis theme is more expensive than the theme price.

Header image and favicon upoader is comes in 1.8.3 with Drag and Drop feature. The image regenerate option is not here. The header has crapped to the specified size if we upload larger images. We feel better if we have regenerate options.

If the designer used more images in the design again page loading speed will be question mark. The feature box options are not fully satisfied but multimedia box is good.

Thesis theme 1.8.3 is fully WordPress network (Multisite) supportable except the child theme designs.

Upgrading to new version of thesis theme process is not a one click process it will take some time. We hope Thesis them 2.0 come up with fully multisite supported with mage Regenerate of options. Thesis theme is good enough those who need any major design their blog.

Click here to Download Thesis

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