Product Subscription Model in Ecommerce Websites

Now a day most of the physical products have been sold in websites and the products are safely delivered to the customers’ residence. This e commerce functionality can be easily achieved in WordPress website with help of WooCommerce Subscription plugin. We can create online retailer stores using this plugin in our WordPress website.

While creating our online store we need to look at the functions like Subscriptions, Bookings, Memberships, Payment processing, shipping and support etc. But In case of downloadable products like ebook no need for shipping process at all.

Ecommerce Product Subscription

Ecommerce Product Subscription

Subscription Process of an ecommerce Product

This process consists of email sign up procedure to make solid email list. Behind the product images listed in the landing page. Here we can use many ideas like free trail with limited features or particular period. We can also display some offers for the recurring visitors on the landing page to make them to subscribe.

While setting the product image on the landing page add the product offers which display on the mouse hover on the product image. The image should attract the concentration of the visitor. Once the visitor attracted by the image. Possible make some text in the image it may create interest in our product.

In the product subscription process just gathers the information like emails. Use the separate email list for subscription and membership which will be useful for upsale. The best thing is always build a list whenever you have subscription product model for your product launch.

Here we can see the example of WooCommerce Subscription plugin with product selling in two different types

  • Subscription products
  • Membership subscriptions.

Subscription products are actually a physical product whose image displayed in an online store website. It has other data like price, discount, download box and shipping etc. There are many products listed in our online store website. When a customer clicks on the product it will be added to the cart. Once the purchase completed the subscription product is recorded as list.

A subscription product is a physical or downloadable product given to the customer to purchase but in case of membership subscription it will provide login access to product of being purchased. The subscription can be extended for few months but every month customer needs to renew their subscription by making automatic billing or manual payment.

Subscription Products

Subscription Products

Membership Subscriptions are created with a data like product, payment method, address for billing and shipping, for downloadable products link expiration and permission. As well as membership subscription need some other data like billing interval, next payment, trail end date, product expiry date and etc.

Based on payment the main difference between a membership subscription and product is that a product is once the transaction completed it will be added in the list. In case of membership subscription we need to keep the transaction details for future recurring payment and process.


These will you an idea about subscription product based membership model. Let see the process summary of Monthly Subscription Product in an online stores.

Once customer visits our online retailer store which sells physical or downloadable products they views a subscription product offered by the store and adds the product to their cart then proceeds to payment processing. Once completes payment process to purchase the subscription product. The record of the transaction will be created back end of the online store website. These transaction details will be used for future payments in the case of recurring products. That’s all about the monthly subscription product.

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