How to Start Sell Own Products with E-junkie to Earn Money

It’s awesome to launch our own product in the marketplace like ClickBank and E-junkie. We have seen how to setup a product in ClickBank marketplace to make money. Now this article shows how to sell a digital product via E-junkie marketplace. First, you will need to have an E-junkie account. If you haven’t registered for a login with E-junkie yet, Register the new E-junkie account here.

E-junkie Signup Page

E-junkie Signup Page

Adding a Digital product in E-junkie Seller Admin

Before we start selling a product with E-junkie, we need to add our own products in E-junkie seller admin.  E-junkie offers number of options to setup a product in its marketplace. If we does not understand some options then don’t worry. Just focus on the options that we are in need to sell our product in E-junkie.

E-junkie Sellar Admin

E-junkie Seller Admin

  • To add digital products follow he below steps.
  • Log into your E-junkie Seller Admin.
  • If you are selling with PayPal (PayPal Payments are Standard for E-junkie), just make sure that we have added PayPal email in Seller Admin à Edit Profile (It will taken us directly to this Edit Profile screen).
  • If you are selling with any other payment processors other than PayPal example E-junkie support the payment systems like Google Checkout, PayPal Payments Pro, Authorize.Net, ClickBank, 2CheckOut, TrialPay and Etc make sure to go through the instruction provided by E-junkie help for payment processing.
  • Now click the Add Product link in your E-junkie Seller Admin.
  • Specify the Name of the product, Price and select a Currency type to sell the product.
  • The check boxes under the Product Configuration section allow us to enable optional features such as a File Download, Shipping, Tax and more; all of these settings are more fully explained in E-junkie Support pages.
  • Products configuration with a digital delivery settings will automatically send a thank-you email to claim their digital product by the customers, but In case of tangible goods will not normally send a thank-you email by the E-junkie system; we can type an Email Message which will be sent for tangible products or we can Enable Templates Email to customize the full message from start to finish and insert data and sent it to the customers.
  • Press the Submit button to save the product, or we can click the More Options button to access other optional settings for our product like setting download link expiration time and product expiration date, etc.
  • After clicking Submit we will see the details. Now copy the Cart or Buy Now button code and paste into the sales page or in any landing page of the website. If we are selling a digital product, we can upload the digital file by using the Upload Product File button on this page.
Add a Product in E-junkie

Add a Product in E-junkie

Add the Button Code in landing pages

If we are selling a digital product in our website or blog then we will do the below steps

  • If we have some knowledge about HTML then we can edit the template pages and add the buy now button code in the landing page. We can use OptimizePresss product launch theme to sell the product. This theme allows as to add buy now button code without having knowledge about HTML.
  • If we are using some other WordPress themes for the product launch landing page just hire a designer to setup the landing pages.

There are two options of buy now button code available one is HTML another one is JavaScript. Based on the landing page type and product launch templates pages we can choose the button code type.

Buynow Button in E-junkie

Buynow Button in E-junkie

Selling Products Types and Particulars

A product in E-junkie can be a file, a code, a tangible item, any combination of these first three items (like a CD with mp3 downloads, Software download with registration code) or even a donation for the website.

Files type product

E-junkie does have difference in selling a product with different file formats. Example selling mp3 files or selling videos is not much different than selling ebooks in pdf or doc format.

If we want to provide a collection of files for a single product then we need to add all the file in the single folder and make it as single zip file Now use the same procedure for the single file selling in E-junkie.

Codes (Stored or Generated) type product

The codes are the second type of digital product to sell via E-junkie. While adding or editing our product in E-junkie Admin, we can check the Send Stored Codes checkbox and click the Submit or Next button. Now we are ready to add codes inside the E-junkie. Once click on the submit button we can able to paste a list of codes in the PIN/Registration Codes field to send for the customer who purchased the product.

Tangible Items type product

Tangible items are just like physical products. We need to enable Shipping/Buyer’s Address in the settings of each product that need to collect the street address of the customer during checkout. The products like CDs are sending to this street address for the product delivery.

Mixed Product

Mixed products are the combination of the above three items it may be a file type product, code type and tangible product. We can deliver the product by street address or in webpage. The delivery method t should be decided by the combination of the product types.

Donations and Other variable amount payments

Just set the product price to 0.00 and enable the Let buyer edit price option. Once we have enabled this options buyer can enter the amount for the donation for our valuable product delivery.

How to add a Multiple products in E-junkie

When we first add any new product and get to the button codes form the E-junkie, now we have options to Add Another Product directly from the page we have added the first product for selling in the marketplace.

We can add the second product without going back to Seller Admin, if the second product type is same as first product we can clone or duplicate first product setting to the next product. The next new product will start out as a clone of that last-added product, with all the same settings we can edit the cloned product if we need any changes.

How to test the E-junkie Product setup

E-junkie buy now button needs to be tested online. The buy now button work correctly we need to follow the below steps in E-junkie.

  • Jut add buy now button code on a live Web site
  • Have a domain name in its URL
  • Tested in a regular Web browser the “preview” mode built into many Web-design programs won’t work.
  • Testing the product with offline does not work.

Also just clear your browser cookies and edit the product price to the minimum amount and make a purchase with our original credit card or PayPal address if your country does not restricted purchases via PayPal.

Testing a product’s file download

To verify that a product’s download links are working the correct, complete file, just go to the Seller Admin > Send free download link, then enter our own email address there to send yourself a free download link to test.

You can also test the download link(s) issued to a specific buyer. Just go to Seller Admin > View/Download Transaction Log and click the Transaction ID in the log for any order, or the Item Name of any item in that order.

This will help us to check the thank-you page we would generate for that buyer; here we can test their download links. Note that this own test would be failed if we have exceeded the number of download Attempts we permit on that link.

Testing your shopping cart

You can temporarily set your product price to 0.00 or 0.01 dollar for the product price and use the E-junkie ADD TO CART buttons to do a test purchase. Instead of going through the regular payment processor, we can checkout using E-junkie’s Free Checkout.

This will allow you to review the current thank-you page and thank-you email customization results without having to go through a paid checkout this can be possible only we setup the product price 0.00.

Payment Processing on E-junkie

Payment Processing on E-junkie

Testing product checkout with payment processor

If we need to test our product setup and checkout process complete with checkout using the payment processor we are using for the product settings in the E-junkie marketplace. We will need to make an actual, live purchase with minimal cost.

To make this test payment for a original amount of the product, Now we can temporarily set your product price to 0.01, or create a secret Cart Discount for 99% off the Item Total. Use any one way to test the product the payment with the corresponding payment processor.

Manage Discounts for the products in E-junkie

Discounts allow us to create and accept ‘virtual coupons’, put our products temporarily ‘on sale’, create promotional offers, create and sell gift for the product or anything where we want to offer to some buyer.

The discount is a reduced price without actually changing the standard price of our products in Seller Admin. Any discounts applied to an order would be shown in our E-junkie log.  We can have up to a maximum of 10,000 discounts configured at any one time.

You can add new discounts or edit/delete existing discounts in Seller Admin > Add / Edit E-junkie Cart Discounts / Gift Coupons.

Edit Existing Discounts for the Product

This menu lists any discounts we have already created. Select one discount and click Load to view/edit its settings, or click Delete to remove the selected discount. Here we can change the discount settings on the screen and save it.

Add/Edit Discounts for the New Product

This is where we can create a new discount, or view/edit settings for an existing discount. Once we have selected the new discount page we can setup the required information for the discount setting for a product.

Discount Settings in E-junkie

Product: We can setup discounts based on the number of product with different methods as follows

  • Choose All Cart Items for a discount that can be applied to the Item Total or Shipping amount for any orders, regardless of which items are being purchased.
  • Choose a specific product for a discount that only affects the purchase price of that item alone it will not affect other items.
  • We can create as many discounts as per our wish for All Cart Items or for a product; just make sure we specify a unique Discount Name for each discount for each product.

Discount Name:

Brief description of the discount for our own reference this is not shown to buyers. This is also how we differentiate one discount from another, so make sure you give each discount has unique name for identification with respect to the product.

If we save a “new” discount with the same name as an existing discount, the new settings would simply get applied to that existing discount so always use unique name for the new discounts. If you change the name of an existing discount use unique name.

Discount Expires time:

Set a date/time when the discount will become invalid, or set 0000-00-00 00:00:00 or just leave the expiration blank for a discount that will never expire until you manually delete it from the Seller Admin. We can also set this to a past date to temporarily disable a discount for particular product.

Discount price:

Enter an amount and select whether that will be treated as a percent-off original price or a flat amount off from the original price. We can use any one type based on our requirements.

Choose whether the discount should be applied to the Item Total (order subtotal not including Shipping nor Tax) or to Shipping and delivery price for the product.

Product Discount setup in Ejunkie

Product Discount setup in Ejunkie

Max. Use Count:

Maximum number of orders that can be placed with the discount, this will be use the situation like The offere only for first 100 sales. Some example useful for single-use discount codes, gift coupons, or “first 100 customers” types of promotion.

Note: this can only count the total number of times a discount is used, not a per-buyer use count. If you want to limit a discount to one use per customer, paste in a list of codes, set Max. Use Count =1, then issue each buyer their own, unique code from the list.

Min. Item Quantity:

Minimum number of items that must be used in the cart in order to qualify for the discount provided by the product purchased. For product-specific discounts, this would be the quantity of just that particular item in the buyer’s cart.

Min. Item Total:

Minimum total price need to qualify for the discount. For product-specific discounts, this would be the total price no depends on the number of items purchased by one buyers cart.

Combining Discounts in E-junkie

At any one time, a buyer’s cart can have at most one discount applied to each of the following, in any combination:

  • The cart’s Item Total (All Cart Items);
  • The cart’s Shipping amount (All Cart Items);
  • The price of each item in their cart (product-specific).

We can even create a series of different discounts using the same Discount Code, so the buyer would only need to enter the code once, which would apply every discount matching that code that their cart and items in that are eligible for the discount coupon code.

Discount codes override automatic discounts, and discount codes applied later would override discounts applied earlier to the same product. If more than one automatic discount applies to a given cart or item, the greater discount would be the one applied.


This article explained about setting up a digital product in E-junkie market place to sell it online. It contains the main steps likes adding a product in E-junkie Seller Admin, Selling particular products, Testing a product’s file download and manage discounts.

Once we have setup the product in E-junkie we need to add the button code in sales or landing pages templates of the sales funnel. OptimizePress WordPress theme offers best templates for sales page, squeeze page and product launch templates. Share your experience on comments section.

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