Squeeze Page Setup and Tips for High Conversion

A squeeze page is a landing page designed to capture opt-in email address from potential subscribers. The goal of a squeeze page is to convince or “squeeze” a visitor into providing one of their most valuable email addresses.

A good squeeze page should act as an ultimatum for visitors – either take the offer or leave the page. It should be black and white. In the same vein, content should be kept to a minimum on a squeeze page. Content bloat only distracts from your offer.

That’s another thing – you’ll want a convincing offer. Something shiny. offer needs to be worth surrendering an email address for – in online terms an email address is equivalent to a slice of your soul.

Attractive Offer in Squeeze Page

While you can host many different types of content on your squeeze page, some will prove more valuable than others. Prime types of squeeze page content offers include:

  • Email Course
  •  E-Book
  • White Paper Collection
  •  Templates / Design Aids

If you are going to ask for a user’s email address, it should be absolutely necessary for the offer. Asking for an email address in exchange for a download file. Most users know that they shouldn’t have to provide you with an email address in order to watch a video. However, if you are going to send them an e-book, needing their email to do so makes a bit more sense.

Offer in Squeeze page

Offer in Squeeze page

Email courses are a great offer for a number of reasons:

  • 1.    You’re sending info in smaller, more easily, which makes the user more likely to use and get value out of the offer.
  • 2.    If the email course is valuable to the user, they will look forward to your reoccurring emails, building a positive relationship that will make it easier for follow-up offers and pitches down the line.
  • 3.    Email courses can have added value when you add in video sections within the courses.
  • 4.    As already discussed, an email course aligns perfectly with asking for an opt-in email address, making you look more reputable and less spammy.

How to Create a Squeeze Page

So how do you create a squeeze page? There are a few different methods:

1.    Build a squeeze page manually, as you would any other landing page.

2.    There are several tools on the market that assist in generating squeeze pages.

3.    WordPress Squeeze Page Plug-ins: There a few different WordPress plug-ins that provide landing page or squeeze page templates for WordPress users.

With OptimizePress 2.0 you can build practically any type of webpage you need: a sales letter, different membership pages, opt-in pages, FAQs page, download page, webinar pages and more.

Squeeze Pages in Optimizepress

Squeeze Pages in Optimizepress

Pop-Up Squeeze Page and Splash Page 

The term “squeeze page” is a webpage with a primary goal of getting users to sign up for an offer. How you choose to format your squeeze page is up to you. Two common forms of a squeeze page are splash pages and pop-ups.

Pop-Up Squeeze Pages

Pop-up squeeze pages are annoying as hell – you’ll often find them floating on top of content you’re attempting to read, distracting you until you give up your email address or manage to find the X button.

Good Pop-Up: This pop-up isn’t so bad. Sure, it’s blocking content we want to see, but it’s quick to read and there is an obvious X button in the top corner.

Bad Pop-up: This pop-up is ugly and is asking for your email address so that you can see a video – a video you thought you were only one click away from seeing. It looks like spam. Also, no X button anywhere to be found.

Splash Page

A splash page is another way to implement a squeeze page. Splash pages are custom pages users are sent to when they first visit your homepage. Having your splash page also serve as a squeeze page means more eyeballs on your offer. The risk is that some visitors may immediately click away from your squeeze page, leaving your site entirely and never even seeing your real homepage!.

To prevent this, it’s best to include a big old “no thanks” buttons that lets users easily head straight to your homepage.

If you decide to go the splash page route, make sure the design, copy, and feel correspond with your regular homepage – you don’t want users to wonder where you are. Also add a cookie so that when they visit your site a second time they go straight to your homepage rather than dealing with the splash page again.

Squeeze Page Setup & Tips

Good content for squeeze pages includes:

  • Positive testimonials from the user
  • Opt-in forms
  • Images of your product
  • Auto responder email
  • Videos

No matter what content you decide to include please keep the “spam-level” in mind”. I see many pages that are just offensive or downright annoying.

With OptimizePress 2.0 you can build practically any type of webpage you need: a sales letter, different membership pages, opt-in pages, FAQs page, download page, webinar pages and more.

You can choose an existing layout and then change the text and add elements such as: arrows, blocks, buttons, dividers and even a countdown or an audio player.

There are literally endless possibilities and endless elements to choose from that will make your life easier.

Squeeze Pages in Optimizepress

Squeeze Pages in Optimizepress

Here are some tips for optimizing your squeeze page design.

  • Testimonials & Success Stories: Testimonial quotes can prove to users that your offer is of value. Social proof is smart to implement when possible. If a user sees a Facebook friend has downloaded your ebook, they will be much more likely to follow suit.
  • Video/Multimedia Elements: Video and multimedia elements will help keep a visitor’s attention and can be used to provide additional information that you can cut out from the copy, leaving you with cleaner, less distracting.
  • Page Text Design: Make your content easily visible and scannable with headlines, bullets, etc. Provide the important info and make sure that info stands out, is easy to find, and read.
  • Optin form fields: It’s been shown that the more form fields you include on a squeeze page, the less likely a user is to take advantage of your offer. Ideally, you’d ask for just the email address, although some marketers really want the name as well to personalize future emails.
  • Keep in mind the form fields that serve as major turn-offs for most users. I myself HATE giving out my phone number – when filling out a free offer, if my phone number is required, more than a few times I’ve simply left and abandoned the offer.
  • Auto-responder email: Squeeze pages usually go hand-in-hand with an autoresponder email so that you can provide users with your offer the moment they fill out your form.
  • Images of Your Product: Images are always recommended for an engaging webpage experience, and this is true of squeeze pages as well!


Good content for squeeze pages includes Opt-in forms, Images of your product, Positive testimonials from the user, Statistics like # downloads and Videos. With OptimizePress 2.0 you can build practically any type of webpage you need: a sales letter, different membership pages, opt-in pages, FAQs page, download page, webinar pages and more.

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