Squeeze Page Elements to Convert Visitor into Subscriber

Every Squeeze Page contains the same parts and is focus on a single goal – getting the landing page visitor to become a subscriber or buyer.

Squeeze page setup is the first part of the product launch process then the second step is to set up the sales page elements for the product launch.  we will see about the squeeze page elements..

These squeeze landing page parts are as follows:

  • Squeeze page Headline
  • Landing page offer (free report)
  • Bulleted list of benefits
  • Picture of the product (eCover)
  • An opt-in form with a call to action
  • Optional audio or video
  • Everything Below the fold
  • Social proofs and stats
  • Squeeze page distraction

There is a lot of variation in squeeze landing page we must determine which model will work best for conversion, this can be done only through testing. I don’t want to give you a recipe for this, you have to test and come with your best version of Squeeze landing Page.

Don’t put elements which will distract the reader of squeeze landing page and the only main goal of the page will allow the visitors into subscribers.

Squeeze page Elements

Squeeze page Elements


Landing page visitors are on the squeeze page for one reason, and you do not want to give them any reason to leave. Before jumping into the actual squeeze page design elements, it’s also crucial to understand that your squeeze page quality and the alignment of the elements in the squeeze page.

Squeeze Page elements has described below in details

Squeeze Page Headline

Squeeze Page Headline is the first thing the visitor sees, and he has 7-10 seconds to make a decision to continue or go away. So your landing page headline must convince the visitor to keep going reading.

You must offer a solution for a problem in squeeze headline and make a headline to stand out using alternate color, bigger font and center. The headline is an above the fold item. The purpose of the headline is to give your viewer a good reason to stay on the page, and carry on reading.

The headline needs to be built with the source traffic in mind. Your visitors may originate from a tweet, a Facebook post, a Google Plus or LinkedIn conversation, another one of your blog posts, a paid ad, or even an email that you sent to them. Consider the source when constructing your headline.

When your visitor clicks the link at the source, they are coming to your squeeze page for a specific reason. That reason will typically be mentioned in the content of the squeeze page.

In Squeeze landing page offer a free report

When your viewers pass the headline stage they will want to understand what is in it for them. You need to spell out the offering in an understandable form that is easily conveyable.

That information is typically located above the fold, and the offer can be in the form of a video or bullet points. If you decide to use a video, please make sure it is quick loading, and is only as long as it needs to be.

Engaging free offer should be clearly focused on addressing your target audience needs, frustrations, hopes or desires.  You want to tap into their hopes and dreams and take away their frustrations.

The squeeze page offer examples are:

  • eBook
  • White paper or PDF report
  • An eCourse
  • Webinars
  • Expert interviews
  • Video series
  • How-to demonstrations

Find the wording that produces the best conversion rates through A/B Split testing.

Bulleted list of benefits

Use video in good position, signup form and some major bullet points. Bullet points should be the answer for the below questions at lead squeeze page.

  • Why you should sign up here? .
  • What benefits you will get if you signed up here?
  • How this sign up will help your success?
  • What problems have been solved if you sign up here?. and etc.
Squeeze page Bullets

Squeeze page Bullets

Use four or five bullet points if you use more bullet points it may distract the visitors.

A picture explains a thousand words

In many situations, the landing page visitors respond well to images. Results may be different for your audience, and you will only be able to tell once you have done your own testing.

We have used an image that represents the product that our visitor can expect to see when they sign up. My intent is to remove as much guess work from the visitor, making it easier for them if the offering is correct for them.

Also, viewers tend to shift their attention towards the right hand side of the screen – top/down to left/right. Placing the image directly above or near the sign up form makes the most sense, as they will naturally move towards that direction anyway. The visitor does not have venture too far to find what they need to do next.

In a sense you are guiding your visitor to something that they would do naturally.

An opt-in form with a call to action

Two major points for the sign up form – it should be above the fold and on the right hand of the screen. Your visitor, as mentioned before, tends to move rightwards, and it is less work for them by keeping the form above the fold.

You want to make it as easy as possible for them to complete the sign up form. The less information you collect, the better it is. A single piece of information is the best – the email address. If you wish to collect additional information (eg. name, telephone number), you should have a compelling reason to collect more than just their email address.

Sign up form Call to action

Sign up form Call to action

Included on the form is a Call To Action. The intent of the call to action is to give your visitors direction what they need to do next. From a squeeze page perspective, the call to action it’s typically

  • Submit’
  • ‘Free Instant Access’
  • ‘Get this Now’
  • ‘Get Access Now’

In the examples above, all the submit buttons have been bright colours which really stand out and blue, yellow or red seem to be the favorites.

Video or Audio Multimedia Elements

Video, Audio and multimedia elements will help keep a visitor’s attention and can be used to provide additional information that you can cut out from the copy, leaving you with cleaner, less distracting piles of text.

Squeeze page video

Squeeze page video

Place the video on lead page after the page headline, we can use full page width and center aligned. Or Lead page video and optin form in adjacent before the fold of the web page.   We can use both methods using split test concept.

Everything below the Fold

All supporting information for your offer should be below the fold. Another way to look at it – your squeeze page should be able to stand by itself, without any or some of the information that is below fold.

In this section you can include: Testimonials, bonus items, images that relate to the offer and anything that would be helpful to help your visitor decide towards proceeding with your offer.

In many cases, viewers tend to look for social proof. Placing three or four testimonials below the fold tends to works well too. Once again, A/B Split Test to make sure it works in your environment.

Remove  Squeeze page distraction

There’s actually many things that shouldn’t be on your squeeze page, and I would run out of room very quickly if I listed them.  To stop the people at squeeze page we need to setup the page using funnel that makes improvement in conversion in squeeze page for leads generation.

Just use the ‘simplicity’ rule of thumb. Less the better, but make sure you include the above items, especially those above the fold. Remove anything that is potentially distracting.

Distractions can cost you a good subscriber. The same goes for your squeeze page. You shouldn’t place any shiny objects (like links) on your squeeze page. It’s potentially distracting and you would have a high probability of losing your visitor.

Remove the navigation. Take away all links. There is no need to link to the about me or the home page. If you need to show your visitor additional (relevant) information please does below the fold. Don’t link anywhere, not even to a privacy statement.


Your viewers should only be able to do one of two things on a squeeze page. Either they give you their contact information or they leave. If they are seriously interested in your offer they will more than likely stay and give you their information.

Those that are not interested will move on, and that should be okay with you too. You don’t want to capture the contact information of everyone that comes to your squeeze page. Only those are highly targeted and interested in you, your products or services.

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