How to Setup Subscription Thank You Page in Aweber

What Is A Thank You Page?

A “thank you” page is a web page where subscribers are redirected immediately after they submit their information in your opt-in form.

While creating your form, you can specify a web page on your site to use as your form’s thank you page. If you do not specify a page, we will use a simple page of our site that thanks the person for subscribing.

A good thank you page should:

  • Thank the subscriber for signing up.
  • Provide instructions on what happens next.

If you are using confirmed opt-in, subscribers will also be directed to a confirmation success page immediately after they click on your confirmation link.

Aweber thank you page

Aweber thank you page

The redirect page a person is taken to after they submit their information to your form. Typically this page thanks the subscriber and tells them what to do next.

How Can I Change My Thank You Page?

When a person subscribes to your list using a form on your website, they’re re-directed to a page meant to encourage them to confirm their subscription (if Confirmed Opt-In is on) or notify them that their subscription is complete (if Confirmed Opt-In is off).

You may use one of three customized versions of the Thank You Page hosted at AWeber, or create your own page hosted on your own website.

Here’s how you can select your Thank You Page!

Step by Step Instructions

  • Click on the “Sign Up Forms” tab once login to the aweber account.
  • Click on the name of the form you wish to edit to open it.
  • Above the sign up form generator you will want to click on “Settings.”
  • Click on the “Thank You Page” drop-down box.
Optin confirmation page types

Optin confirmation page types

You will see either 3 or 5 options to select from, depending on whether you have Confirmed Opt-In turned on or not.

Basic Version

This version is AWeber-hosted and customized with your logo, which you can change on the “List Settings” page in your account.

Confirmation page basic version

Confirmation page basic version

Audio Version (Confirmed Opt-In Only)

This version is AWeber-hosted, customized with your logo, and plays audio encouraging your new subscribers to confirm their subscriptions.

Audio version confirmation page

Audio version confirmation page

“Smart” Video Version (Confirmed Opt-In Only)

This version is AWeber-hosted, customized with your logo, and plays a video with an example of how your confirmation message may look to your subscriber in their inbox.

Video version confirmation page

Video version confirmation page

Custom Page

This version is hosted on your website. When the subscriber submits their email and any other information successfully, they are re-directed to the URL you enter after selecting this option.

Stay on Current Page

This option is not like the others, in that subscribers are not sent to a different page. Instead, once they successfully submit their email and any other information, they are sent back to the same page that they had just filled out the form on.

Note: You can click on the “Preview” button in order to see a live preview of any of the options.

Select the type of “Thank You Page” you wish to use. If you choose the “Custom Page” option, you will also need to enter the URL of the page you’d like to send subscribers to.

Thank you page setup

Thank you page setup

If you’d like to have the “Thank You Page” open in a new window, check the “Open this in a new window” checkbox.

Save your sign up form. If you haven’t yet published it to your website, or if you’ve used the “Raw HTML Version” instead of the shorter “JavaScript Snippet” version, you will also need to publish or republish the form.

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