How to Setup Newsletters and Follow Up Messages in aWeber

AWeber autoresponder service provides two different email sending options the messages can be written to the customer in two ways as follows.

  • Follow up Messages
  • Newsletter Messages

Both are having different settings inside aWeber account in the time period settings.

Every membership site setup and product launch funnel procedure needs autoresponder emails for the customer once the sales have done in the sales funnel. Or subscription has made in the squeeze landing page.

We have already seen about the aWeber list settings, confirmation optin messages settings, creating web forms in the previous post. This article only deals about how to create and setup new letter to the subscriber.

To setup these messages first login to the aWeber autoresponder account. If you are not already have account in aWeber then now signup here.

 AutoResponder emails vs Follow Up Messages

Creating a new email broadcast or follow up email works very much the same way. Let’s start by creating an autoresponder message that every new subscriber as soon as they sign up in the aWeber list.

The Follow ups are messages sent automatically, in a sequence to the subscribed members. The first message in the sequence is sent immediately when someone subscribed to the particular list. That message is followed by other series of messages has been scheduled in different interval. Each message can be scheduled with a different amount of days in between subsequent messages.

For example when we are planning to create membership site with aWeber integration check out the procedure, Now in the autoresponder integration once the new member has signed up in the membership site the first follow up message sent to the subscriber as a welcome messages then within few minute we need to send the login details and login url for the members only site. The next messages will be sent the the subscriber with guideline to use the membership site.

Auto responder Email Broadcasting

Auto responder Email Broadcasting

We can also setup 7 part course materials for the subscriber all should be sent with three day gap between each previous email with the next email. This is called the follow up message setup in aWeber.

These messages help to build a relationship and trust over time with people who have subscribed our newsletter.  Otherwise the people just visited our website once, never to be seen or heard from again.

These follow up messages will help the subscribers such things as marketing materials, course training sequences and answers to frequently asked questions about make money online.

Creating a Follow Up Message in aWeber

Once you have logged in to the aWeber account find the follow up messages tab in the navigation menu. For this just mouse over messasesà followup. Now click on the follow up link it will be redirected to the follow up messages settings page.

Aweber Followup Messages Navigation

Aweber Followup Messages Navigation

We don’t have created any messages till now so we will see the tab called add new follow up messages for the corresponding list. Remember we need to setup follow up message for one list so choose the list name in the dropdown at the top of the navigation menu.

Create new Followup In aweber

Create new Followup In aweber

Click on this add new follow up message button to create the first follow up message. Creating a message here is very much like writing one in your own email program such as gmail or yahoo mail. There are some additional options available in the aWeber, such as click tracking and templates and other subscriber list management options to filter the subscriber from the list and sent the messages to the people we want in the particular list.

These tracking methods are important for getting our first message sent to our subscribers.

Setup Subject line for the follow up message

This subject appears as the subject line of the message which will be received by the subscriber. To increase the mail open rate we need to use catchy subject line in the follow up messages. It is also the same as how the subject of the email messages appears in ordinary email systems like Gmail.

Use the subject line something brief that describes the actual subject of the body message. AWeber has option to add the subscriber name in the subject line. It has dropdown option to choose first name or full name with some greeting word in front of the name we can add it in the subject line.

So the email sent to the subscriber their name in the subject line. We can also use the first follow up messages some sensible words like ‘welcome’ or ‘thanks’ for the subscription like that.

HTML  Body Message of the follow up in aWeber

We have to options to write the message in aWeber one is the HTML messages box another one is the normal visual message box. Visual messages box is same as ordinary email system. But in case of HTML message box is the special feature of the aWeber.

In the HTML Message box, we can send formatted messages to the subscribers just like word document. We can use different font families’ size and we can also insert images in the HTML message box. AWeber provides the extensive functionality for the HTML message box in the message editor.

We can simply enter your email subject line and then the email body message. This first part of the form is the HTML messages box. We can use fancy templates or create own HTML pages, but for now no need to analyze the extensive features of aWeber.

Just type a message to your readers in there and remember to link any hyperlinks using the WYSIWYG editor that’s built in.

Html Message box in Aweber

Html Message box in Aweber

{!name} code can be used in the messages editor to specify the name of the subscriber. AWeber allows us to personalize the message that is inserting each person’s name in the email. It will use whatever information that subscriber used in the “Name” field during the sign up or subscription process it will be use in the name field.

We can use this code at any place of the messages body. So if any one subscribed with “John” the email I receive will read “Hello John,”. So it is one of the special feature used I n the aWeber autoresponder service.

Since not everyone can receive HTML formatted email, we’ll also create a plain text version, simply by copying and pasting the text from above or from somewhere.  Make sure all links in your email are typed out completely including the http:// part otherwise it will not be taken as link in the subscriber inbox.

The second one is the plain text version of the message also available in aWeber follow up messages settings.

Plain Text Message in aWeber message editor

The body of the follow up message should be entered here. We also can copy and paste the body content somewhere from the word document or type directly into the box. AWeber informed that the recommended width for the messages body in order to avoid horizontal scroll bar and better readability. The message within the recommended width will be surely displayed to the subscriber as it will be displayed in the plain text message editor. Many email programs will use certain length if your messages beyond the limit it will be cutoff and shown in the next line.

Personalize Aweber

Personalize Aweber

AWeber message editor has the options like wrapping the body text. Just click on the Wrap then the long lines are shorten as per the email editor display.

The follow up messages are the great opportunity to build good relationship with the subscribers. Just use the sentences which need emotional response from the subscriber. The most important thing is to just get something during the subscriber is getting started to use the membership content.

Once you have set up all the body text in the plain text editor we need to consider things like what types of questions that need answer a lot. Choose those questions included in the body of the message.

That’s all now click on the Save Message button at the bottom of the page. You have finished the first follow up message in your aWeber list.

The Follow up message sequence in aWeber

In this first message we can see that the Interval field is already filled out and that the message will go out immediately. But we can determine if we want to track how many of your readers click on the messages links by enabling the feature in aWeber settings.

AWeber Followup Interval

AWeber Followup Interval

The follow up message sequence means we need to setup multiple messages as queue in order to sent them to the subscriber one by one. Creating the messages that continue to follow up with your subscribers is very simple with aWeber autoresponder system and integartion.

The only difference is that once you click on Add Message and add your message content as same as the first follow up messages has created. One more thing you will find in at the bottom of the page called the Time interval.

We need to setup the time interval between the first messages and the second follow up message, the second messages with the third and so on.  The time interval may be number of day or hours from the previous message.

The subscriber should wait for this time period to get the second messages from the subscribed list. Note that we can also check the box below the Interval field to enable Send Windows, allow us to choose the time period for the next message to be sent to the subscribers.

Newsletter Broadcast Messages in aWeber

Before seen about the broad cast messages in aWeber let’s talk for a minute about follow up vs. broadcast emails. The big difference between the two is timing. email broadcasting messages has specific time for the broadcast. Let me give an example.

Consider we have new list in aWeber and the follow up messages had setup in the list with one day time interval. One person has subscribed in the list today (Monday). Let’s call him john. Within a few minutes of signing up and confirming his subscription, john will get the very first email message that we just set up.

He will also receive the second follow up in Tuesday and third on Wednesday and so on. During the mean time The second person Ram subscribed on Wednesday he will receive first follow up in few minutes and the second follow up on Thursday and third on Friday and so on.

Now the third person Robin subscribed on Friday is in the same list he will receive the follow up messages 1,2,3 with respect to Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This is called follow up messages.

But when we broadcast a message on Thursday John and Ram will receive the broadcast messages on Thursday but Robin can’t receive the messages.

If we setup one day time interval for the broad cast message robin will not received it on Friday others will receive the message on Friday.

So broadcast emails on the other hand are send out at a specified time to the entire selected email list entire list but follow up messages will be sent immediately after the subscription. Based on the requirements we can use the autoresponder services.

Broadcast Emails in aweber

Broadcast Emails in aweber

Broadcast emails are used for traditional weekly or monthly newsletters as well as for any messages or offers that we send to our list that are seasonal or can only be used for a certain time-period. For example if you are an affiliate and one of the companies you have promoting its products have sends you a coupon for free shipping that expires next week, you should send a broadcast email instead of adding another follow-up message.

Broadcasts are sent once, at a scheduled date and time. They can be written as far in advance as we would like, and we won’t need to log into our account to send them. Instead, the message will be sent at the saved time. We can schedule the broadcast messages for a particular time.

For example, if we wanted to send a monthly newsletter, we can set up three monthly newsletters for this month next month and the following. All scheduled to be sent on the first, No need to send it again during the broadcast time.

Creating Email Broadcasting Message in AWeber

To go to the email broadcast message page just mouse hover on the Messages tab in the navigation menu of the aWeber account you will see Broadcast link with follow up message link. Now click  Broadcast.

Once you have mounted in the broadcast messages page click on Create Broadcast Message. This button will open a new draft of a message that we need to add our broad cast message by the same way as follow up message settings explained above.

Creating broadcasts is very similar to creating follow ups, with a few small differences. In broad cast messages settings we will notice that we have specific time and date instead of time interval available in follow up messages section.

Choose the time we would like to send the message, Fill the subject line and the body text same as follow up message. Finally save the messages with the email trackingenabled to know about the open and click through rate of every broadcast email sent to the subscribers.

Create New Broadcast Messages

Create New Broadcast Messages

AWeber provides options to send the broadcast emails to selected aWeber list or selected emails in a particular list. We can also tract the status of email broadcasting by pending broadcasts section of the page.

We just look on the date and time set for the each message we have created for the broadcasting. Just click Queue to confirm that that message has ready to send for all subscribers in a particular time. You can now test your broadcast email.

Click on the test link and enter the email address where you would like to receive a preview copy of your email. If everything looks good, click on the green Queue button and AWeber will start sending your email to everyone on your list.


That’s all we have created follow up messages and email broadcasting in aWeber. Broadcast emails are used for traditional weekly or monthly newsletters as well as for any messages or offers that we send to the aWeber list that are seasonal or can only be used for a certain time-period.

But follow up messages can be used in membership sites and other product launch process in order to build good relationship with the subscribers.

We have already seen about creating a list in aWeber, list settings, confirmation optin message setup,Web for creation and publishing the form in any website or landing pages in the previous post.

The follow up message and news letter broadcasting has only one difference. It is timing settings. Time interval used in follow up messages and specific time used in email broadcast messages share your experience in comments section.

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