How to Setup Subscription Form in Website to Collect Emails

We know email autoresponder and newsletter service are the important media to make a good relationship to the valuable readers of any websites or blogs. AWeber email marketing providers good service on this. AWeber is most popular email marketing service among the internet marketers.

It gives an effective way to track any people who need your website information. Only thing the people need to subscribe your website for newsletter or any other information delivery. Once they have done it we can follow the readers by email broadcasting via aWeber autoresponder.

These autoresponder services mainly used to build email list for our product launch and other affiliate promotions of third party products. The own product creation procedure and product launch tactics will be explained here.

Now we will seen about how to use aWeber service in our website and send newsletter to the subscribers. The main things we need to know about aWeber before using its services

  • AWeber Lists
  • Confirmed Optin Page
  • Web form Setup
  • Sending Messages

These four things are very important in any email autoresponder service.

AWeber Lists Setup

Every people subscribed for the newsletter will added in aWeber lists. We can create number of lists in the aWeber account. If you are not having aWeber account ok Now signup here. Each list in an account has its subscribers, and web forms or signup forms, and followup messages. If we have multiple

Websites and blogs or we want to process peoples separately we can create multiple lists to manage subscriber.

Aweber Autoresponder and Newsletters

Aweber Autoresponder and Newsletters

First we need to create new list in aWeber. If you have already created list it will be available as dropdown in the top of the page once we have logged in into the aWeber account. Now consider we have creating our first list in aWeber.

Create New List

Once you have logged into the aWeber account it has clear navigation and menu for easy to use by the account holder. Click on My lists tab in the navigation it will display number of list available in the account. If you don’t have any list click on create new list link to create your first list.

Just follow the instruction the below are the basic information needed to create new list in aWeber.

List Name

This will be the name of the list we have created to use newsletter service. Enter the list name in the box and wait for checking the availability of the list name by the system. If the list name available we can use it otherwise we should use some other name for the list.

Remember each list has unique name in aWeber we can send emails to the list by   So we need use unique name with the purpose of the list for future reference.

List Description

Add the purpose of the list in the description section.  This will be displayed when someone clicks on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of your messages which you have broadcasted. It will remind them why they have subscribed in this list and the the value of being subscriber in this list.

Aweber List Settings

Aweber List Settings

From Name and Address

Enter the name and email address that we would like to share our subscribers once they have subscribed in the list. Also this name and email will be displayed as from email when they receive any update or broadcast message for this list. We can also build brand value by email address provided here. Don’t use free email service providers email like gmail or yahoo. Use your domain emails for build brand value by email broadcasting.

Contact Address

The next field in the list settings is the contact address. Ensure that this is the address we have provided in the list settings are related to the list and it should be the original address.

It will displayed at the bottom of each message we have broadcasted via  aWeber lists. If you need to change this address to another one by just click on the edit link available in settings.


Notifications email is used to receive the email from the customer when they subscribed or unsubscribed form any particular list. If you provided any email in the notifications field then this email will receive all the notification emails from the customer.

That’s all about the list settings in the first page now click on the next page to continue settings.

Aweber notifications email Setup

Aweber notifications email Setup

Company Branding

We need to build our company brand whenever we had a chance. So in aWeber list settings we had two opportunities to display our brand name to the subscribers. One is the email confirmation optin page and another one unsubscribes confirmation pages.

There are places where subscribers will be directed to self hosted pages of our website so we need to add our company brand logo in these pages. This is not a mandatory field to fill up to create a new list aWeber but it will help to build the company brand.

Company Name

It is another field to build the brand value here just enter the name of the company in which we had collecting the email list.

Website URL

It is another field to build the brand value of the business. So enter the address for your website so subscribers can visit from this link and belive themselves if you have good content in your website.

Email Signature

AWeber provides options to add signature for the very messages you have broadcasted via aWeber email marketing system. Enter a signature that you would like to include in newsletters in text format. This will keep our newsletter trust able and we can also add image for the email signature check out other features of aweber.

Upload Your Logo

We can build the brand value of the website by uploading logo to aWeber account. It will display along with the company information provided in the list settings. Click on the Upload Your Logo button to upload logo in aWeber newsletter the popup dialog box will open just browse the logo and upload it.

Now, click the Save List Settings button to save the information filled in the list settings and go to the Next Step to setup confirmation massages and thank you page settings.

Confirmed Optin Page Setup in AWeber

What is Confirmed Optin in aWeber

Confirmation optin is the spam protection system used by the email auto responder system. Confirmation optin page will be shown to the subscriber once they have enter the name and email for the subscription.

Once they have entered the ‘subscribe now’ button they will we asked for the email conformation form the subscriber in order to avoid spam emails. Once customer subscribed to the particular email list they will be added to the list but not fully. After the confirmation message clicked it will be originally added to the list. If they will not confirmed we will not send any email broadcast to the particular email.

Once they have subscribed to the list aWeber send a confirmation messages to the subscribed email with a message. This messages can be auto generated by the aWeber system or we can use the custome messages for confirmation of email subscription in a particular list. This will be used to avoid the spam email subscription on the aWeber list.

Aweber Confirm Optin Setup

Aweber Confirm Optin Setup

Every autoresponder system need this feature for imported subscribers and any subscribers added in a particular list by sending an email to customers. We can edit the original message with our custom message. When we edit the optin conformation messages aWeber will manually approved your list until the approval we cannot use the list in your account. This technique only used to avoid the spam emails and violent emails to the subscribers.

If you make any changes in the confirmation messages the subject line of the email should have the information about the list or its relevancy otherwise it will not be approved by the aWeber system.

This is entirely necessary for imports and subscribers added by email, it is also highly recommended for Web form submissions, and it is enabled in all Web forms by default.

Setup Confirmed Optin message in aWeber

First we need to On the confirm optin status shown in the above image. To customize the confirmation optin message just follow the instruction. Once you are login to th aWeber account click on the My Lists tab à List Settings in this page click on the next step button at the bottom of the first page it will guided you to the confirmation optin page.

We can customize our Confirmation Optin message on this page. To edit any section of the message, simply click the edit tab to the left of that section and modify your changes. Every list has the default confirmation message here. Before going to edit this message wait a second and ensure that it is necessary.

Subject line of Confirmation Message

Once we have clicked edit Subject, we can either choose a pre-approved subject line from the drop down menu at the top, or we can type our own subject line for the list or ‘Define a Custom Subject’

Make sure when we add custom subject we should have the call to action in the subject line example  ‘Please confirm,’ ‘Click below,’ ‘Response Required,’etc. and the subject list should contains the information about the list name or its relevancy.

Body text field in the confirm optin message

Now click on Edit Intro box – here default text is available for all list. We should replace this text with the custom messages for this particular list. This would be the fin place to convert the readers in t the subscribers add some catchy lines for the emotional touch to the user to confirm the message.

Remember it has 500 character limit on the intro and 10 lines or maximum so we need to add the message briefly and make them to click o the confirmation link in the message.

End field in the confirm optin message

Finally, click on Edit Closing to customize the last few lines of the message. This is the fine place to build your brand vales to the customer by the company logo and website address. This will be displayed at the bottom of the confirmation messages.

The confirmation link will be added below the intro field of the confirmation message. That’s all now save all changes, wait for the approval by the autoresponder system, once they have approved the messages we can use the list in your website to collect emails.

Thank you page Setup in aWeber

Once the subscriber clicked the confirmation link in the confirmation optin message send to the email they will be redirected to the thank you page. This will be the default message from the aWeber or we can use the custom page for tank you page.

Just create a page in your website and add some information about saying thanks for subscribing the aWeber list. Now add the page URL in Thank you page URL box available in the Web form editor settings section in the aWeber account. Now save the list settings.

Publish Web forms to Collect email list

Web forms are used in your website or in landing pages to collect email list from your loyal readers. Web form can be placed anywhere in the website with help of HTML code given by the autoresponder systems.

Without having a special relationship with your customer we cannot complement hem with your special content or we cannot provide them the information they required. So in order to treat them special we need the subscription form or Web form in your website.

Generally Web form has two fields one is Name and other one is email. The email is the mandatory field for the webform provided by the autoresponder like aWeber. We can design the Web form as per our wish with help of the aWeber form editor.

To create Web form Particular list we should follow the procedure. We can classify the webform settings into three types in aWeber.

  • Design of Web form
  • Web form Settings
  • Publish Web form

Web form design in aWeber

Create a Web form in aWeber go to Web forms tab in your aWeber account and now choose a particular list in which you are going to create Web form. Click on create new Web form link here. AWeber has number of inbuilt Web form templates for the Web form design.

Based on the purpose of the list we can choose the category of the Web form from different arena of templates available. Choose any one of the template for the Web form. We can edit the color and other things in the template also.

Choose the Right Web form Templates in aWeber

In the top of the Web forms page we have different template images for the Web forms, simply click on one template image based on your interest. AWeber also provides more Web form templates links on the left side of the template images.

Aweber Webform Design

Aweber Webform Design

Once you have chosen the template for the Web form just click on ‘load template’ button the corresponding template transferred to the Web form design section.

Editing the Web form in aWeber

We can also edit the Web form template in the form editor of the aWeber account. We can edit individual parts of the form fields and template area by clicking on the individual part.  Once click on the field a popup box will appear we can edit the content in the box and save it.

We can also edit he header, body and footer text of the Web form template by click on the area. We can change the sign up button text or button image using the editor. Not only name and email fields in the body section of the Web form we can also add phone and address in the Web form filed and captcha we can use in the Web form to avoid spam emails.

Once you are satisfied with the Web form look and feel now go to the next step by click on Go To Step 2.

Settings for aWeber Web form

In the settings option is the second tab of the Web form editor. By using these settings we can change the form frame works for example Form name, thank you page etc.

Form Name in aWeber

The form name is used to identify the aWeber user if they have multiple forms in single aWeber list. For example we have list name as ‘membership’ we can use three form for his same list in different position of the website like sidebar, content and footer.

We can user different form name based on the each position and find out the conversion rate in each form by aWeber stats. This form name only seen by the aWeber user and it is not seen by the subscriber of the list.

Aweber Web Form Settings

Aweber Web Form Settings

Thank You Page URL

Once the subscriber confirmed their subscription by clicking the confirmation link sent by the aWeber list they will be redirected to the thank you page URL provided here.

The thank you page can be created inside your website or any HTML page in your hosting. This is the URL that subscribers will be sent to immediately after they finished subscription confirmation. Now you have finished the settings page now go to step 3 for publishing the Web form.

Publishing the Form in your website

Now we have created Web form and ready to use in the web site in which we are going to collect the email list. We can publish the Web form in two ways.

One is HTML form another one is javascript form. I always recommend to use the HTML form instead of javascript because we can edit minor part of the form as per the web site layout even though we have finished and saved the Web form in aWeber. But in javacsript form we cannot edit it in the website every change should be done in aWeber account.

Get the HTML of the Web form from aWeber

Now you are in step 3 of the Web form setup. On the Publish page, first click on ‘I Will Publish My Form.’

Aweber Publish web form

Aweber Publish web form

Now simply copy the line of HMTL that appears in the boxes in the bottom.

How to Add the HTML form code to Your Website

In order to publish the Web form to web site or in particular landing page or in sidebar widgets  we need to have access to made changes in the in the them templates. Your theme templates and web hosting provider will give the instruction how to add HTML code to the website. Just follow the instruction and add the HTML code.

OptimizePress is one of the best WordPress themes for landing pages it provides special places to add optin form codes in its different landing page templates and sidebars. So don’t think much about adding HTML Web form codes in the websites.

To add HTML code in sidebar widgets go to WordPress adminà appearancesà widgets here we can use text widgets to add the HTML Web form code in the sidebar. Simply copy the code from aWeber account and paste it in the text widget box nothing is necessary.

Sending Messages via aWeber

Sending messages to the subscriber can be in two ways, one is the follow up messages and another one is the email broadcasting messages.

Aweber Messages

Aweber Messages

Both the methods will play major role in membership site setup and own product launch procedures. We will see these things in detailed in the next post.


AWeber is one of the famous email autoresponder and broadcasting service for internet marketers and affiliates. This email autoresponder service mainly used to build email list in their web sites and autoresponder integration in membership site to maintain the relationship with members in the future.

Email autoresponders also used in the first step of product launch funnel to collect the interested peoples for future references.

The aWeber email autoresponder system has four steps for creating list to collect emails from the visitors.  List settings, Confirmation optin messages, Web form setup and sending messages via autoresponder are the four settings in aWeber account.  Create Aweber account Now

The messages broadcasting and subscriber management will be discussed in the next post. Share your experience in comments section.

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