How to Sell a Digital Product with PayPal Payment Gateway

It is easy to sell our own products and services with PayPal using Website Payments Standard.  There is no limit to what product that we have ready to sell. We can sell digital products, physical products that require shipping, or services. There are just a few steps we need to follow to make sure everything runs smoothly.

We Know PayPal is the widely used payment system in online. So we can setup payment processing for our own digital products using PayPal payment gateway. To add a product in marketplace using PayPal system we should follow the below details.

Configure the PayPal Email Address

Log into your PayPal account with your login ID if you don’t have PayPal account yet, create the PayPal account here.  Once you have logged into the PayPal account now create add to cart buttons. Before that we need to know what are the necessary things needed to setup digital products to sell via PayPal account.

PayPal SignUp Page

PayPal SignUp Page

Sell Digital Products with PayPal

PayPal can be used for spending money in ecommerce sites and shopping carts using the mail ID used for creating PayPal account. It is also used to receive money from various customers around the world only few of the countries can restrict the PayPal purchases because of their economic systems.

One of the best way receive money by PayPal by selling digital product or an EBook. PayPal is not the only way that can be used to sell the digital product we can use other market places like ClickBank, E-junkie and etc.

We have already discussed about how to setup a product in ClickBank to sell online. And another article explains the Steps to selling a product with E-Junkie marketplace. Now we will go to see how to sell a digital product with PayPal.

There are several options for payment Processing for the product we sole it online such as the inter-bank transfer or other payment processing systems. In my opinion, one of the easiest ways to sell a digital product in online is to use PayPal for receiving payment from the customer.

Benefits selling a digital product with PayPal

Benefits selling a digital product with PayPal among others payment gateways as listed below.

  1. The process of making payment is easy and fast.
  2. The purchase process happens automatically.
  3. Buyers can directly get their digital product immediately after the payment process is completed.
  4. Customer can buy with confidence even though they have some small hesitation over the product because of the refund policy of PayPal.

Now some questions that will arise on our mind is that how to sell a digital product using PayPal?.

One of the easiest ways to sell an eBook (Digital product) online is to utilize the key features of “buy now” button which is available on the PayPal account. Use the ‘buy now’ or ‘Add to cart’ to sell a product in online.

Sell Products with PayPal

Sell Products with PayPal

This Buy now button is not only limited to selling an eBook product, the “buy now” is the easiest way to start selling our valuable information as products in online.

Requirements to sell a Product with PayPal

Some things you need to start selling eBook to PayPal, namely:

  1. EBook (Product)
  2. PayPal Account
  3. Landing Page (sales page)
  4. Page for Product download (download page)

EBook (A digital product)
Creating an eBook is not an easy process we have discussed multiple steps involved to create an eBook and sell the eBook in the market place.

Once you have created an eBook now you have the product to sell it via PayPal. Just upload the product file in a protected area.

PayPal Account
To sell a digital product like eBook through PayPal, We need premier or business type account. If a PayPal account we are still of type personal, then we need to turn it into a premier or business account; or can create new PayPal account with a premier or business type.

Landing Pages (Sales Page)
We can sell the eBook from the various types of web pages. This page does not need a long HTML page. I would recommend OptimizePress wordpress theme for selling any product in online. It has 19 different squeeze page templates, 29 unique sales page templates, Membership site templates and product launch funnel settings with different launch pages.

We can use any one template for the sales page creation. Or we can hire a designer to create sales page to sell the product via PayPal. Basically the sales page can only be a video or post on a blog.

The most important thing is how we have explained the product in detail in the sales page, including features and benefits of your product. If the digital product or eBook is the solution to a problem, make sure you explain what the problem would be solved by the product and how easily it solves the problems.

Page for Product download (Download Page)
This page contains a link for the product delivery page. It may also called as thank you page. This page will be displayed once the customer has made payment using the PayPal button. Once the buyer click on the buy now button it will be redirected to the payment order page.

Once the payment has done successfully the product download page will be displayed to the customers who purchased the digital product.

This page is hidden (secret) and will be visible only if the buyer has made payment for your products using PayPal. This page should be blocked from search engines, meaning not indexed by search engines. That’s all about the necessary requirements for selling a product via PayPal.

How to Setup PayPal account for eBook Sale

PayPal is one of the options for payment processing for digital product sales in online. When we sell something in online, we need to handle the payment processing for our products. After that payment processing will direct buyers to a page where they can download their product which is going to solve their problem.

The payment process is very simple, Once the customer landed on the sales page form various traffic sources like search engines, Social  media and other social networking site Or referral by our community sites.

In the sales  landing page, once customer click on the “Buy Now” button and then they will sent to the PayPal site for payment. After payment is completed, the buyer will be sent back to our site to get the product. The entire process can be performed automatically by PayPal.

How to Create a PayPal Buy Now button to Sell a Product

First login into the PayPal account which we want to receive the payment for the customers. Now look at the top navigation menu and find out the tab “Merchant Services”, then just click on the tab.

PayPal Navigation Merchant Services

PayPal Navigation Merchant Services

Now we will be able to see many options for merchants in the PayPal account. On this occasion now we need to click on ‘Buy Now Button’ Link available in the page.

There are three easy steps to create the “PayPal Buy Now” which will be used to sell the digital product in online.

Step 1: Setup a button “PayPal Buy Now”

Once you have clicked the buy now button link you will see the page like the below images.

Creating a Buy Now Button in PayPal

Creating a Buy Now Button in PayPal

The first step is described below just follow the instruction to complete the first step.

  • Select the “Products” tab in the first dropdown box.
  • Select the “Buy Now” options in the check box we have another option called add to cart which will be used when we have multiple products to sell. We can also add images for the buy now button.
  • Enter the product name, product ID, price, and select the currency in the field of available.
  • Digital transmission requires no shipping costs. For physical products needs shipping costs.
  • Fill in the amount of tax (if necessary).
  • Select the “secure” to prevent email search program. That’s all. Now go to the next step.

Step 2: Save Settings for “PayPal Buy Now”

The second step is usually used by people who sell the product “real”. There are several options for checking quantity of goods, profits and losses. On this occasion, please select “Save button at PayPal” to save the PayPal button on our PayPal account.

Step 3: Create button for “PayPal Buy Now”

To create button just follow the instructions below.

  • Buyers only ordered one; because the goods we sell is an single product it may be eBook or something else.
  •  No need additional instructions.
  •  We do not need a physical address because we are going to sell a digital product via PayPal account. If we have physical product we need to use street address it will be sent to the buyer’s PayPal address.
  •  If the buyer to cancel the purchase, this URL will be opened by the buyer (we need to add a page here which will be created in our website).
  • Enter the product Download URL address where the buyer will get the product after making a payment through PayPal. Make sure the URL address is correct!.
  • Save the settings.

After all the fields filled in, click on the “create button” at the bottom of the page.

Congratulations! Now you can sell your eBook with PayPal!

Add Buy Now Button in Sales Landing Page

After pressing the “create button” you will see the html code for Website and Email the buy now button we have created to sell the product in online.

Just copy the Html code form Website here and paste it into the landing page (sales page) we have created to sell the product via PayPal payment gateway. We can also pate the code in email also.

Buy Now button Code from PayPal

Buy Now button Code from PayPal

We can also use custom images for ‘buy now’ button used for payment. Just create ‘buy now’ button image and add it in media library of the WordPress admin.

Add the buy now image into your WordPress media library

First we are going to save the PayPal “Buy Now” image into your WordPress media library so it can be used in multiple places throughout your website. If you already have the “Buy Now” image in your media library skip this step.

Insert Custom Buy Now Image code

Insert Custom Buy Now Image code

Login to WordPress Dashboard, Go to Media, Add new then browse to the “Buy Now” image and upload it to your media library. Give it a proper title/alt text such as “Buy Now”, then click the Save All changes button.

Inserting the Buy Now button into a landing page

Now edit the page that you want to add the buy now button. Place the mouse cursor where you want to insert the button, then click the “Add an Image” button (just above the editor). Click on the Media Library” tab, then find the buy now button you uploaded earlier.

Click the Show button and add the image link Url as email button code give by PayPal while creating the ‘buy Now’ button , the Link URL will be a in the format:

Where xxxxx is the unique email URL for your saved PayPal button.

Once we have added image link now click the “Insert into Post” button to add the buy now image (which links to the PayPal site) into the page. That’s all.


We Know PayPal is one of the widely used payment system in online. So we can setup payment processing for our own digital products using PayPal payment gateway it is easier and faster.

This article explains the requirements to sell a digital product in online via PayPal like product, sales page, product download page and PayPal account type.

The ‘buy now’ button creation has three step processes we can also use custom images for the buy now button. We can insert the button images at any places of landing page via WordPress admin. Share your experience in comments section.

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