9 Sales Page Elements to Convert Visitors into Buyers

A sales page these days has evolved from the physical sales letters. Sales page is a company’s mail to potential customers encouraging them to buy or try out a product. Normally sales page contains the following parts to explain in detail about your product.

  • Navigation and Headline
  • Sales Page video
  • Success story with income proof
  • Product modules
  • Testimonials
  •  Bonuses Limited Time Offer
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Buy Now button
  • Responsive Design

These 9 elements of sales page must tell the answer for the common question arises on the customers mind while purchase your product.  The sales pages must have the following..

  • Be a whole page dedicated to selling a single product
  • Have the menu bar and side bars removed so that the page simply has text, images and a buy button (this is designed to minimize distraction)
  • Have a bold headline which announces the big benefits of the product
  • Contain enough detail in the page to let the customer decide if the product is for her or not
  • Contain specific copywriting elements to build the customer’s confidence in the product. For example benefits, overcoming objections, including testimonials

Here I will explain about how to setup these 9 sections on sales page. If you are a designer you can design the sales page by yourself or Hire a designer and provide the sales page layout with these 9 section alignment.

Sales page Elements

Sales page Elements

Navigation and Headline

There is no navigation on a successful Sales page. Why? Because you don’t want visitors distracted by all the options on your menu. Instead, you want them focused on one thing that is your call-to-action.

If you provide your full menu on a sales page, a visitor will be interested to read more about you on your About page, or look through your portfolio. Meanwhile they have completely forgotten about your offer. So remove all distractions in sales page.

Headlines are an important step in conversion. The headline is what catches the visitor’s attention and draws them into visiting and reading the content of the sales page. Sales page headline should have the big benefits of the product.

Headline Colors affect mood. Google knows this, that’s why they tested 41 shades of blue to see which one attracted the most with their users. Most companies are using red, blue and yellow to stimulate excitement.

Applying this to your sales page, red is a surefire way to grab attention and generate excitement. Blue is good for communication. These two are the best color choices for a call-to-action button also.

Sales Page video

Sales video section will come immediately next to headline section of the sales page. This video should be center aligned and this has the information about the problem that solved by your product.

Keep your video short, sweet, and to the point. Your video shouldn’t explain how to use it, but focus on how easy it is to use.

We can use autoplay and without autoplay option on two sales pages. Use split test to find which provides more conversion and use that page to show more frequently for better conversion. Sales video should be recorded with more clear background because that background won’t divert visitor’s concentration.

Using videos on sales pages can increase conversion by 80%. Choose this option if your product or service is complicated and conversion depends on the customer fully understanding the product.

Success story with income proof

More importantly you should provide the social proof for your success story as screenshot image with good quality.  Proof should be social all should accept that evidence. Whether it may be money or anything else it should provide the answer for why should I buy this product?.

Social Proof

Social Proof

Use names, photos, websites, Twitter handles alongside the social proof but it should not be a clickable link because every distraction can reduce the conversion.

Another way to add social proof is by adding numbers of subscribers to your call-to-action. For example: Join 15,501 others who’ve benefited by our product. It may seem simple, but the little things can give better conversion.

Product modules Details

You should provide a detailed description of the product including why it will be useful for the user and how it can solve a problem that the customer maybe having.

The sales page should explain the product in a nice well written flow of text, so that after the visitor reads about the product, he is completely convinced that the product is just what he is looking for.

List your product modules with image for each module and answer for how it works as a list. Benefits of the product or membership site will be written as bullet points on sales page. Each Module will explain the problem and the solution that resolved by the product.


Testimonials are real feedback about your product by the well known celebrities and members who used your product or membership site. Testimonials are the good advertisement for your product.

Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

Place the photo and contact details of the people who gave testimonial with their respective website URL but the URL are not be a link on sales page. Remember only two out-links should be used in the sales page.

One is payment page link (add to cart).

Second is Support page link (sales and technical).

Add photos, titles, location, etc., to the testimonial and you’ve got a power-packed tool for conversion. Readers tend to skip the main text to read the testimonials, so we place them on the right side of the text and at several points in the body of the copy itself.

Bonuses Limited Time Offer

Use Limited time offers in bonus section for better conversion. Bonus section mainly used for the answer for customer thought what will I get if I buy the product? raised in customer mind. Give the bonus list similar to product module section with bonus image.

Also tell the bonus worth amount on each bonus section. This will give fulfillment for the customer who expect more than the purchased product. Use red or blue heading for bonus titles to stand out from the sales page text in order to get better conversion.

These bonuses will not be an entirely different one from the paid product because this will divert the visitor’s concentration on the product. All the bonuses would be related to your main product.

Money Back Guarantee

Guarantee your product to your readers. Let them know that you are proud of this product and you are sure that this is going to work for them.

If you aren’t confident enough to appear in front of your work, then few visitors will buy your product. And you will lose your credibility. Just show to your readers that you’re serious about what you offer.

Guarantee section gives more trust on your product towards the members. Especially money back guarantee will give the good impression on your product. Money back guarantee tells the members this product is legit, not a spam.

Buy Now Button

Research has shown that using a larger “Buy Now” button is one of the most proven ways of increasing the sales page conversion rate. This is why the “Belcher button” is the most used button for sales pages.

The creator of this button Perry Belcher tested every design element of the button in over many transactions and was able to increase conversion rates by 30% to 300%. Here is an example of the belcher button:

Buy Now Button

Buy Now Button

Research has shown that using a price which ends with 5 or 9 after the decimal point increases the conversion rate (I don’t know why). For example: the following three amounts are all equivalent but the 1st and the 2nd one are supposed to convert more:

  • $39.95
  • $39.99
  • $40.00

Use Limited Time offer in add to cart button One of the most widely used limited offer tactic on a sales page is to mention the quantity you have left to sell for that product.

This way you create the fear that you may run out and they will miss out on buying the item if they wait too long. This helps converting the customers. You can also offer limited discount coupons.

Responsive Design

Your Sales page must be responsive. Over 80% of Internet traffic comes from mobile devices. If your sales page looks skewed on mobile browsers, all of your hard work will be for nothing.

Make sure that your landing page can respond to every viewport. So use responsive design for your sales page.


We should give the customer support page link in footer of sales page. Once you received any kind of request from this link you should respond immediately and answer their questions about the product and sales and make them to purchase your product.

Remember only two out-links should be used in the sales page. One is payment page link (add to cart) and the Second is Support page link (sales and technical).

In sales page we can align these elements then send layout to a good designer and get back the attractive responsive sales page that gives more attention for members and visitors. Share your experience in comments section.


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