Registration Page Setup for Membership Site using WishList Member

Registration page is the important page in the membership site. It contains signup form for the WordPress membership site. This page should be used in both paid membership site as well as free membership sites. In paid membership sit the registration page has been protected by the membership site script.

Once a member has made the payment with the appropriate payment system integrated with membership site the registration page will be displayed to the paid member to register their membership in the membership system.

Wishlist Registration Page Setup

Wishlist Registration Page Setup

In this article we are going to discuss about member registration page setup and customization in membership site using WishList Member plugin.  There are actually a number of options for setting up Registration page on our WishList Member site.

Registration URL in WishList for Free membership

We can use the Registration URLs that are created in the Membership Levels section of the WishList Member. Membership levels creation and its management explained here. The registration URL is automatically created when we create new membership level in WishList Member.

These unique URLs are the registration page URL for the particular membership level. This URL can be added as links to any page or post. That post will link the registration form page of the membership level.

Registration URL for Free Membership Site

Registration URL for Free Membership Site

These Registration URLs are best used for Free Membership Levels or to give out free Memberships to our valuable readers. Anyone using that URL by itself can get a free membership for our membership site. If we use this URL as part of the Simple Integration we will be fine.

If anyone knows the registration URL of the membership level they can be easily get a membership for the corresponding membership level. The Registration page URL will not be protected in the simple integration part.

Login Widget Signup link in WishList Member

We know every membership site login page have the sign up link in their login page. By the same way WishList Member plugin offer login widget which is used in membership site sidebar for member login.

The login widget also has the registration page link in the widget area. The Register link in the Login Widget directs to the Non-Member page. The Non-Members page is page where users will get directed when they do NOT have access to the area they wanted to view.

Membership Login Widget in Wishlist

Membership Login Widget in Wishlist

The reason behind the Register link direct to the Non-Members page is that we will likely have a register or signup link on our Non-Members page. This is because we can give the option for users to sign up and register on the Non-Members page as they obviously want access to the protected content.

Because the user have the intention to enter the protected area that’s why they have clicked so we need to tell the people that page was protected and sign up to view the content.

Embed Registration Forms in the Non members Page

In the Non members page we need to embed the registration form in order sign up the members to view the protected content. We know the non members page will be linked in the login widget with signup anchor text in Wishlist member Plugin.

We can also able to add the register or sign up form codes to the content of our pages and posts of the WordPress site. To do that, use the following code:

Registration Form Code:  [register_level]

Please note that within the registration code we will need to replace the word “level” with the name of the membership level we need use the registration form. The member registered using this sign up form has added to the memberships level used here.

Registration From Page in Wishlist member

Registration From Page in Wishlist member

For example if we have membership level as ‘Basic’ the we should use

Registration Form Code:  [register_Basicl]

If a members sign up using this form they will be added to the Basic membership level of the membership site. This process creates a Registration form on any post or page with only a few clicks and minimal effort. Just go to HTML editor of the post or page and paste the short code and save it.

Registration Page URL for Paid Membership site

Much like the Registration URL discussed above, this is best method for Free Membership Levels or to give out free Memberships to our valuable readers. Anyone using an embedded Registration form can get a free membership.

But in case of paid membership site the registration URL should be added to the payment system. Once we have integrated WishList Member plugin with a payment system then the registration page will be protected. This registration page will be shown only if a member made payment.

For this we need to have full integration with the payment systems. We know WishList Member plugin has the full integration possible with the below listed payment systems.

  • 1ShoppingCart
  • ClickBank
  • PayPal
  • Cydec
  • Infusion soft
  • Premium Webcart
  • Red Oak Cart
  • Ultra Cart

WishList Member plugin currently integrate FULLY with the above mentioned payment systems.  Also, we offer Full Integration with 1ShoppingCart provided with the API explained here.

The PayPal integration with WishList explained here and

ClickBank integration in WordPress membership site discussed here.

Registration Page Simple and Full Integration

Basically, the difference between Simple and FULL integration is that with FULL integration, if somebody cancels their payment or the payment stops payment for some reason, those payment systems will communicate back with WishList Member and cancel their membership level access within the membership site & block their access.

But with Simple integration, if a user cancels payment or doesn’t pay for some reason we need to manually cancel their subscription within WishList Member. So we need to use the payment system which is fully integrated with WishList Member.

Also, In Simple integration the link used to register will NOT be protected as it is protected in the FULL integration process.

So, we will need to keep an eye on our payment account when new Members register to ensure they have paid, they not filled in the registration form, and a friend who has paid copied and sent the Registration URL to another to register.

Full Integration Payments System Registration process

Consider we are setting up Registration page with the FULL integration options, then a user will actually click on the payment link/button that we have used in the sales letter page which is done in the WishList Integration.

Once a user clicks the payment button in the sales page, they are taken to payment order page of the payment system we used for the integration. Once the payment made sent back to our site to register the membership login.

The FULL Integration Registration Process has the following steps.

  • People clicks Payment button/link
  • People pays through Payment Processor
  • People is redirected to a page where they can select their username and password (Registration Page)
  • People is automatically logged into WishList Membership site
  • Email is sent to member with their username and password with login URL

Every membership level has unique registration page URL and It has Options to setup after registration page, after login page for the particular membership level.  The after login page should be protected for the corresponding membership level.

But here we have a question should the After Registration page be protected for the membership level?  No need to protect after registration page and leave the page as unprotected.

No one will be able to access the After Registration page, except anyone who has registered. The after registration page will only appears Once immediately after someone registers. This page will not appear in the navigation menu of the member area.

After Registration and After Login Page in Wishlist

After Registration and After Login Page in Wishlist

We need to choose different pages for both the After Registration and After Login page. They must not be the same page. If we want to show the same information, we can make a duplicate page but both options cannot have the same page. If we setup the same page the login function will not work properly.

If we set the default options for both After Login and After Registration pages in the Membership Levels Settings section, again make sure they don’t both go to the same page and remember After Registration page is NOT protected; After Login page can be protected in order to avoid login page problems in WishList Member.

 Membership Registration form customization in WishList

Now WishList Member has the options to customize the registration page with advance settings and fields in the registration form. The customization of registration form will be discussed in upcoming article.

In the Membership level creation page we can advanced options to include some features in the registration page example we can add Captcha Image on Registration Page, we can enable Email Confirmation After Registration has done and we need to use manual approval for every registration for the membership level subscription.

We can also add default user role for the member who have registered using the particular membership level registration form. The role may be subscriber, contributor or moderator and etc.


The registration Page is very important for any kind of membership site weather it may be a paid or free membership site.

WishList Member can offer two kind registration page for membership level registration based on the integration and membership payment. If we use Free membership site we can use Simple integration and for paid membership site we can use Full integration for registration form URLs.

Make sure that After registration page and after login page don’t go to the same page and remember After Registration page is NOT protected; After Login page can be protected in order to avoid login page problems in WishList Member.

Share your experience in comments Section.

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