How to Start a Product Launch Process to Sell a Product

In recent years many bloggers want to solve the reader’s problem. For this, they will provide a solution via blogs. If most of the reader has a common problem, then the blogger needs some extra effort to solve the issue by creating an ebook about what is doing in their blog. 

Or by offering a course about what they are doing in a blog to resolve common issues of the readers. Or offer live discussion with readers who have a similar problem. Offering this kind of service may be the premium one. To offer premium service or product to the people, they need a secured area called a membership area. The basic elements of membership site creation is here.

To get a subscription inside the membership area for accessing the premium content, they need to get paid. For this complete process, a blogger needs to know how to start a product launch process? and things to remember in product launch setup.

Generally, a complete product launch process consists of four phases

  1. Launch setup phase
  2. Pre-launch phase
  3. Launch phase
  4. Post-launch phase

In the launch setup phase, they need to set up their launch requirements from landing page setup to product delivery support setup. Once all the launch setup is completed, they can now start pre-launch phase work.

In the pre-launch phase, our product should be reached all the audience by the marketing mediums like email, video, podcast, advertisement, etc.

In the launch phase, the traffic is driven into the landing page from various sources by a proper marketing plan. Then this traffic should be converted as a customer at this moment various stages of the process. 

In the post-launch phase, we will provide support to the customers, and we will follow up the landing page subscription for future support.

In this article, we are going to see the launch setup phase straightforwardly. The lanch setup phase deals with the requirements of the product launch process from landing page setup to customer support setup. The requirements are listed below. All the launch page templates should be in the while choosing best product launch theme for Wordpres

Choose the product type to deliver the solution

Landing page setup

Autoresponder integration 

Sales page setup

Payment gateway integration

Content protection

Access and content delivery

Affiliate program setup

Support system setup

Testing the product launch setup

Every own product launch setup mechanism in WordPress has a slightly different procedure from others. The procedure differs based on the product type, whether a downloadable product or a subscription-based product. 

But the every product launch setup has a certain common procedure. To remain competitive and achieve success in product launch, we need to be master the particular process in the setup phase to avoid launch time issues.

There is a small space for error during the launch, which leads to failure in the event of launch. We need to be careful with every word from the step 1 launch setup.

Create Own Product to Solve customer Issue

Own product creation includes the selection of the product type. It is fully based on why we are offering the product to the customer and how it solve the customer problem. Whether it is a downloadable product here, they can solve the issue with the help of the product.

Subscription-based product, either a course or live discussion rooms inside the protected area, needs to solve the customer problem with our guidance.

The product creation process involves determining the goal of product creation to packaging the actual product. Even though we have a digital product, we need to feel the customer; it is a real product, so we need to engage the customer to feel the product is physical If it is a downloadable one.

The product creation also contains quality checking and testing with the inter employees of the organization before getting into the market because we need to solve the minor issues with the product before it has live in the launch.

Lead page Setup for the Product Launch Setup

How to choose the right landing page template?

The main motto of setting up a landing page is to generate leads from the traffic. Also, this page during pre-launch is to create buzz to the product launch and collecting the email list for the final launch. 

The landing page setup is the first step in the sales funnels from the marketer’s perspective. So we need to give a better first impression on the product on the lead generation page itself.

A lead page generally doesn’t have the same sales letter, but most lead pages have an attractive heading with high-quality product images. With some text explained with social proof and bullet points listing the benefits of the product we have. Remember that the lead page is essential when it comes to building the email list.

Some lead landing pages will also contain good graphics, including a header and footer. We have the most important graphics such as a product cover image and a free report about the customer problem statistics and its unique solution. 

Designing different lead pages for product launch setup can be done easily with a single WordPress theme called optimizepress. 

OptimizePress WordPress theme gives all graphics that are needed for any lead generation page. The problem statistics report on the lead page is a reward for those who do subscriptions in lead pages. The entire purpose of the lead page is to get a new subscriber.

Now there are many WordPress page builder themes available in the market; we can create a relevant page from those page builders. They offer inbuilt different lead page templates to get the theme, no need to hire a designer to create a squeeze or lead page for your product launch set up and email list building. To build an email list, we require autoresponders.

Autoresponder Integration on Product Launch Setup

How to choose the best autoresponder for a product launch?

The email autoresponder integration during the product launch setup had two purposes. One is to build an email list. Another one is the immediate responder to the customer. The integration of autoresponder can be held at different product launch conversion funnel based on these purposes.

To build an email list and we need to market every bit of information about the product. We need to integrate an email autoresponder system with the lead landing page of the conversion funnel. There are several email autoresponder systems available to do this job, some of them as follows

· Aweber

· Mail chimp

· GetResponse

· 1Shopping cart

· Infusion soft

· iContact

· Constant Contact

· Self-hosted email autoresponders

·, etc.

These are some of the best-used autoresponder systems in product launch setup. All the email systems provide the list building options, and each one with special features.

Email Autoresponders for Quicker Response

The second purpose of the autoresponder systems is a quicker response to the customer. If the customer completes the sales funnel, they want to get a quicker response from the product owners about the login details of the member’s area, etc.

 We need to set up follow-up messages in the autoresponder system after the successful subscription of the product for this kind of situation.

The email autoresponder also integrates the payment system and content protection system in the launch process. According to the purpose, the autoresponder of the integration held various places of the product launch funnel.

Once a visitor subscribed to an email list via the lead page, the product problem stats with solution report will send to the subscriber. Immediately the sales letter is shown to the subscriber.

Sales Letter Creation for the Product launch setup

How to choose good sales page templates for a product launch?

The sale letter is the important step in the conversion funnel. So we need to trigger the customer to purchase by their emotional response on the sale page. Remember, there is no distraction on the sales page other than the cart button of the product and customer support.

The major thing on the sales page is the headline and sales conversion video. The page headline contains the biggest benefit of the product, and the sales video covers how our product is going to solve the customer problem with easy steps.

Sales Conversation funnel Setup

One thing we need to consider while creating a sales page is distraction or diversion. Identify the possibilities of when the customer quits the sales page. Here I listed some of the main parts in the sales page we need to balance to remain the customer on its own.

Sales Conversion Funnel

Sales Conversion Funnel

· Product Value

· Benefit

· Price comparison

· Competition

· Proof

If we properly compose our sales page distraction and diversions, we will successfully get in touch with each prospect’s needs and interests. It makes you one step closer to making the sale: this will be the ultimate goal of the sales page. The customer should be a move towards the close of the sale. OptimizePress WordPress theme provides 29 different templates for sales page set up for different products. 

During the close of the sale, they will be asked for personal information and payment details for the subscription of the product.

Payment system Integration on the Sales page

How to choose the best payment system for a product launch?

The mode of payment method has very important for any product launch. Payment method setup includes two main parts as follows

1. Choosing the right payment system.

2. Payment system Integration

Choose the right payment system

Before finding the suitable payment system for the launch setup, we should have a clear idea about how we wanted to set the payment process for the product. It is fully based on product type and content delivery method. 

We should decide on the payment system compatible with our payment processing method, like subscription-based recurring billing.

Payment systems

Payment System available for product launch setup

There are several payment systems are available, e.g.:

· Clickbank,

· Paypal,

· 1Shopping cart,

· e-junkie,

· etc.

But all the payment systems are not identical. Some of them may provide a trial period, and others are not. So when we choose the payment system, we had an answer to the below questions.

1. How the payment has processed for the launch?

2. Which payment system provides both fixed and recurring billing?

If you have an answer to these two questions, then we can choose our payment system easily.

Commonly payment system integration on sales funnel involves the configuration among these four pages.

1. Sales letter and sales order page

2. Thank you page

3. Registration page

4. Welcome page

Some of the payment systems give the option to integrate autoresponder directly with the payment system. Others won’t, so we need to take care of this thing during the integration. But complete product launch funnel integration involves both payment and autoresponder integration.

Content Protection and Access with Delivery methods

How to choose the best content protection software for a product launch?

Based on the product type, we can use the content protection software or plugins for the product launch. The subscription-based product needs more content protection over the whole period of subscription. Proper content delivery with the subsection period is necessary.

So we need to choose the content protection plugins or software-based to the purpose of the product launch and the type of the product to be launched. Because we know the course material needs a different type of protection over the ebook or software.

Some of the plugins may not offer protection for the media files hosted in third-party hosting like amazons3 and others. Here I listed some content protection softwares and plugins below.

· Amember

· Wishlist member plugin

· Wild apricot

· Member wing

· S2member

·, etc

These are some of the plugins and software for content production. Apart from this, we can use Clickbank and E-junkie for downloadable products.

For traffic generation to the lead page, we may use several techniques. One of the most important ones is affiliate promotions of our products.

Affiliate Page Setup to Double your Sales

How to choose the best affiliate system for a product launch?

Affiliates are the people who want to promote our product for a commission. Some of the marketplaces and affiliate networks are done a good job by connecting affiliates and product vendors. So now it is easy to find affiliates for our products. We need to set up a good commission for them, and we have to provide all information needed for an affiliate to promote your product on one page.


Affiliates Double the Sales

The page has been called as affiliate page or partners page of the product. Here the product owner gives the information about the product. Email copy for the product after-sales are sent to the affiliate as well, and different size banners and links are given to the affiliates to promote the product.

Most importantly, If you are running your affiliate program. Then we need to give the proper guidelines for joining the affiliate program and payout information for the affiliate. And support email for the affiliate if they had and queries about the product promotion. Otherwise, use a third-party supportable affiliate system for the product launch.

Customer Support Makes to Buy with Confidence.

How to Choose the best support systems for a product launch?

We need to document product creation and launch operations for future reference. The Product Launching Procedure document aims to plan product development, execution, and coordination between the customer and the support people for the product.

Customer Support

We need to document the activities of the product launch process, including schedule, budget, and support. 

Instant Customer support

Instant support is necessary for any product launch. Even 24 hours live support is good for pre-sale and post sales and technical questions about the product.

The support given in various forms includes text (chat), voice (telephone) as well as video (tutorials), which is good enough for the product tech support for the successful product launch if You have good support for your product which makes the customer buy with confidence.

Testing the Product Launch Funnel Setup

Why do we need to test the setup?

Many product owners have experienced different problems during their product launches. By testing the setup, we can launch a product without a problem. But we can reduce the problem by 99.9% with the help of testing the setup. 

So we need to test the setup from the two perspectives one is the customer point of view; the other is the product development point of view. Once we completed the configuration and integration part of the product launch funnel setup. We should test the integration functionality, which gives the confidence to launch the product.

Suppose you missed any part of integration or had minor issues on the customer side, which you would identify during the testing to identify and troubleshoot the problems before launching the product easily. Testing the setup can reduce the live time issues during the product launch. 

Here we end the product launch setup process. Now the pre-launch process will start from here. The launch process to be continued…


Any new product creation and launch funnel setup start with choosing the right product type to solve the problem. The product protection and content delivery to the customer fully depends on the product type, whether it is a downloadable or subscription-based product. Based on the type, we can choose the content protection software and plugins.

The email autoresponder and payment system integration held various parts of the sales funnel according to the email system integration. Setting up affiliate pages will increase sales with fewer efforts. Many market places provide the opportunity to find affiliates for the product promotion.

Faster support makes the customer buy your product with confidence. Both three forms (text, voice, and video) of support make sales easier. Testing the product launch funnel will reduce the launch time problems with the customer and the product.

Share your thoughts in the comments.


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