Successful Product Launch Guide for High Conversion in Mind

Successful product launches are not small events. They are processes. They require plans for the successful product launch. These detailed plans must be committed to by all members of the product launch team, which means everyone in the team should involve in the launch and must be aware of their responsibilities in the product launch.

Good product launch plan needs time management with respect the goal of the product launch and the process, strategies must be clearly specified in the product launch guide. There are three areas should be covered in the successful product launch plan.

  • Product
  • Marketing
  • Conversion

Before seeing these three parts we need to know about the sales objective we should start the product launch process with end in mind.

Define Product Launch Objectives

This part of the product launch process establishes common goals that we want our product to reach. Be as accurate as we can. The market research on the web will find goal of the product launch. The more work we do in the planning stages, the more knowledge we will have about the product objectives.

Product launch Guide

Product Launch Guide

Product Launch Period

By scheduling a launch date for our product, we can develop a time line for everything for our product launch. This way should be important for start allocating our resources to the product launch and identifying members and their responsibilities also the resources needed foe the complete product launch process.

Engineers, artists, marketing, advertising, or anyone need to be informed of our launch date and be on the same page with our plan. Regularly keep track of your time line to make sure that all involved are on schedule. Based upon the product we also find the possible integration like Autoresponder, payment system integration needed for the product launch.

It’s absolutely critical to meet this deadline. The success of our product depends on it. If you’ve correctly researched the market definitely we will have success with this product, customers will be anticipating our launch. If they doubt our ability to come through in this area, they will doubt in success.

Start Product Creation with conversion in Mind

The product may be anything like ebook, Membership site, downloadable things like software and music CDs. Everything should come throw plan, creation and testing phase.

Product Creation and plan

Based on the type of the product our product creation varied. We should consider our product is a membership website to deliver valuable information. This product creation starts with requirement of resources like membership software like aMember and membership site plugin like Wishlist Member.

Product Creation

Product Creation

These membership scripts will guide to create membership website. Membership content should be protected from the non-members. Check out content protection methods explained here.  Our product should satisfy the customer requirements. Work with our development team to be sure that our product can be ready for its launch not just completion, but of the highest quality and functionality. We should complete the product creation and given to the testing team.

Product Testing

The product testing will check the functionality of the product and member usages. Bringing a new product or service to market can be very expensive. Look at not only our product, but also our marketing messages and materials. Depending on what our product is and the budget that we have allocated to market testing we have a few choices.

You could also use online market testing or survey people in locations where our target audience might gather, like forums, community sites and social media. Another thought would be to consider giving our product to a specific group of current product users so that they can test it. Only after we have completely finished testing then its marketing materials should be finalized.

Product Testing

Product Testing

Packaging can often be the first impression a customer gets of our new product. By creating a unique package design, we make our product stand out from the competitive products and differentiate it from the other products.

Marketing the Product to targeted audience

Today, consumers get information from multiple sources, requiring multiple marketing channels to ensure the success of a product launch. We need to determine what forms will work best for us depending on our product. The marking the product comes up with product launch process. It starts with squeeze page, sales letter, payment system and etc.

  1. Advertising – Pay per click advertising, pay per impression and etc.
  2. Online Marketing – Websites, online advertising, social media, online retail sites, blogger and social media influence like link building.
  3. Email marketing – email marketing start with list building using auto responder systems like aWeber.

In the marketing stage to target audience in community forums, Social mead sites like facebook, micro blogging sites also social bookmarking website like delicious, stumble upon and etc.  Google provides great platform for marketing our own products.

Product Marketing

Product Marketing

Google Adwords, Goosle AdSense  these are the two marketing  parts of own products. By using google adwords keyword tracking tool help us to create new ads. These ads will be displayed to the website and google search we will get benefited and advertiser.

Online marketing is come with link building and list building both the two ways gives more opportunities to market our product. Some of the affiliate networks sites will connect advertiser and publisher to launch own products like clickbank, shareasale and etc.

To create a email list we can use the autoresponder email system. This system not only used for autoresponder email it will also use to collect the emails list for futures usage like email broadcasting. Aweber, mailchimp are dome of the great auto responder systems.

Product Sales Improvement techniques

Sales are different from marking. Marking used to reach the product to the targeted audience. But conversion makes the targeted audience to purchase the product.  So conversion is much more important compare to marketing.

To achieve more conversion rate we need to develop the strategic plans before the product launch and importantly after the product launch. Because post launch procedure is very important in sales conversion rate. Product launch process can be divided into three parts pre-launch, product launch and post launch.

Improve Product Conversions

Improve Product Conversions

Pre-Launch of the product

Ads, press releases, samples, mailings or other items that promote our new product need to be released just before the product launches. We want to gain the interest of the buying public and also make sure that any changes in launch date are clearly communicated to the targeted audience.

Product Launch Methodologies

This is where we introduce our product to the world. The point of a launch event is not to simply get exposure and have as many people as possible find out about our product. It should reach the specific audience that will turn into someone willing to pay for our product. Consider some of the launch events are following:

  • Email broadcasting to the list
  • Forum topic discussion about the product
  • Google Adwords to improve sales
  • Blog or landing page conversion
  • Find affiliate network that suits our product

Post-Launch to increase conversion

Our product’s launch is only the beginning. We should start the work ads the end in mind. The end point of the product launch is sales so post launch must have a goal of selling the product among the targeted audience.

Not all of your potential customers were there for the product launch, after all. Keep up the momentum and share testimonials or news about the product success to get our company in the websites, blogs even in the ears (podcasting) of our target audience. Don’t stop there once you launch the product. Product launch process ends with targeted sales. We should always have a few more releases of information to share over few more years that will remind everyone about our product.


The products launch process start with number of sales in mind. The product launch process should have detailed time line for the product launch. Products launch process stats from creating new product, testing, packaging and marketing methodologies to reach our targeted audience with the product.

Sales or conversion is the end point of product launch. We may use auto responders, affiliate network, forums, community website to improve the number of sales in our product. Share your experience in comments section.

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