10 Membership Site Templates to Create Awesome Website

Do you have an idea to create a protected area in WordPress?. or Are you looking best WordPress theme for your new membership site?. Or does Your existing site need some templates for a better experience?. Yes, You are in the right place to choose the suitable theme that provides membership site templates for you.

Before we look into the theme, we need to know what all the templates need to create a membership site. This post will discuss the templates for protected content setup and delivery. 10 different membership templates are a must for a successful subscription site setup.

These templates drive the visitor from logged in to the member’s area to all of its content access. The membership site template construction starts from creating the registration form page to the successful logout page after the exit in the protected area.

Why do we need different Membership site templates?

The member’s area has the protected content from the non-members. So to access the protected content, we need straightforward navigation and guidance to the subscriber who is to be the member after the subscription. The members need complete access to the subscribed area and prober navigation to the protected content.

Many page builder plugins are available for WordPress themes to create excellent templates design. So we can easily construct the subscription site templates for our new website. The theme needs to support the page builder plugin and membership site plugin as well.

Membership Templates

Membership Site Templates

10 Must Need Membership Site Templates

Not all WordPress themes provide the must need templates for a subscription site. Therefore, we need page builders to create elegant templates. It has many page layouts and customization options. All the WordPress themes that support the membership plugin should have custom templates for custom page designs.

  1. Membership Registration Page Template

Every protected website such as online courses, video series, Podcasting, and online community websites needs registration to access the protected content.

The registration has been done by email subscription. So we need a registration form with name and Email fields and other required member details for content access. The membership registration page template is the first one. It should have the email registration form within it.

Especially if we have multiple subscription levels on your site, we need to have different forms at every level. The template was the same one, and it should have the link to the login page. The membership registration pages have been sent to the subscribers by email as a link. In addition, it is available as a link on the login page of the site.

Why is the membership registration page necessary?

The member subscription form details are similar to name and email as membership registration. But subscription and membership both are different methods of content delivery to their users. The membership registration needs more user information to complete registration because it secured lead within the protected area.

  1. Membership Registration Thank you Page Template

The registration thank you page or registration confirmation page is essential for the subscriber. It is used to guide them on the next step in the registration process. After completing registration, we need to inform subscribers that thank you for registering the membership.

The thank-you page templates have the messages that you will receive the login information shortly via email.

Why is membership registration page confirmation need?

To avoid spam user’s registration, the email autoresponder system itself uses one-step email confirmation. And in the subscription site, we can use the captcha or password re-enter option during registration for the safety and protection of membership access by unwanted users.

Suppose we are using two-step verification for the membership registration. The message will be displayed as ‘please confirm your registration or subscription for the site’ with a link. Once you have clicked the link, you will get the login details for your membership access.

Usually, Once the subscription or registration has been done successfully using the form available on the registration page, a greeting email is sent to the registered members with login details with the page link.

Suppose you have integrated your registration page with autoresponder email services like Mail chimp, GetResponse, etc. They asked subscribers two confirm registration because they use two-step verification.

Some other subscription sites may use a three-step verification process such as email confirmation and Captcha verification at the registration form. After the verification is completed, you will receive the login details by email.

  1. Membership Login Page Template

The third one is the login page templates are essential for the membership site, and The login page template is used to access the membership area by the registered users. However, even unregistered members can try to log in to this page with different login details. So we need to inform them of the right ways to access this login area.

The membership home page template and Membership login page template should be different. Don’t use the home page as a login page. We need a separate login page. But we may use membership login widget/subscription widget on the subscription site home page.

Remember, we always need a separate login page to access the protected area.

Why do we need membership login page templates?

The subscription site user has different ways to log in to their member’s area. Some of the l through the login page link send to email always, and others use your site home page to the login members area A few of them use Google to find your home page to login protected area. So we need a separate login page to guide them properly.

Membership site login page

Membership site login page

If a member tries to access some other membership login details, we need to guide them with the instant response using the membership error page template.

  1. Membership Login Error page Template

We can use the membership login error page templates to tell the information about a forgotten password. This template is used to create a new password for the existing user. This template should have entered an email address box that leads to the password recovery page of the error page template.

So here we use two templates one is to provide the email address for password recovery another one is for the new password creation page. Both pages are available with the plugin we used to create our protected website.

Why do we need custom membership Login error page templates?

The custom error page template is to tell the people about two things. One is why the error occurred during the login and the second one is the proper guideline to overcome the error displayed.

Password Retrieve Option in OptimizePress

Password Retrieve

The error may be due to different reasons, such as the wrong username, wrong password, or unsubscribed entry and This unsubscribed membership entry should need another type of template. We will see that later part of this article. After the successful login, the members should be redirected to the membership site welcome page.

  1. Membership Welcome Page Template

The membership welcome page template is just like the dashboard of your membership access area. Here we should have the current level details and expiry time, primarily if you use a subscription-based website. Apart from this information, we need to have the proper navigation to protected content within this protected area.

Here we should align the modules or video series that are covered in the subscription. Remember the logout link should be available on all pages. The welcome membership page should also have guidelines about how to use the protected content area.

Why do we need a custom membership dashboard page?

Sometimes we may have the partial content protected area available to public usage. Once the user logged in to the member’s location using the partial content protected link, we need to provide the same partially protected content page to the subscriber with its full access. Along with we need to have a membership home page link.

The protected content and video series are always delivered to a different template than the welcome page template. Therefore, we should have differentiation in both templates.

  1. Membership content Modules page Templates

The protected content modules template is the protected content delivery page. These templates have videos that were covered by the membership. We use the same template for the whole subscription level, especially if you offered an online course or videos series as a tutorial.

These protected content page templates are designed according to the content delivery method used in the subscription site. For example, we can deliver the protected content as video series, or podcasting series, or infographic images, or text tutorial format. Each format requires a different type of template.

online course

online course

The Optimizepress is one of the best WordPress themes provides the number of templates for protected content delivery. It uses different content delivery templates in its membership area. Every membership modules page should have the logout link at the top of the page. In addition, we can offer some advanced topics as guides and case studies within the membership area.

We can use community forums inside the protected area to participate in the forum discussion with other members. There are many ways to provide the protected content. First, we can give full access to the range once logged in to the protected area. Secondly, we can deliver the content in regular intervals during the subscription period.

  1. Membership Restricted Content page Template

These templates are used to display the membership upgrade message or restricted access to this subscription level. Especially if you are using multiple subscription levels in your subscription-based secure website and Every subscription level has a different type of content, its value is additionally based on the price and eligibility of members.

On a subscription-based membership website, not all the content is available to all members who logged in to the membership site. In addition, some certain subscription levels are restricted from the other group because we need to learn the subscription course level by level. Therefore, from beginner to advanced people, we need a different type of content delivery.

Sometimes mistakenly, other members can try to log in to some different membership level. So we need to provide restricted access information for the people. Example basic level has the limited access to higher-level until they upgraded the next level.

The lifetime of the membership level and price of subscription level will provide restricted access to particular users of the protected area.

  1. Membership Expiry /Upgrade Membership Page Template

You have the subscription-based membership site with a subscription period of six months for an online course. It has three subscription levels for every two-month subscription. These types of subscription sites are needs subscription expired page templates and Upgrade membership templates.

In this situation, a member has not paid for the second month of subscription at the right time. Therefore, we need to send the expiry notification with an upgrade link to the members a week before it expires.

Once the subscription level duration expired, we need to send the subscription expired notification with an upgrade link. Some people may try to log in to their site after the membership duration end. So we need to show a message that says ‘subscription access to the current level has expired. You need to upgrade the membership to access this content.

  1. Membership Site Home page template/ Join Community page template

The membership site home page template is different from the join community page template. The home page template should have the details about the protected content and login form or login button with the login page link.

membership community

Membership community

The home page template is different from the welcome page template. The home page template will be available before a member logged into the membership area. The welcome page template is displayed after logged into the protected area. The join community template is to discuss with the membership site users and the admin.

This community page template may be a forum template, webinar page, live video page, or event page for members to participate in such community activities. These are three templates used for different functions of the subscription site.

Home page, Welcome Page, and Join Community Page templates should be custom designed using page builder plugins to engage members within the protected area. OptimizePress theme provides many templates for subscription content delivery and usage.

  1. Membership Logout page Template

The membership site needs custom logout page templates. Engaging the members with activities like feedback for that session and a small quiz about the last session in logout page templates of the membership site will build good relationships with members.

We can engage the members differently because the membership site will be the best opportunity to connect with people very closely, especially if you provide online courses or tutorials. The logout page must have a login again link to prevent the user from mistakenly clicked out. These are the 10 must-use membership site templates for successful membership site creation.


This article covered almost all membership site templates that are needed to create a subscription-based protected content website. However, for the better engagement of members, we need to design custom templates whenever required.

Many of the above-listed templates are available by default in membership plugins or membership-enabled WordPress themes or page builder plugins.

I recommend you to use faster and responsive WordPress theme templates for membership page creation and its setup. In addition, we can use the best product launch templates and content protection plugins to launch your online course. Share your experience in the comments section…

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