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OptimizePress WordPress theme has all the templates required to setup a membership site in WordPress. Generally a WordPress theme offers blog templates and few themes may give custom templates for WordPress websites.

OptimizePress is the first theme to provide blog templates as well as membership site setup templates. Not only templates for the product launch and membership site it can also has certain special features which will be useful product launch and membership site setup.

This WordPress theme is also gives different templates for product launch so we can use this single WordPress theme for multiple purposes apart from WordPress blog templates. It have the below features

These are the special features for OptimizePress WordPress theme. We have already seen about 19 squeeze page templates and 29 different sales letter templates for lead capture and conversion in the product launch.

OptimizePress is the best WordPress theme to setup membership site without any help from the designer. We can setup lead capture page in the first filter of the sales funnel. Second we can setup sales letter for the membership product. The different templates used in OptimizePress for the membership site listed below.

  • Members login page templates
  • Members welcome page template
  • Modules page
  • Content delivery page template
  • Membership Error page
  • General page templates

These page templates used in membership site setup and creation. OptimizePress also has the special templates for membership site setup plugins like Wishlist and DAP (Digital access pass).  If your product is a recurring type or subscription type then definitely we need a member’s area. So the product launch needs to create member area for the future use of the sold product.

Course material, upgradable software’s and similar products need a member’s area for the customers. Here they can get future updates and software usages video tutorials and support information about the subscription products. OptimizePress offers the various templates for the complete product launch mechanism.

OptimizePress Templates

OptimizePress Templates

Memebsrship site templates in OptimizePress

OptimizePress offers separate settings page for membership site here we can add header image, logo image for membership area. We can also use separate navigation menu for the membership site.

The font size, color and hover link details of the navigation can be altered using OptimizePress membership settings page. We can also use navigation menu in the sidebar of the member area.

Members login page Template in OptimizePress

Member login page is essential for the any membership site setup. OptimizePress gives the login page template for the WordPress membership site plugins like Wishlist and DAP(digital access pass).

Membership sites Login page

Membership sites Login page

For login page template sidebar we have alert for members only access. In the content column we have username and password field for the login form. The logo for the login page can be uploaded easily in OptimizePress using the membership settings page. We have the options to add the text in the membership login page template of WordPress OptimizePress theme.

Membership Sidebar

OptimizePress WordPress theme gives separate sidebar for membership site in widgets section. Here we can add more widgets in the membership sidebar. In the login page template the membership sidebar shows message like ‘members only access please login now’.

Once we logged in into the member area the sidebar shows the widget item added in membership sidebar. It also has the membership information in the sidebar. We can add sidebar navigation menu in sidebar using the OptimizePress settings.

We can also do new member registration using the member login template. The Registration page has been provided by the WordPress membership plugin or membership software because it is secured page of the member area.

Non member Page Template

OptimizePress give the theme template for non members. When a non registered member enters into the member area we need to show the message as this is the members only area please register here. For this purpose OptimizePress has a template called non member page template with help of this template we can easily setup non member page.

Members Welcome page Template in OptimizePress

Based on the membership product we need to welcome newly registered users. OptimizePress offers a template called members home page we have two homepage templates for DAP and wishlish. Based on the nature of the product member area welcome page has proper navigation to each part of the member area.

The navigation on the welcome page is much important in membership site because it give the direction to the site usage. So OptimizePress welcomepage template designed with good navigation to the users. This page also provides the membership information.

If you have multiple level of subscription for the same product example different membership levels (say gold, silver, platinum). For this situation we need to give information to the members with appropriate membership level.

So the member area homepage itself give the information about the membership in OptimizePress. If a member enters unsubscribed membership level it shows error message with login page URL.

Membership Modules page Template in OptimizePress

Consider your membership product have multiple level of subscription or multiple level of content delivery (example course material). Here we need to module our membership content into a single page for the easy way to navigation the members to the right content among the all members content.

OptimizePress Membership Site Templates

OptimizePress Membership Site Templates

OptimizePress give unique template for modules page we can use screen shot image for each module in the member area which give more clarity to the new members who entered into the member area. We have two different module page templates for Wishlist and DAP and also we have WP secured modules page.

OptimizePress Membership Settings

OptimizePress Membership Settings

We can remove sidebars in modules page. The icons and image in the each module will give the details about the module in the first look. It will give better satisfaction towards the customer.

Content Delivery Page templates in OptimizePress

The subscription based membership site the content delivery is complex process OptimizePress done is very simple with its different type of content templates.

The membership content may be in different format like text, image or Video information. So we need to deliver the content with right template. Optimizeprss offers the video template with download link for the video. The image and text contents are easily displayed to the members.

In cased of video we need to have good quality video players and proper thumbnail image for video can be given in each content page. OptimizePress is best ever theme to deliver membership content as video format. Get OptimizePress now

The One time downloadable product can be delivered in general page template of OptimizePress. For content delivery we need to hire a designer based on the nature of the content but with OptimizePress no need to have designer to setup contents. Because of its huge template and support videos any kid can setup the membership site content delivery page.

Membership Error page templates in OptimizePress

In every membership site product launch error pages plays the important role. Because of the different membership levels user can enter wrong level they won’t see any information, failed login and similar error page recovery needed in membership site setup.

OptimizePress give the error page templates to give proper guidance to the members who entered the wrong membership level or failed login and registration errors. Just choose the error page template in the page attributes and add your error recovery message to the members and create the pages.

The membership software or plugins have the setup area for the error pages there we can enter the error page URL. Because of the error page template OptimizePress gives all error recovery messages to the members easily. With help of the redirect feature I the OptimizePress we can redirect the user in the error page to the login or registration page based on the error message.

OptimizePress Offers membership site setup training video tutorials and supports in its members area get here.

Membership Site Support

Membership Site Support

Membership General Page Templates in OptimizePress

The membership general page templates are used for creating support pages, Affiliate information, Faq pages, Disclaimer and other pages of the membership site setup. The text form of content delivery has been done by using the general page templates.

The thank you pages for the subscription and logout from the membership area has created using the general membership page templates. Apart from the membership general page and membership sidebar OptimizePress has blog templates and 5 sidebar widgets in the widget area. We can use the sidebar widgets as per our requirements.

Each membership page templates has the SEO options under the page editor. Every page has option to add custom title tag, Meta description, Meta keywords and no index, no follow, no archive information. We can also add custom css, tracking codes and javascript functionality for all individual pages in OptimizePress. Get OptimizePress to create membership websites.


OptimizePress is the best theme to build membership websites, create lead capture page and create sales letter for more conversion. Because of the OptimizePress templates we can easily create every page of the membership site setup and product launch without hiring a designer.

OptimizePress offers video training tutorials and huge support to setup page templates for product launch and membership site. Get OptimizePress now.

The various page templates used in the membership site product launch Lead capture page OptimizePress has 19 templates, sales letter page OptimizePress has 29 different templates, member ship site related login page two templates, content delivery has two templates, membership welcome page has two templates, and Modules page has two templates and error templates. OptimizePress also have genera WordPressl blog templates.

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