Subscriber Management with aMember in Membership Site

Based on number of membership level used in our membership site setup system the members management complexity varied. But aMember give simple solution for the complex membership level setup. aMember represent membership levels as products and members as users within its admin panel.

We have already discussed about the membership level management using the Wishlist Member WordPress membership site setup plugin. When we come to members management aMember offers multiple options for the user management.

We can manage members from the ‘Users’ section of the aMember admin panel. Using the functions available under the User Tab we can add new members, edit members, Search for a member, import and export member from various locations to aMember membership site.

Members Management in aMember

Before going to see the member management in detail we need to look at the other article about membership site setup using aMember software.

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This article covers the below details

  • adding new user to particular membership level
  • editing members’ membership details,
  • advanced searching mechanism to find members
  • Import and export of members inside the membership site setup
  • Email management for members.

We will see one by one with necessary steps.

Add new Member in Membership site with aMember

Adding members directly inside membership site without going through the product launch funnel is a simple and easy process in aMember. Members can also be added as affiliates in the membership site setup system. Follow the below steps to add a member in aMember.

First login to the aMember admin page in the left side menu we have ‘Users’ tab. Under the tab just click on the add user link. Just click on the link we will have the settings page for adding new user in aMember which will be shown in the screenshot below.

Add members directly to aMember

In the ‘Username’ field, enter the name using which the member can login to the membership site setup. Enter the password, name and email details for the member.  Comments filed used for describing about the member who added in the membership level.

Once the member added to the membership site an email sent to the member with necessary username and password information about their membership. In the ‘Is Locked’ field, select whether the members account should be locked. The locked members cannot able to login to their membership level. Or  auto-locking should be disabled for the particular member account by selecting the appropriate radio button.

If the members chosen as ‘Is Unsubscribedfield during the addition of new member they will not able to receive the news letter form the membership site. So if they want to get any messages from the membership site they need to be subscribed here. Get aMember membership software now.

Add Affiliate Information for the New Member

When we add new member directly to the membership site aMember provides options to join as affiliate for our membership site within few clicks no need to sign up again separately for the affiliate for the membership site.

To setup affiliate information for a new member follows the steps. These settings will be shown in the same page of adding a new member for the membership site.

In the Is Affiliate’ field, select whether the new member is an affiliate or not. We need to choose the member can be just a member or both a member and affiliate or just an affiliate. Select the appropriate option using the radio buttons provided in the settings page.

If the member is not going to be an affiliate setup is affiliate field in NO and then click save button at the bottom of the page. We can also add personal address information like street, country, pin code and etc.

If we added a member as affiliate we need to fill out the affiliate fields using the below steps.

In the ’Affiliate Payout Type’ field, click on the arrow button and select how the member will be paid if he is an affiliate from the available payment options. You can setup affiliate payout options in available fields here.

We have two options one is PayPal another one is Offline check if you have selected PayPal option then enter he PayPal email for sending payments for the affiliate referrals. If you have selected offline check option they we need to add the street address of the member in order to receive the affiliate payment for the referrals. Also we need to add the Payable to name here.

Finally click on save button to add new member in the aMember directly without going through the launch funnel.

Modify the Member details in membership site with aMember

We can edit or delete the membership information at any time in aMember. We can change the information like the membership details, payments, access logs, credit cards and affiliate info. These information can be viewed, edited and deleted from the browse users’ page of aMember.

Steps to edit the user information in aMember

Once logged into the aMember admin panel just click on the browse user under the user tab. Here we have list of subscribed members. We can just click on the particular user to edit the information about the members.

Modify Member information in aMember

In the top of the page we have buttons like User info, Payments, access log, tickets and affiliate info we can choose a button to edit the corresponding information about the particular user. Currently selected settings will be highlighted with red button. Once we have Modified the necessary information we can filly click on the save button to update the information.

To delete the particular member go to browse user tab we have the list of member in a single page in the last column we have actions tab under the action tab we have delete button for individual member inside the membership site.

In the ticket section we can track all the support ticket opened by a member with the progress of the ticket. We can also modify the affiliate information using the corresponding buttons.

Advanced search options in aMember

aMember provides advanced search options o track a particular member inside the membership site. AMember has search filter it can able to filter the member by its User name, name, email, Payment id, Receipt number.

These options can be used in the normal search box available in the Browse users page under the User tab in the aMember admin. We also have the advanced search filter.

The Advanced Search feature enables you to add an additional condition to the search criteria that you enter in the search field. Using the advanced search feature we can get more relevant and specific results for every member inside the membership site.

Advanced Members Search in aMember

For example, if you are looking for a member whose first name is John, and we dont don’t know his last name but he is an active subscriber, we can find the full details about the Member by advanced search filter.

Just enter ‘John’ in the search field and then click on the ‘Advanced Search’ button, select the additional condition to search by like first name and the type of the subscription as ‘active’. This search will display the all details about the member. This feature can be useful to identify the unpaid member inside the membership area.

We can find any details about the member if we know one particular detail about the same member by advanced search filter of the aMember software.

Import members in CSV file from the membership site

aMember Membership software has another fantastic feature called import and export of members within the membership site. In addition to adding a member in aMember, we can also import a list of members from a .csv file.

The advantage of adding members via import is that we can add multiple members at once without having to add each member separately. We need the blow data in the csv file that is enough to import the member inside aMember.

  • Login
  • Password
  • Email
  • First Name
  • Last Name

Once we have these information on the in our csv file. We are ready to import the members in aMember.  Just follow the four steps to import the members from the csv file.

Once we have logged in to the aMember admin select ‘import user’ under the Users tab. New we will see the settings for the file import.In step one Click the ‘Browse button’ to upload the .csv file to import from our computer. The file path will be inserted into file field and then click next button for the second step.

Import Members in Membership site

In step 2 of the Import members displays the list of imported users from the file in columns. On this screen, we can assign fieldnames to the imported columns to be used for the import of members from the csv file.

To assign the fields for each column of data by clicking on the arrow button at the top of the column and selecting a field name for the particular column. By the same way we should add field name for all column to finish the import. Once we have finished the assignment of the field then click next button for the step 3.

In step 3 of the import settings page we can preview the data to see if the fields have been assigned correctly and that the information is displayed in the right columns. If information is missing for any of the fields we can add that information again by importing the data. If everything is ok then click on next for the final step. Get aMember membership software now.

In step 4 is where we can select the Import Options for the data to be imported from the csv five. Just go to the bottom of the page we have ‘do import’ options to complete the importing process.

Export Membership site members from aMember to csv file

When we click on the browse user under the ‘Users’ tab we will have the list of member inside the membership site. At the bottom of the list we have option to export the members from aMember. Once we have clicked the export option we have the options page to setup export settings.

Export Members in Membership site

First we should select the fields that we need to export from aMember. We can export the file in two formats one is csv another one is xml. We can choose the csv format and we can enter the fileds separated by comma.  Finally click on export button to export the members list in csv format.

Email Members list using aMember

AMember provides the options to send email to the members subscribed in various membership levels. To send email click o the email users link under the User tab n the admin panel. We have the option like the below screen shot.

To add the member we need to send email use the search option available on the same page. Then add the subject line for the email message we planned to send to the members. To add the message body we have the text editor in the same page we can format the body text using the editor.

Email Members using aMember

W can also add file using the file attachment options available in the same settings page. Once we have completed all the steps we can preview the mail message in the dialog box. Once we have clicked the send button we should have the list of members the mail have been sent. That’s all about the members management inside the membership site with aMember software.


aMember is one of the best membership management software for the management of members inside the membership site. We have already discussed about member management using Wishlist Member.

We can manage the members by the following methods like adding new user to particular membership level, editing members and membership details, advanced searching mechanism to find members, Import and export of members inside the membership site setup and Email management for members.

We can change the information like the membership details, payments, access logs, credit cards and affiliate info. This information can be viewed, edited and deleted using aMember easily. Share your experience in comments section.

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