List of Membership Site Models with Different Functionality

With WordPress platform we have many different membership models in the online business models. Every model used for certain functions to attract customers as well as give flexibly towards them. Generally membership subscriptions are always linked with product launch. In order to keep their customers alive every product launch comes up with unique offers. Membership product lunch have feature like subscription before the product is being sold in order to maintain the customer long enough.

Membership models

Membership Models

Even though the new customers don’t want buy the product at the last minute they are already a member of our product by subscription. So I always suggest that membership subscription based product launch even if it a physical product. We have many membership plugins and software for WordPress CMS to provide good solution to the customers.

Here I listed different types of membership subscriptions in WordPress as follows.

Four Different Membership Models in WordPress

  1. Product Subscription Model

This model mainly used in physically deliverable products and digital products like ebooks, softwares etc. These types of membership subscription have the features like upsale and recurring products. Woo commerce plugins are best for this type of member management.

WooCommerce Membership

WooCommerce Membership

The Yith WooCommerce Subscription plugin is one of the best example for physical product subscription and delivery. It has special features like when we mouse over will show a bigger size product image, We can easily adjust zoom on the mobile devices, Slider of product image and also customize the behavior. We can also allow trail period, free signup for new customers.

  1. Membership Subscription Model

In membership subscription Model, It is actually a product like education course or cooking course once the product has been subscribed they will become a member of a protected area.The membership content delivered in regular interval. Anytime customer can close the course and continue after some period. Wishlist member and MemberPress are great plugins for this type of subscription based membership sites.

Membership Subscription

Membership Subscription

We should understand that product subscriptions are not the same as memberships. In case of membership subscriptions, we create a membership site with the membership plugins available in WordPress. Now sell this membership subscription in recurring basis. Wishlist Member plugin is the best know example for the membership subscription plugin in WordPress.

  1. Email Subscription Model

Email subscriptions Model. This type of membership model used to build a list for future product launch. It is true asset of any product launch. Often we can send newsletters and solution to subscriber’s problem. This will be the effective model for affiliate marketing.

Email Subscription

Email Subscription

Email subscription is not all about promoting and selling a product. We must establish good relationships with customers that continue after the sale. Email newsletters can help to connect with the customers so offer something value to them. Now peoples are highly selective about the emails they read so our newsletters need to satisfy their expectations.

Aweber and Mailchimp are the best email subscription product for membership models.

  1.   Community Subscription Model

This membership model uses forum and social networks to connect customers in order to share their knowledge within the group. This is the good place for getting instant solutions for the community people.

Community Subscription

Community Subscription

The BuddyPress plugin is one of the good social networking community creation plugin for WordPress. It has features like Users can create their own profiles, start making friendships with other users and etc. Like BbPress there are many forum plugins and network plugins available for WordPress platform.


This post concludes we need many different ideas for provide membership content to the subscribers. The above four membership models Product, Email, Community and Membership subscription each model has many plugins and software to create effective WordPress membership sites. Each of these has good technical support for our membership product setup and creation. If you have any suggestions and opinions share it in the comments.

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