Link Building Strategies for our WordPress Blog SEO

We have explained essential WordPress On-page SEO here. Link building is another central part of WordPress SEO that will help your blog get crawled by search engines. Each Link on a page will tell the search engine that other relevant content is available for this search term.

Each link uses anchor text to display a short introduction about the linked page. Ties are mainly used to identify relevant content for certain page content. Each page has some links to explain more details about the content discussed on the current page.

These links are the spider for web content. So search engines can readily travel through the spider from one page to another page to give helpful content for the search query. Finally, it gives more credit to the linked page. If you have a good amount of links to your page, then you have more chance of being indexed by search engines.

Link Building Basics For SEO

Link building is the best method of WordPress SEO. Link building has two ways

  • Internal linking
  • External linking

Internal linking– It means each post contains the out links within the same domain of another post. We will mainly use it to reduce the bounce rate. With the help of internal linking, we can drive the visitors to another page of our site instead of exiting from our blog. So the number of page views per visit will be increased.

Link Building Strategies

Link Building Strategies

External Linking – It means the out link goes outside of our WordPress blog. The visitor has driven into some other quality sites. For both ways, Google will give credit to our WordPress blog. If our site has an inbound link from any other quality sites, Google will give more credit to our WordPress blog.

Internal Link Building Strategies

We should remember the terms in Link building.

  1. Anchor text
  2. No follow, do-follow links
  3. No index links
  4. Link hover text

These are the basic terms we need to know before link building.

Anchor Text– This will be the essential keyword in linking. Anchor text means the text used to attach the external URL. For example, if you have external out links to some URL from some other site with anchor text WordPress SEO, then Google will give more credit to the URL for the search query WordPress SEO.

So our blog post URL should need to get good anchor text links from another quality site, then we have full credit for the anchor text.

No-follow and Do-follow Links

Google give page rank for all the web pages submitted from the various sites. The page rank limit is 0 to 10, where 10 is the maximum page rank, and 0 is the minimum page rank. If a webpage has a page rank of five or more, it is considered a quality web page.

The page rank has been calculated from 200 different signals from the webpage. The page rank of any web page will be juiced out via out links available on the same website. Also, the page rank juiced in from another webpage which has a connection to this current webpage.

So if you have more out links form your web page, all the link gets a small amount of link juice from the web page. We can control this link juice pass from one web page to another by adding Do-follow and No-follow to the links on the web page.

Dofollow Versus Nofollow

Dofollow Versus Nofollow

If a web page has Do-follow links, it will pass link juice to the URL link. However, if a webpage has No-follow links, it will not pass link juice to the URL link on the web page. So while using out links in your blog content, if you don’t want to give the link juice, we should use No-follow to the association. We can use rel=”nofolow” to avoid the passage of link juice.


<a href=”” rel=”nofollow” title”WordPress SEO”>Blog SEO </a>

This page rank will not be juiced to If you used dofollow in the above rel-tag, then the above link will pass the juice.

No Index links

No Index means If a link has no index means search engines will not index it. This type of link has been used in ad codes and affiliate links used inside the blog post. We can use no index for the advertisement links and affiliate links to avoid these links from the Google index. Noindex has been used the rel-tag as the same way of nofollow links example.


<a href=”” rel=”noindex” title”WordPress SEO”>Blog SEO </a>

here the will not be indexed by search engines.

Link Hover Text

Link hover text is another essential part of WordPress SEO. When we mouse hover on the link anchor text, we will see a small popup textbox called link mouse hover text. This text will be visible when we mouse hover on links.

This link mouse hover text will be added as a title in the HTML code of the link or image code. A sample HTML code for the link as below


<a href=”” title”WordPress SEO”>Blog SEO </a>

The above HTML code ‘WordPress SEO’ is the link hover text, and ‘Blog SEO’ is the anchor text.

External Links and Link Exchange

External links are the healthy part of WordPress SEO. If a blog has more external links from other quality blogs or websites with good anchor text called quality backlinks. Then our WordPress blog is highly ranked in search engines. Some of the WordPress blogs have link exchanges between two or three blogs. For this case, it is not suitable for search engines. Google can quickly identify if the external links are exchanged between two WordPress blogs.

WordPress SEO also covers the below area which are used in linked building. So it needs contribution by us some other online user from any blog. This method is called OFF-page SEO.

  • Guest Posting,
  • Commenting on other blogs
  • Social sharing and bookmarking,
  • Community participation
  • RSS feed submissions

Guest Posting

It is the best way to build backings to your WordPress blog. Guest posting means we have to write content for others blogs. If satisfied, they will publish your content on their blog and give a backlink to your blog with anchor text. So to build more backlinks, we need to write guest posts once a week and sent them to our community bloggers for approval.

Each blog has a specific procedure to accept guest posts. Therefore, we have to send as per their guideline. These guidelines are described on their blog.

Commenting on Our Community Blogs

Commenting on other blog posts every day, we have seen many new things on the internet we have inspired in some things even though we have already crossed that thing in life. So we need to share your experience or thoughts about those things via the comments after reading the blog blogs.

Also, reply to every comment received in your blog post. This is one of the good ways to know your reader’s intention. Some of the blogs will give Do-follow links for comments also. So if you leave your blog link in the comments section on other blogs, it will get credit.

Social Sharing and Social Bookmarking

Use social media well to know the market and promote your value. Use social bookmarking sites like delicious, stumble upon, Digg, etc. Bookmark quality content whenever you have seen it on the internet with relevant tags. We can bookmark any blog content. We can also bookmark our blogs posts with proper labels.

Build a network with other users of the social bookmarking site. So We will share our bookmarked content to our network. They will get a good impression on your content if your shared quality content, so automatically, google will give credit to your blog post when it is more time bookmarked.

Social Sharing

We should use Social sharing sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google to promote our valuable content via blog posts. Lots of online users are always on social sharing places to connect with other people to get information. So first thing we need to build a good community in social sharing sites concerning our blog contents. Once you make a community, we can share our blog posts to your network people.

Community participation – Forum

Facebook and Twitter are generally social networking sites. But a community website on your niche will help you to promote your value easily via blog content. Login to the community websites and participate in the discussion relevant to your blog content (place). Share your blog content and other quality content whenever you needed during the forum’s meeting.


Community Participation

Community Participation

Forums are good community discussion places for any niche. Find our ten active forums for discussion about your niche details.

RSS feed Submissions

Submit your blogs RSS feed in blog directories, and Many of the blog directories give do-follow links for your blog post. The number of posts shown in the RSS feed will be limited. We can set up this limit in the reading setting available settings section of WordPress admin, shown in the image below. This is one of the good ways to build external links to your WordPress blog.

These are all the basic WordPress SEO needed for any WordPress Blog. We will discuss keyword ranking, long-tail keyword usage and Quality link building tactics, Bounce rate analysis, targeted traffic in upcoming posts.


Link building is a faster way for your blog content to get crawled by search engine bots. So it can be helpful and gives more credit during search engine indexing. Here we have discussed internal link building strategies like Anchor text, Nofollow and Dofollow links, Noindex links and Link hover text.

This post also describes external link building methods like Guest Posting, Commenting on other blogs, Social sharing and bookmarking, Community participation and RSS feed submissions. We will improve link building techniques by analyzing the google analytic data. We will see these in upcoming posts. Share your experience below. Updated

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