Lead Management Process – Improve Lead Quality Part 2

The lead management process is the strategy to identify and improve the captured leads for sales. Once the lead is generated from the landing page, Identifying quality leads helps segment the captured leads for the sales presentation. The second thing we need to do is improve the leads to send sales presentations.

In the lead management process, the identification of quality leads and their segmentation is covered in the first part. You can read here lead management- identify quality leads. The first part uses tags to segment the Quality leads for promotion. We can use personalization for lead improvement.

The second part covers how to manage unqualified leads in our captured list. We can use lead scoring and lead nurturing methods to improve the Quality of leads. We use drip email marketing campaigns for quality improvement within the lead management process. Personalization and behaviour segmentation are vital parts of the lead management process to improve its Quality.

Why do we need high lead scoring emails for Product Launch?

Generally, a product launch is an event. The success of a product is measured no of sales in the first launch. It has to be successful in the market, then only more versions like this product come into the market. So the quality leads provide more sales quickly with a smaller audience.

Before the product launch event, we need to prepare our leads by sending broadcast emails, surveys and email series related to our product. These emails series are maintained as a campaign, and we should run it at regular intervals with strategies improvements in the campaign.

Lead Scoring Levels

Lead Scoring Levels

These strategies are derived to improve the lead score level in the captured list. In the first part of the lead management, we segmented the quality email list with tags for sales promotion. The quality standard is measured by open email rate, user engagement email content, and we can find interest in the product by feedback with survey responses on the email content. Only interested emails are identified with tags as a qualified segment for sales promotion.

The rest of the unqualified emails segment needs to be nurtured and educated. The lead nurturing has been done with email campaigns. Every campaign must have goals to reach high lead scoring. These leads scores are calculated by email open, responded, watched landing page, downloaded and exit pages.

Every stage of lead travel by the email campaign are tracked with different email scores. Finally, we can segment the unqualified leads into multiple segments for various campaigns based on the leads scores. The high scoring lead required only lesser efforts to make a sale in the decision part of the sales funnel.

Lead management with high lead scoring provides better conversion

Lead management helps increase sales for marketers and increase the customer base in the business. We know firms and marketers capture leads to customer services for the launch event.

The marketers always collect the leads for their marketing purposes. Creating different lead pages with varying subscription forms and capturing emails as a distinguished list. Now create a marketing campaign for every list, and its management is a complex process. To replace this process, we can collect emails as a single list bested interested people in a particular industry.

The email list has been managed by segmentation based on the behaviour and awareness level of the email subscribers. These segmented emails are classified with the scoring level in every segment, and high scoring leads are marked as an eligible list. The low scoring leads need to be improved their awareness by lead nurturing methods.

Finally, After multiple email campaigns sent with lead nurturing strategies. New the improved leads are segmented as Quality leads for the sales presentation. So the lead management process helps marketers and business people to increase sales by improving the lead quality.

Lead Segmentation by lead scoring helps to Improve Quality.

To find the lead scoring level in the email list, we should use email broadcasts and email series with tagging. Different email marketing services use different strategies for lead scoring. Here we look at the basic lead scoring structure that helps to improve leads.

Email tracking, analytics, and insights are two major parts required for lead scoring. Many email marketing services provide campaign tracking, but some of them allow for analytics and insights for the email campaign. The email tracking provides:

  • Only successful email delivery.
  • Open email rate.
  • Email engagement.
  • Email links click.
  • Email response to webworms.

With Analytics and insights, the best email marketing services offer to set a goal of an email marketing campaign, targeted pages, traffic, signup and exit part of the targeted page. This information helps segment our email list with behaviour to create better lead nurturing campaigns. So always choose an email marketing service with analytics and insights.

Improve lead Quality

Improve lead Quality

Once we set goals for a marketing campaign, The goals are specific and measurable. We created the targeted page for the campaign with product awareness. Once we select 100 unqualified leads to run lead email series to identify the lead score level of individual leads.

How to identify the lead scores – strategy for priority

We should set up three board cast emails at regular intervals to determine the scoring level of every lead. We can classify it into three levels: low, medium, and high.

The open email rate identifies the low scoring leads; we measure the low open rate by setting it up with a minimum value. The medium score is determined by the engagement level for the email broadcasts. It was measured by email reading and link clicks on the email and survey response.

Finally, high scoring leads are measured by email user engagement with targeted pages such as grasping the offer, bounce rate, exit pages.

So, all three lead scoring levels require different lead nurturing strategies to increase the lead score by running email campaigns. After the successful email broadcasts, the improved leads with lead scores more than the cut-off value in the high scoring leads are qualified for the sales promotions.

 Lead nurturing methods to increase lead scores by drip email campaigns

Lead nurturing is the lead management process to make the leads suited to a sales campaign. The lead nurturing strategy is to educate the leads with our product and our product’s problems. Moreover, the seriousness of the problem, the importance of the solution, and its urgency in the email content helps in nurturing process.

Before educating about the problems, we go through the lead scores level from a low, medium and high level. We need different strategies with the content drip in the email campaigns to send via email marketing services at each level.

We have six strategies for lead nurturing as follows

  1. Buyers Personality
  2. Targeted Content
  3. Personalized Emails
  4. Survey and feedbacks
  5. Timely followup
  6. Retarget leads with One to One campaigns

These six strategies are used differently for three levels of lead scores to improve its Quality to send sales campaign.

Drip email Campaign

Drip email Campaign

Low Scoring Leads management with buyer personality 

Low scoring leads requires the first two strategies buyer personally and targeted content. Because the low scored leads have a lower email open rate and no email opens. They are targeted with targeted content in the email subject to improve open email rates.

We need to find the lead personality and behaviours by sending emails with targeted content, such as infographic images, videos and short messages. We can even target those types of leads with case studies. The split test with email headings with the same content helps identify the behaviour of leads.

It requires a strategy for identifying buyer interests and habits to look at a concept. It can be targeted with their goal, motivation, suffering, and solution to our business’s problem with buyers. It helps to improve the open email rate by identifying buyer personalities.

The only target of this email campaigns is to improve the open email rate with target content and eye-catching headlines.

Medium Scoring Leads management with personalized emails, Survey

The medium scoring leads are processed with an email campaign with personalized email, survey and feedback.

We know these medium level leads have a high email open rate, but there is no click-through or engagement in the email content. So we need to drip email campaigns with three different strategies.

Every campaign email must start with a personalized welcome message right after the email is opened. It increases readers hope to read the rest of the content.

The survey, poll and feedbacks are the primary tools for email user engagements with our content. While creating an email campaign for middle-level scoring leads, we should include a webform for survey or poll or even ask for feedback about the email message at the end of the email.

Email Surveys

Email Surveys

So every email should start with a personalized welcome and end with a survey, poll, or feedback.

Apart from these two lead nurturing strategies, the actual content for middle-level leads should have links or videos or infographic images and case studies with tracking ability in email marketing services.

The main goal of this middle-level drip email campaign is to increase user engagement, and email marketing services should track that.

High Scoring leads management with Timely follow-up 

High-scoring emails have reader engagement with emails, and they have a high bounce rate and exit in the lading pages. The landing page may be a survey or free give away page or a feedback page. Our target is to respond to the landing page request from the email readers.

We know the meddle level scoring leads can drive email users to landing pages by links, surveys, feedbacks even other strategies that are drip with email campaigns. This type of email campaign requires setting a target landing page with goals. The email marketing service should have analytics and insights features to run these email campaigns to improve lead quality. After high-scoring drip email campaigns, the qualified emails are segmented with tags for sales promotion.

In case if the email marketing service doesn’t have analytics and insights, we can choose with CRM tools, here we can manage leads to send sales campaigns with analytics as well.

High scoring lead management needs two strategies: a timely follow-up and retargeting the lead with one-to-one interaction. The main goal of this drip email campaign is to find the solution requirement level for leads. We should identify it by survey, poll or feedback results. We may also call it a deals process or multi-channel targeting.

These results provide improved leads for sales campaigns. The high Quality leads process at timely follow-ups because the frequent surveys or form filling emails may cause subscription from the list. So these campaigns are run only when required. Until then, we can use middle-level drip email campaigns for high scoring leads to educate them about our business with a hook to identify their needs in our business.

Re-targeting with One-to-one conversation

Some high scoring leads may require special attention by their engagement with our business. It can be identified by survey and feedback forms that give customers thoughts about our business services and their requirements.

We should identify the gap and the action steps on either side for product development and lead retargeting with direct conversation. It was an opportunity to take the lead as a vendor or affiliate, or even partner for our business growth.

Retarget Leads

Retarget Leads

Here best CRMs are the right choice close such as deals with different communication channels and appointment scheduling options for deal-making and processing with its tracking. It is the best choice for timely follow-up with older communication history for deal closure. It is the final stage of the conversion funnel to make contact into a business asset. So the endpoint of lead improvement is to convert the lead in assets for the business. Also, the lead management process ends here.

Conclusion Improve lead scoring by nurturing strategies 

In summary, the lead management process segments the captured email list as a targeted list for sales promotion. Moreover, we should improve the unqualified list by lead scoring, lead nurturing with drip email campaigns.

The first part of lead management covers the identification of targeted leads by email follow up, email broadcast and email campaigns for sales promotion. These email campaigns are run using email marketing services or CRMs. They are tools required for the lead management process to improve the Quality of the captured leads for sales promotions.

The second part covers improving the lead quality by sending drip email campaigns for different lead score levels. That converts low lead score leads to high score levels with nurturing strategies. Now it is ready for the sales letter promotions for our product.

FAQ- Lead Management Process to Improve lead Quality

What is lead quality improvement in the lead management process?

Lead quality improvement is the second stage of the lead management process. The first stage is to segment the targeted leads in the captured list for sales promotion. We use a strategy to convert the low scoring leads high scoring leads.

Why do we need lead quality improvement with Lead management?

The low scoring leads are neglected or underestimated during product launch. However, every captured lead promised to be a part of our business when subscribed. So improving lead quality is to achieve better conversion with low scoring leads.

How to Improve the Quality of leads by lead management?

The lead quality is improved by nurturing drip email campaigns with different marketing strategies. These strategies are implemented based on the lead score level in the unqualified segment of the captured list. We use split tests, infographics, and surveys to improve leads with drip campaigns.

What should we get by quality leads by Lead management?

The second part of the lead management process makes revenue to the business. It may create an asset for the business by making a higher level of engagement with captured leads. Even It makes the unqualified email for sales promotion become a partner for our business that is the power of the lead management process.


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