Information Product – Launch Requirements in WordPress

Information product launch requirements help the niche bloggers to create their products. They can launch these products on their blog or websites. The niche bloggers are well at delivering information regarding the content they deal with in a blog. WordPress provides a better opportunity to deliver information products using content protection plugins. We can also use other platforms to create information products and quickly launch them with WordPress.

We knew the WordPress is the popular CMS worldwide, and it can handle the information better with secure access. Moreover, WordPress has many plugins and templates to create membership sites with its launch. However, while it comes to this post, the information product launch requires many support tools for WordPress such as hosting, email marketing, CRM, payment processors, affiliate systems for a successful launch.

Why do we need launch requirements for info products?

The product launch in WordPress needs many support tools integration to make it a successful business. Especially when we try to launch information products like ebooks, online courses, membership sites, and webinars require a more remarkable customer experience. We can achieve that by having the best supporting tools with the best CMS. So the launch requirements need many reasons as follows.

  • The product launch requirements list helps understand the launch process and provides opportunities to resolve real-time issues during the launch.
  • This list reduces the launch time mistakes. Moreover, it offers to debug solutions during the launch time errors.
  • The launch requirements list helps reduce customer dropouts because of lag of experience during new product launches.
  • It helps to do budget for the launch campaign with marketing strategies.

Benefits of having Product launch requirements list

The product launch requirement list is a checklist for the powerful tools before creating the product. It provides many advantages.

  • The launch requirement list helps create a launch plan with necessary steps inclusion, especially for the post-launch process.
  • These tools list helps create multiple strategies for a product launch with promotional campaigns.
  • The product launch requirement list increases revenues by strategic planning and its implementation using split testing.

We can vary these launch requirements tools based on the three types of product launches available. The first one is. Generally, we can create a new product, the second is to renew the old product with modifications, and the final one is maintenance and support for the existing product. So now we look at the detailed requirements list.

WordPress information product launch requirements list

Generally, the product launch requires audiences, product, marketing, sales funnel and customer support. These steps require many support tools for the successful launch of any type, such as new, existing support and modification to the existing one. While considering the information product launch, apart from audiences and product type, it requires the following tools.

  • Website
  • Hosting
  • Themes and plugins
  • Protection and access
  • Email services
  • Payment processors
  • Affiliate tool
  • CRM tool

Audiences and Product type for launch

All three types of product launches require audiences with their level of knowledge of our information products. Therefore, we can categorize the product audiences with their skills and learning experiences about our product.

So we can classify the audiences

  • Beginners,
  • Intermediates
  • Advanced audiences.

So we can create our information products as an ebook with elaborated discussion for beginners. The online courses are the best choice with step by step instruction for intermediates. It helps the intermediate people learn the concept toughly with the course structure. We can use webinars, workshops or membership coaching programs for advanced people to motivate them with the most acceptable part of the product.

WordPress Product launch tools

WordPress Product launch tools

So, three types of audiences are required for four products with the best delivery form. Time is the biggest concern to learn the concept for all types of audiences. So our product creation requires all four types with compressed information at shot time deliverable makes to implement the solution after learning the process.

Tools required for the information Product launch.

The below tools helps to answer the significant question that arises before creating our first information product. The questions are

  • What is the product?
  • For Whom is it for?
  • How to deliver?
  • How to make a profit from it?

Our new product should deal with a problem elaborately with a solution. Second, the product should find the right audience, who suffered from the problem that our product deals with. Third, we should deliver it as downloadable ebooks, courses, coaching sessions or webinars. Finally, we should profit by selling the product as a bundle, membership site, online programs or live events with audiences.

SSL Secured Website

Apart from the WordPress content management system. The website is the primary tool to deliver information products to all three types of audiences. We require the custom domain to deliver the information products like

  • EBooks,
  • Courses,
  • Coaching programs
  • Live events

Every product requires different types of delivery with customer interaction during the information product learning.

We can use a new custom domain or existing subdomain to create a website for our information product delivery. The membership site creation is the best choice to deliver the product with different pricing like onetime payments, subscription, free, trial and installment options. The membership site should be created on a custom domain or subdomain using the membership plugin and WordPress.

SSL secured Website

SSL secured Website

We should use SSL encryption for the domain. If we use a subdomain, we should protect it with wildcard SSL or multi-domain SSL based on several websites and domains. The product creation, set up, and delivery with this domain occur once we have chosen hosting and WordPress installed with the necessary theme, plugins.

Hosting with Maximum Uptime

The information products require the best hosting service to deliver the product. Especially when we are using online teaching or coaching programs with live videos that require better streaming. Moreover, online courses with video tutorials require higher bandwidth during high traffic conditions.

The membership sites should be available, even in remote areas. We know people can access information from anywhere in the world. Therefore, we should select the hosting with the following parameters for information product launch.

  • Maximum uptime performance,
  • The best content delivery network even in remote locations
  • Faster data transfer even at extensive audience access
  • Security and protection against the malware attacks with monitoring
  • Secured remote access of website data with multifactor authentication
  • Provisions for business tools integration with customer and marketing analytics.

These are the essential factors while selecting the best hosting for product launch. Moreover, the hosting service should provide hosting email service with DNS, Cname and A records management with domain service provided. The dedicated IP is an advantage with an easy-to-use hosting control panel and live hosting resource monitoring.

Most importantly, the hosting service should provide scalable pricing and features for both downgrades, upgrade options. It helps in the long run with business growth.

WordPress Themes and Plugins

After selecting a domain and hosting for the product, we are now ready to install WordPress with the best product launch theme and necessary plugins. Generally, the hosting services provide a one-click application installer to deploy WordPress in the provided domain. Just follow the instruction and install WordPress.

Generally, WordPress has a homepage, posts, archive pages, pages and custom templates. Apart from these WordPress templates, the information product launch requires the following templates.

  • Lead pages templates,
  • Sales page templates,
  • Online course templates,
  • Membership page templates,
  • Thank you page template,
  • Login page template,
  • Checkout page templates

We should find the WordPress theme with these templates for product launch. Moreover, a page editor with customizable options helps create the required launch templates. We can choose a better theme based on the marketing campaign used in the product launch. For example, the funnel campaign or flywheel marketing uses suitable templates to present the product in the marketplace.

Launch Templates

Launch Templates

While we consider the plugins for the product launch, we should use plugins for image optimization and media players, especially for the landing page. We should also use the best plugins for customer interactions like quizzes, surveys, assignments, note-taking, and discussion with content providers. WordPress offers many themes and plugins for these functions. Finally, we go through it with the launch and product delivery method.

We can also choose membership plugins or LMS plugins for information product creation and launch with WordPress.

Information Product Creation, Protection and Delivery

We know that the four types of information products like ebooks, online courses, membership caching programs and live webinar events are delivered to three types of audiences. The best way to do this with WordPress CMS is always a membership site with LMS plugins, or we can use online course creation and selling platforms to deliver the information products to the audiences.

We should consider the MemberPress WordPress plugin to create and sell information products with LMS integration like LearnDash. The MemberPress plugin can convert the entire WordPress website into a protected membership site. It helps to protect posts, pages, categories, tags, images, media files with BBpress forums.

We can even deliver a downloadable products like eBooks, video series, pod costs, presentation PPT, PDFs and webinars. We can use a membership site to deliver these products with MemberPress.

The LMS plugins like LearnDash integration helps to create online courses with modules, lessons and live coaching sessions. We can achieve a better learning experience for the customer with tests, quizzes and pre-request lessons. The assignments, surveys help the best interaction with course providers.

With WordPress and MemberPress with LMS, we can create a complete information product ready to launch in the marketplace. Moreover, MemberPress provides opportunities to integrate other support tools for launching information products. Email services, payment processors, affiliate systems and CRM tools.

Email Services

Email services play a vital role in product launches. Therefore, the best email marketing service should provide all the four product launch requirements listed below.

  • Email list creation with subscription forms,
  • Follow-up messages product launch
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Analytics and insights with tracking

The first part of the product launch is list creation with lead generation forms. The best email marketing service should provide the best design and templates for subscription form creation. Moreover, it should have an easy implementation option in lead generation pages either with embed codes or shortcode options. The popup and sidebar widget options help build a list from the WordPress websites for the product launch.

Email services

Email services

Email follow up messages are a vital part of email marketing services. The follow-up messages are created using the best email custom templates with personalization options. We can create these follow up messages for subscription, launch and marketing campaigns. We should define the follow-up messages with time intervals best on the service used.

The launch sequence requires immediate follow-up after subscription or sales, whereas an email marketing campaign requires follow-up emails at regular intervals. We should use custom confirmation emails and thank you emails with login details for the membership products in the product launch. Welcome email with details about the product subscription.

We can use marketing campaign emails to sell products to existing customers through a sales funnel process. Here the campaign analytics and insights help achieve the goal by fine-tuning the marketing campaigns. In addition, the sales pages and payment gateways are an essential part of the product launch.

Payment Processors and Gateways

Unlike ecommerce products, information products always require multiple payment options for every product or program. The downloadable products like ebooks and live events like webinars require a single payment subscription in the sales pages with simple checkout options. We can use exit offers in checkout pages for these products.

When it comes to the online course and membership coaching programs, it requires time and commitment from learners and product creators. So the recurring subscription, instalments and scalable pricing are the best options for delivering online courses. In addition, we can use membership sites to deliver online courses and coaching programs.

Payment Processors

Payment Processors

The free bonus, free trial for the courses and coaching programs are available with membership site creation with MemberPress. The learners can be from any part of the world, so the payment processors should process the multiple currencies with lessor transaction fees. Credit cards, wire transfers, and secured payment gateways are the best choice to collect payments from customers.

The subscription-based membership site requires payment processors to process the payments. It could help to pay for the promoter with affiliate commissions. We can also use it to provide payouts for the content creators while running online courses and coaching programs.

Affiliate program setup Tool

The affiliate tools are widely used in product launch checklists. However, the product launch process includes marketing in its fourth stage. When it comes to marketing, the promotions and promotional offers for the social media influencers are provided using affiliate programs. Therefore, we can set up an affiliate program for the product launch with precise details.

It should have the details about the below things.

  • The commission structures onetime or recurring
  • Cookie tracking period
  • Sales tracking with refund policies
  • Affiliate Commission payout timing with minimum payouts.
  • The affiliate dashboard should have product images with referral links
  • referral statistics with refunds
  • Monthly commission earned

MemberPress should have integrated with many affiliate systems like idev affiliate and easy affiliate. We can choose the right one for our product launch with commission structure, cookie period and payout options.

We should check four things while selecting the affiliate program for the information product launch. The first is referral links and banners options, the second is cookie tracking period, the third is commission structure, and the final is payout methods available in the system. Then, of course, we can use an anyone payment processor in checkout pages for affiliate processing.

 Support system tools like CRM

Every WordPress product launch requires the best support system for prelaunch, launch and post-launch. Live chat and email support are a must for product launches. The live chat helps sales support and launch time support. The post-launch requires email support for product access.

Especially in information, a product needs quick support during live events like webinars or online coaching programs. So possible to provide telephone support for those places; otherwise, live chat will be the best alternative to telephone support during live sessions. For integrating the product support system during our product launch, we should prefer customer relationship management tools.

CRM tool

CRM tool

Generally, Best CRM uses a support system with helpdesk options with email ticketing and token. It also provides live chat, task management with customer communication history. That helps to close the marketing deals with a different mode of communication such as email, meeting and appointment scheduling. Moreover, CRM services can replace email marketing campaigns with analytics and tracking.

So In WordPress, the information product launch requires eight support tools and audiences and product types. These eight tools help create an information product; we can protect the materials with secured member access. The product can be launched using email services, payment processors, affiliate systems and CRM tools.


In summary, the information product launch with WordPress primarily requires audience selection and product delivery type. Three types of audiences require four types of information product delivery methods like ebooks, courses, coaching programs and webinars. The membership sites with subscription programs are the best choice to create and launch new information products in WordPress.

Once we created the product with WordPress using best hosting, SSL protected domain with best WordPress themes and plugins installations. We convert the WordPress website into a membership site using the MemberPress plugin, and LMS integration helps add course content inside the membership site. The page editors help create necessary templates for content delivery and membership site launch.

Email marketing services, payment processors, affiliate system integration and Customer relationship management tools help launch the information product in WordPress with membership subscription. Share your thoughts in the comments.

FAQ – Information Product launch Requirements in WordPress

 What is required for WordPress product launch?

The WordPress Product launch requires eight tools apart from audience and product. They are website, hosting, WordPress themes &plugins, product protection with delivery, email service, payment processors, affiliate system and CRM for support. Moreover, Info product launch has 6 phases product creation, protection, marketing, payment, support and affiliate promotion.

Why do we need Product launch requirements?

The product launch requirements list helps develop marketing strategies to increase sales during and even after the product launch. This list helps avoid the launch time customer dropouts by providing offers, discounts and bonuses. In addition, it helps to understand the complete launch process for budget estimation.

How to identify our launch requirements?

The launch requirements are identified with three factors. First, one is a type of audience, second is a type of product delivery, and final is the duration of learner engagement with product creators. For example, the WordPress information product requires a membership site with online course delivery for intermediate people.

What should I get if I have all the launch requirements?.

Before creating the Information product in WordPress, we should have the launch requirements list. It helps to create a strategic marketing plan for funnels and flywheel marketing. So obviously, we can improve conversion during the launch with the help of funnel campaigns, split testing by analytics and tracking tools.


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