How To Use E-Junkie Marketplace To Sell Our Product

If you’re getting ready to sell your ebook release some MP3s/videos or just want to sell access to some product you’ve created, you may be asking yourself “How the hell do I set it all up?” There are a lot of ways you can go when it comes to selling – Clickbank, 1ShoppingCart, PayDotCom, etc. – but I’m going to tell you about e-junkie, because it’s what I use, and it works incredibly well for a pretty low price – which is perfect when you’re just starting out.

What E-Junkie Is?

E-junkie is a shopping cart – in other words, it’s a place where you can set up your digital products and sell them in a way that keeps them from being stolen and shared.  What I mean by that is when you sell something via e-junkie, the buyer gets a secure download link that expires after a certain number of downloads or a certain time (you choose the settings).

e-junkie Marketplace

e-junkie Marketplace

So to a degree, you’re better protected than say, setting your “thank you” page to have a direct download link to a file on your server that can be shared or posted onto forums.  So that’s good.

Another benefit is that you actually upload your products to e-junkie, so the file is on their server, which can save you bandwidth costs if you have a large product download.

So e-junkie is the shopping cart / “buy now” button provider that helps people buy your stuff.  What it is not…  is a payment processor (the system that actually handles the credit card transaction).  You’ll need something else for that, like PayPal, Clickbank, 1ShoppingCart, etc..  The shopping cart actually links up with the payment processor, and the two work hand in hand to get stuff to your customers, and money to you.

Let’s talk about how to make that happen

E-Junkie + PayPal = Easy Setup

(Skip this section if you already use PayPal.)

In my experience, the easiest and least expensive way to set up your products for sale is to use PayPal:

  • It’s simple to set up,
  • Takes both credit cards and PayPal payments,
  • Easy to connect with third-party systems,
  • Has no monthly costs (unlike 1ShoppingCart, which starts at $34/month)
  • You get your money right away (unlike Clickbank, which sends you checks in the mail),
  • The transaction fee is low (about 3%, rather than 7% from Clickbank)
  • You can set up products for free (unlike $50 per product at ClickBank)

… and you get the point.  Just starting out?  PayPal is the way to go.  No costs until you sell something, and the company isn’t going anywhere.

Getting Your E-Junkie Account

E-Junkie gives you a free 7-day trial option when you start, which is nice.  But before you sign up, hop over to coupon site. Search for e-junkie, and you may find promotion codes that give you one to three months free on top of that.

Create free trail account in ejunkie

Create free trail account in ejunkie

If you choose not to continue after your trial, they’ll deactivate your seller account, but you can always come back in and fire it up again if you become a paying customer.  Which you should, because their pricing starts at $5.  A note about pricing: e-junkie doesn’t charge by the transaction or by bandwidth or by sales volume … they charge based on the size of the files you upload to your server.

This is nice for ebooks and small products, because the $5 plan gives you 50 MB of storage for up to 10 products.  ebooks clock in between 1 and 10 MB most of the time, so this keeps you covered quite nicely. I personally use the $15 (250 MB) plan because I have a lot of large audio-based products.

You’ll need to add your PayPal email into your e-junkie profile, but once you do that, you’re ready to go.  Let’s dive in.

Setting Up Your First Product

Getting your stuff up there is easy, I’ll walk you through it right now.

The first thing you’ll need to do after logging in is to click the seller admin link at the top of the screen, and click the Add Product link (the very first link on the page, so it’s hard to miss).  Then you’ll see this screen:


product-setup page in-ejunkie

product-setup page in-ejunkie

For this example, we’re just going to use an ebook – a straight file download, no bells, no whistles (we’ll cover both in future posts).

Add product setup in ejunkie

Add product setup in ejunkie

So, you’ll just:

  • Put in a name for the product (this is what buyers will see, so make it clear and understandable)
  • You can uncheck that “Let buyers update quantity in cart” box if you want – it’s an ebook, so a download is a download.  (Besides, you can set up a buy now button so they don’t deal with a cart, we’ll show you how to do that in a second).
  • For the email subject (for the email they’ll receive upon purchase), I’d recommend replacing “Purchase” with “Download Link.”  You don’t want your buyer to just think it’s a receipt and leave it unopened.  You might even want to include “Time Sensitive” in there if you’re planning on having a short expiration date on the link.
  • You can leave the email message blank (I usually do).

Now click the More Options button under all that you’ll get this screen:

The reason I want you to take a look here is because of the download link validity field.  It’s set to 120 hours (5 days), and I’ll recommend you nuke that and just clear the field.  Experience has shown me that a LOT of people buy products in the here and now (usually to take advantage of a promotion) but don’t actually download them until a week or longer has gone by.

Product upload options

Product setup options

If you don’t change this field, be prepared to field a whole mess of “Oh crap, my link expired!” customer service messages.  Save yourself the trouble and just leave the hours field blank.

I like to keep the attempts field small (I set it to 3 most of the time).  This limits the customer’s ability to share the link, but gives them flexibility to re-download if they switch computers or accidentally delete/corrupt the file.

Now click the Next button and you’ll get this screen:

You don’t have to do a thing here (I’ll explain this all in another post).

Click Submit.

Upload Your Product & Get Your Links

At this point you’re looking at the screen below and you’re almost done.

add to cart button code

add to cart button code


  • Click the Upload Product File button and upload your ebook (or whatnot).
  • You can copy the code on this page to create an Add To Cart button – just paste it on your page, and bam, you’re set.  Or…
  • You can get code to add to a web link by clicking the Buy Now Buttons tab and selecting the highlighted text you see below:
buy now button in ejunkie

buy now button in ejunkie

Just paste that text in a link (or the link in any customized “Buy Now” buttons you might want to make), and you’re good to go.

PS – one annoying thing about the e-junkie interface is that the CTRL-C (copy) and CTRL-V (paste) dont’ work well.  Right-click and do your copy/paste instead in e-junkie. (And do your other clicky things if you’re a Mac user).


That’s all you really need to do to get a secure digital download set up to sell.  $5 a month is a small price to pay for having that hassle out of your way – plus there are other great benefits to using e-junkie, like an easy affiliate program (which I’ll go into later).

But the big question is what do you want to know about e-junkie? Add your question in the comments field below and I’ll do my best to answer them in an upcoming post.

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    Nice informative article. I want to sell my ebook on ejunkie’s marketplace.
    what if i do not want this website thing…instead that just sell it on ejunkie.
    like amazon and smashword. Can we do it like that?
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