How To Create FTP Accounts In cPanel

In this article, I’m going to show you how to create new FTP accounts. Now, when you create your web hosting account with your web hosting provider, you will already be given the default FTP account that you can use to access your files and folders.

However, if you want other people to work on your website, then it’s highly recommended that you create a new FTP account just for them, so that when the work is completed, you can delete the FTP account that you created for them, and therefore make sure that there are no security excuses and no one will be able to access the FTP or the folders on your website.

Create FTP accounts

Create FTP accounts

To create a new FTP account, just log in to your cPanel and click on FTP accounts. The first thing you need to do is give this new account a login ID. So if I’m going to give this FTP account to a freelancer, I can just put in the username of ‘freelancer’ and assign a password; you can also click on Password Generator to automatically generate complex passwords; and if you notice, once I have created the login ID, cPanel will automatically suggest a folder that this FTP account can access.

New FTP account in cpanel

New FTP account in cpanel

So if you want this FTP account to be able to access every file in your web hosting account, then just make sure you only put in ‘public_html’. If you want this FTP account to be able to access only specific folders or directories, then type in the folder name here. And you can see that as you start typing in, cPanel will automatically give you suggestions of existing folders or directories in your web hosting account.

Then just select the folder that you want to give this FTP account access to, and if you want this FTP account to be able to only upload or download a certain number of files in terms of file size, then you can specify that here. Otherwise, just click on Unlimited, and click on Create FTP Account.

So it says here that “FTP account has been created”. So if I scroll down, I’ll be able to see the FTP login ID, and the specific folder that this FTP user can access, the usage or quota, and also I can change the password; and most importantly, when I no longer want to use this FTP account, I can just click on Delete to delete the FTP account.

FTP accounts in cpanel

FTP accounts in cpanel

But you have to be very, very careful here. Do not, under any circumstances, choose to delete account and files, because that will actually delete any files that you have in the folder that you specified earlier. So be very careful – delete only the FTP accounts but not the files in the folder that the FTP account has access to. So just click on Delete Account to remove that FTP account earlier.

So using this method of FTP account creation, you can allow multiple people to access different parts of your web hosting account, while at the same time ensuring that your main FTP account and password is kept only for you.

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