How to Convert Visitors to Customers in WordPress – Sales Funnels

Most small businesses are running without or tiny customer base; moreover, it has huge traffic. The funnels can convert visitors to customers effectively. Finding the best funnel builder can simplify most of the work in that process. This article provides some best funnel builders to convert traffic into revenues and assert small businesses, even large ones.

Converting visitors to customers in WordPress website needs five stages: landing page with subscription forms, best email marketing service, payment gateways, Analytics and insights, and customer management tools. These 5 tools help to build the best funnels to convert visitors to customers. Before finding the best funnel, we need to overlook the stages in the conversion process.

Overlook of Funnel stages that convert visitors to customer

Every funnel stage should provide a list of people for the end process to achieve a customer base. The funnel stages help to do it quickly. It starts from landing page visitors; In the first funnel stage, the visitors become leads for the business.

The second funnel stage converts lead to deals by email marketing service. Once we have the leads for our business, we need to find their interest in our business services and product. It helps to identify the right time to start a business promote our product until we educate our business to leads.

Moreover, the Third stage provides the first revenue for the business. In the third stage, the deals are closed by receiving payments from the deals. In this stage, we start collecting the closed deals as a separate list. It becomes the value list in the funnel process to build a customer base by segmentation.

Visitors to Customers

Visitors to Customers

Fourth stage analytics and insights help to segment the deals into multiple parts for sale closure. Moreover, it provides the idea to implement different strategies in the funnel process helps to close the deal even faster. Here we can achieve the conversion rate by processing the negotiation and decision-making process of funnels. However, it gives unclosed deals.

Finally, the fifth stage of the funnel provides the customer base from the fourth stage and directly from the third stage. Here we have four lists from four stages, with two of them already giving some revenue by purchasing our services. So we need to maintain Leads, Deals, Closed deals, Upsell leads, and Customers by funnel process.

These five stages of the funnel provide a customer base, and its segmentation helps to give high conversion during product launch. It makes the customer becomes a solid base to our business by best funneling.

How to find the best funnels to convert visitors to customers?

The funnels for WordPress should provide email list building, marketing with multiple modes, deal closing by offers, Upsell processing with feedbacks and insights, finally, customer segmentation with many customer processing strategies to find a solid customer base.

Best funnel builder should have multiple lead generation options, marketing automation, deal closure by chats and telephones. Moreover, it should give insights to sales tracking, and customer relationship services make upsell products with strategies. Here we have a list of funnel builders to find the best one to convert visitors to customers.

Funnels for WordPress to convert traffic into customer

Conversion and lead processing are the main work for the funnels. The conversion gives the customer, and lead processing gives a customer base or asset to the business. So both are vital parts in the WordPress funnel builder that helps to achieve the goal. In the five-stage stages of the funnel, the five lists and five processing methods should be available to convert landing page visitors to customers. funnels is a funnel creation software that provides tools to create a complete product launch. It can create sales funnel to sell online courses or digital info products in a marketplace. The funnel creation is more straightforward. Everything is in one place. It uses a squeeze page, sales page, payments page, thank you page, and upsell page in the funnel creation. These five-page helps to convert a squeeze page visitor into a customer at the upsell page.

Each of the five pages has a different configuration setting with separate email list integration to collect the leads. The exit point may happen on any one page of the funnel corresponding list with the email address. It can be processed later with different marketing automation and strategies to convert them into customers.

Systeme-io Sales Funnel

Systeme-io Sales Funnel

We have a dashboard set up to create automation rules, a/b testing, analytics, and sales reports for every page in the sales funnel. Moreover, it has an email marketing service, online course, affiliate management, and website builder for complete product creation and funnel setup.

The website builder can help customize the funnel pages, and email marketing helps create follow-up emails and marketing campaigns for deal processing. It also has video hosting for sales pages.

Features of

  • The website builder has elements and blocks to customize the funnel pages.
  • Popup options are available to display subscription or lead generation forms anywhere on the website.
  • We can add media like images, videos, and audios in sales and lead generation pages to convert the funnel process better.
  • It is the best tool for online course creators and marketers to create sales funnels with marketing automation.
  • The affiliate marketing software helps to increase the revenue by affiliate promotions. is the best funnel builder to convert landing page visitors into customers for our product or services. Moreover, it has complete tools solution to market a product. Even we can manage affiliates for the product promotion with email marketing automation.


Clickfunnels provide lead generation pages and sales funnels that help sell the product in the market places. Click funnels have transferred the landing page visitor into funnel stages and converted them into customers. It has landing pages, sales pages, collect money page, one-click upsells, and members area for the customers.

It is the step-by-step sales funnel process that helps to build successful funnels for small businesses and startups. Click funnels uses drag and drop website editor to create funnel pages such as landing page with subscription form, video sale page, checkout page with offers, upsell pages with discounts, and finally, welcome membership page for customers.



We can generate new leads with the best landing page templates and email marketing services. It can collect the leads in a list. Then we can send follow-up messages with product or service information. At the right time, the product sales letter send to the leads.

Once they make payment, the lead will be added to the customer list, and the product upsell page will send to the customers with offers. Even if they negotiate the page, they will be available in the membership area with their purchased product.

Features of Clickfunnels

  • Clickfunnels provide a sale funnel for many small businesses such as ecommerce, info products, coaching, agencies, B2b, blogging, etc.
  • Quickly build sales funnels that convert and we have a drag and drop etison editor to customize the funnel pages.
  • It runs affiliate programs for product promotions.
  • We can create a smart email with follow-up funnel messages.
  • It has smart shopping carts with 1 click upsell for funnel pages.
  • Click funnels have email and Facebook marketing automation to generate new leads to convert customers.

Click funnels is the complete funnel creation platform with email and Facebook marketing automation. It has the general funnel process from landing page, sales page, order page, upsell page, and members area. These funnels help to convert landing page traffic into customers.

GetResponse Sales funnels

GetResponse is the best email marketing software that helps to offer sales funnels to convert visitors to customers. This conversion process getresponse uses lead magnet funnels, website builders, email marketing, landing pages, and signup forms. This funneling process mainly helps online marketers to improve their sales.

The funnel process starts with lead funnels. It helps to collect the leads by landing page and signup forms that are available in Getresponse. Facebook ads generate the traffic for the landing pages, google ads, and social ads feature available in getresponse. We should convert those traffic into a customer-by-funnel process that starts from signup forms. The email autoresponder is available with list management. The transactional emails are available to close the deal by email or live chat as well.

GetResponse Sales Funnel

GetResponse Sales Funnel

Getresponse provides many integration tools for store products, payment processors, abandoned carts, sales funnels, marketing automation, list building, and reporting. We can also use readymade or ready-to-go sales funnels to convert visitors to customers.

Features of Getresponse Sales funnels

  • The funnel process starts to create signup forms on the landing page.
  • It has an email marketing tool for list management from the lead collected by landing pages.
  • We can sell physical products, online courses, ebooks, webinars, and services using getresponse sales funnels.
  • It uses stripe, paypal, payU, BlueSnap, and Square payment processors on the checkout page to close the deals.
  • We can automatically recommend the product with upselling options in using marketing automation.
  • The win-back abandoned cart is available in checkout pages can increase the conversions.
  • Automatic follow-up messages are available with thank you pages helps good customer relationships for upselling.
  • The list management with email automation helps the lead segmentation for new product launches as well.

GetResponse is the complete sales funnel tool that helps provide a smooth customer journey from landing pages to upsell and thank you pages. It helps to convert the most visitors in the lading page to customers by funnels.


CovertFlow is the platform helps to convert landing page visitors into leads and paying customers. The convert flow offers onsite retargeting that helps the returning subscribers into customers. Before that, we need to convert the visitors into customers using the marketing tools available on the converted flow and lead page with options forms.

It uses 100+ templates for popups, forms, and landing pages to collect leads on our WordPress websites. Convertflow integrates many marketing tools to drive traffic to the landing page. Different subscription forms can collect more data from the leads for the funnel process to convert them into a business asset.

ConvertFlow Sales Funnel

ConvertFlow Sales Funnel

Popups, surveys, quizzes, and sticky bars are the different marketing methods are available to collect the leads with signup forms. Once the lead is collected, we have onsite retargeting to convert them into paying customers. We can use free ebooks as a lead generation tool to collect targeted leads to send a sales letter.

Use email marketing softwares to send follow-up emails that will educate the customer about the product. The most qualified leads are identified with lead personalization with videos email series. Finally, it is time to send the call to action with product payment options. We can even upsell email templates with products from Shopify and Livestrom.

Features of Convertflows

  • Convertflow has more than a hundred templates for landing pages, emails, and signup forms.
  • It has a visual editor to customize subscription forms.
  • We can create a different style of subscription form with a popup and sticky bar display for lead collections.
  • It provides marketing tools integration to capture leads from landing pages.
  • Email personalization and marketing campaigns are used to segment the qualified leads for product sales.
  • The qualified leads are offered product upsell with well-designed email templates.

ConvertFlow is the best SaaS platform to convert landing page visitors to customers by funnel processing. The leads are collected using signup forms and landing pages. The onsite-retargeting and personalized email followups help to identify qualified leads to upsell the product.

Kartra funnels

Kartra funnels provide launch automated sales-driving funnel creation in a few clicks with landing pages and funnel campaigns. It uses lead pages, forms, memberships, videos, emails, affiliate campaigns, analytics, and many integration tools for the complete launch to convert visitors to customers.

It uses six-stage funnels to convert visitors to customers from the lead capture page that collects leads. It uses a marketing campaign to educate leads and send sales pages to the leads with product checkout page call to action buttons.

Kartra Sales Funnel

Kartra Sales Funnel

We can provide invoices, download emails, and the funnel continues with upsell products with offers. It has a thank you page link for unwanted people and a checkout link for the upselling product. Once the payment is made, it will direct them to a thank you page. The best email marketing service collects the customer’s email and runs an automatic marketing campaign for future events.

Features of Kartra Funnels

  • It uses a multi-level funnel process with prebuilt templates for membership areas for customers.
  • The drag and drag sequence builder helps to market follow-up emails with tags and personalization.
  • Conditional email marketing automation campaigns can run for qualified leads.
  • The drag and drop sequence builder can create successful funnel stages with yes or no Booleans.
  • The plug-and-play automated campaign can be initiated for segmented leads to make the higher conversion.

The Kartra funnels are one of the best sales funnel creation and automated marketing campaigns. It uses six funnel stages with Boolean logic and tags for lead segmentation. Finally, we can use upsell products with thank for purchase page.

Cartflows Funnels

The cartflow funnels can help to build sales funnel to make a better conversion. It uses a drag and drop website page builder to create landing pages with signup forms to collect leads. With cartflow, we can create five-stage sales funnel lead capture page, sales page, checkout forms, one-click upsell, and thank-you page.

It has analytics and reports for sales and upsells of products. Cartflow uses custom templates for all the pages. We can customize it using the website editor with drag and drop options. We can customize the checkout forms with order bumps such as reviews and testimonials.

CartFlows Sales Funnel

CartFlows Sales Funnel

The one-click upsell has the best discounts and offers and thank you page links for the product purchased. We can even create a four-stage sales funnel that helps convert visitors to customers by website, checkout page, upsell page, and thank you page.

Features of Cartflow funnel

  • The four-stage sales funnel has several pre-built templates for website or landing page creations.
  • It uses one-click import, and we can use many WordPress page builders to customize our landing pages.
  • The pre-checkout offers and checkout form template customization can increase the conversion.
  • A/B testing is available to create high converting landing pages is the sales funnel.
  • We can create sales funnels for new product launches, old existing product selling, and even for agencies.
  • One-click upsell is available with one-time offers.

The Cartflows can create four-stage sales funnels with high converting landing page templates. It uses order bumps, one-click upsell, A/B testing, and analytics for better conversion.

LaunchFlows funnel

The Launchflows help to create a woo-commerce sales funnel. It works well with elementor, Gutenberg, divi, and beaver builder to create the best landing pages. Instant registration is available while selling ecommerce   products. It uses order bumps, and multi-step offers funnel before the checkout page display.

The launch flows funnel can use both upsell and down-sell to increase the revenue and customer base. It also has instant pay now options for donation. The thank-you page templates available with feedback can improve the customer relationship as well.



It provides three-step sales funnel for ecommerce products. First, create a product page, second is the checkout page with multiple payment methods, and finally, thank you page. This method helps faster sale closure in ecommerce websites. We can use drag and drop product widgets for faster checkouts in online stores.

The launchflow funnel is the best WordPress funnel for selling ecommerce products in simple ways. It uses just three steps to sell the product, which provides quicker sign up to become a more significant asset.


In summary, the best way to convert visitors to customers in WordPress is through sales funnels. We can use five-stage funnels for a higher conversion rate from the landing page visitors. The landing page must have a lead generation form to collect email in a list with the help of an email marketing service.

Once the email is collected, choose the best email campaign using lead follow-up emails with tags and personalization. It provides the qualified leads use the best marketing campaign to close the deal after the successful education about the product.

The sales letter presentation should have a checkout page and upsell product discounts and offers. Finally, close the sale and get the potential customers. It is the sales funnel that converts visitors to customers with revenue in the business. Share your experience in the comments section.

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