Four Pillars of a Successful Product Launch

Every successful product launch has four main pillars website or blog, product, marketing and sales. Each pillar plays major role in the product launch. We will see the contribution of each pillar with our product launch. Product launch is not a singular process it is a combination of multiple process required in launching process.

These four pillars have multiple processes like product documentation, live chat, affiliate page, faq pages, product creation and testing with our staffs and marketing the product to wide range of people with various marketing techniques and finally conversion and post launch processes to improve conversion rate.

Website or Blog for product Introduction

In any online product launches having website or blog is the primary thing. Because blog or websites are the primary steps in marketing the new product. When we start planning the product launch first this we should need website or blog. Website or blog may have unique domain name for added advantage.

When you purchased a domain, develop a website or blog using WordPress. Here we have our blog for the product launch. Load with content related to the product launch. This website is blog should be the community center for the product launch.

Website or blog creation

Website or blog creation

We should introduce content at the prelaunch, during launch and post launch periods. So websites are necessary. During the launch the website should have the primary navigation as home, contact, about, product, affiliate, sign in, documentation and faq. Every product launch website should have these tabs in the navigation. Web site should also have live chat in home page for easy content transformation regarding the product.

This website or blog should containing useful information about your company; your site needs to contain information about your new product. Feature it on the homepage of your site and create a product specific landing page that features photos, videos, product descriptions and other content you want to share. The lancing page of the website is more important of the product launch.

We can also use both blog and website in product launch we can use website as homepage and blog as promotional part of the product. Web site should contain landing pages for better conversion we can use OptimizePress  WordPress theme for in our website to create landing pages and different sales pages. OptimizePress have 19 squeeze page templates and 29 sales page templates for our website landing page setup.

In the blog section we need to give updates regarding the product launch and post product launch strategies should be linked with blog section of the website. This blog should have navigational link in the website.

Product Creation and Testing

Product is the second pillar of the product launch. This product pillar contains the work from creating the new product to testing the product functionality and integration part of the product launch. There are different types of product first we should decide or product type membership site, EBook, softwares, music CDs and etc.

Consider we are creating an EBook for the product later we can discuss about the other products. Once you have completed writing the content for the EBook now we need to align the topic and sub titles of the EBook content in the word document itself. And also add necessary images in the EBook.

Now we should add table of content and pagination in the word document. Table of content should have clickable jump to links to the necessary chapters of the EBook. Every chapter should be differentiated from the sub titles in the table of content section. Hyperlinks should be added in necessary places of the EBook.

We need to add preface and copyright information and at the end we need to have references for the EBook content. Finally we need to create ecover for the EBook using ecover creation software. Here we have 20 best e cover design software. Once you finished ecover creation process. Now it is ready for word to PDF conversion.

Product Testing

Product Testing

Once this conversion process has over, now our EBook product ready to market. We can use click bank or ejunkie for marketing our EBook. Finally testing the product with our staffs this will be most important process in product creation. If any changes needed we can modify the EBook. After the testing process now the product available for the market.

Marketing with Multiple Resources

Marketing is the third pillar of the successful product launch.  The main objective of marketing is to reach our product to the targeted customers. Today, consumers get information from multiple sources, so this requires multiple marketing channels to ensure the success of our launch.

Online marketing have many ways to reach the product customer for example content marketing, email marketing, link building, list building, social media marketing, JV and etc. Every marketing technique should reach different set people around the world. From the market research we need to target the set of customers to market our product.

Marketing methods

Marketing with multiple Resources

Targeting the customer based on the marketing method. For example to reach facboook community we should use social media marketing.  Google has adsense and adwords for great content marketing. Advertiser and publisher connected using this marketing technique. We can use keyword marketing tool for find our targeted customers.

Email marketing start with building email list for particular community people. We have different autoresponder system to build email list. Every auto responder system has of auto response as well as email broadcasting feature. Aweber is one of the great auto responder systems available in internet. We build list using squeeze page, landing page of the product launch. OptimizePress  WordPress product launch theme has 19 squeeze page templates and 29 sales page templates for our website landing page setup.

Social media marketing start with link building. We have social networking sites as well as social bookmarking website. Both have developed different community around the web user. Social bookmarking sites like delicious, stumble upon and etc may have paid adverting to reach targeted audience. Social networking site like facebook have fan pages to market our product. Micro blogging site like twitter also have huge number of audience with a particular community.

Sales or Conversion at post Launch processes

Sales or conversion is the fourth pillar of successful product launch. Sales are different from marketing because marketing uses our product to reach wide range of customer but sales used to convert people to order our product. We may call sales as conversion of the product it improved by post-launch processes.

Setting up affiliate is also a conversion process, split testing, offer in the sales page, bonus in the sales page, upsell another product to the existing customer. Simple sales convert landing page visitor to valuable customer.

Conversion Funnel

Conversion Funnel

We can also use pay-per-click, pay-per-impression techniques to improve conversion.  To make more conversion our sales page content should have social proof, benefits of the product. Sales page must answer four questions.

  • What is the product benifits?,
  • Why should I buy the product?,
  • How it will work?,
  • What should I get if I purchase the product?.

Answer of these four questions should be available in the sales page. It may be any place but it should be visible to the landing page visitors. Answer may be in title of the sales page or video, bonus, offer, social proof, testimonials and etc.

We do split test with number of different sales page templates using google web optimizers. For different type of templates we can use OptimizePress product launch WordPress theme. Using the google web optimizers we can our different sales pages at 25 percent of impression in particular region.

Affiliate marketing is finest conversion process we should give different size of product image in the affiliate page. We should give affiliate commission from 25% to 75% for single referrals. We should have the affiliate link in website home page navigation. The more affiliate we get more conversion.


Successful product launch have four pillars or blog. 2. Product creation and testing. 3. Marketing the product to reach wide range of people. And finally 4.sales or conversion post launch process. These four pillars have multiple processes to be successful in new product launch. Share your thoughts in comments section.

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