Create Different Types of Information Products in WordPress

Are you looking to do online business around WordPress?. The best part of doing it by creating information product and making revenue from it. We knew WordPress is the popular content management system in the digital world. It provides multiple methods to manage the content by tags, categories and custom post types. Moreover, we can update the fresh content on the home page by blogs.

So the information product handling with WordPress is much easier than other content management systems. Also, WordPress has content protection plugins to protect all the information published via WordPress blog or website. We can protect media files and even category tags with plugins.

It helps to create information products in WordPress to serve the online readers and visitors of WordPress. The membership sites, online courses, ebooks, case studies and webinars are the best information products to be created and market with WordPress.

Problems in Information product creation 

While creating an information product, its protection and delivery is may has the below issues.

The first one is Product Creation Tools: If the product likes ebooks, video series, or even podcasts are downloadable information products. These products are created with business tools like ebook creation softwares, recording videos with screencasting and podcast service with a microphone with sound system.

Hosting spaces: The only thing we need to protect it at the right hosting spaces with access only for the members or subscribers. We need a secured media player to stream the media file with maximum hosting uptime for files access. Apart from the downloadable files, all the information products should be available without downtime issues for the readers.

Product Access: The information products should be accessed even on mobile devices in any world. Content delivery templates should be responsive, and the media players should support all browsers irrespective of gadgets. While using the membership site, we should limit the login access only for the paid people.

Information Product with WP

Information Product with WP

Delivery methods: Many people had confused with information product delivery. We had a huge amount of information in our product. We should deliver it to the readers with an easily understandable method. Moreover, we should split the topic into sub-topics and lessons to deliver the complete product.

Marketing the product: Information product marketing has many opportunities in the digital world, such as content marketing, social media and affiliate marketing. However, every marketing method requires many tools to analyze the campaign and follow the results. For example, the funnels, email marketing, social media marketing and PPC requires for the information product launch.

Why do we need WordPress to create information products?

We know WordPress is the best CMS in the world for managing content. Moreover, it provides the best protection and different deliverable methods. So we can easily create information products with WordPress as we like to deliver. We have more reasons below.

  • WordPress uses many themes with custom page templates to create a suitable template to deliver the information products.
  • It has extensions to add additional features like security, faster page loading, structured content delivery for info products.
  • WordPress helps create many information products with support tools such as forums, membership sites, subscription programs, live webinars, online coaching tools, etc.
  • It integrates with the best tools for information product promotion and selling such as Woocommerce, Shopify, email marketing services, CRMs, Affiliate softwares, Payment gateways and support tools.
  • We can create all the four types of information products with WordPress, such as downloadable, membership sites, Subscription programs and live event programs.

Benefits of creating information products in WordPress

The information products creation with WordPress helps to do online business in the educational field. We know the value of data and data processing. WordPress is the best platform to earn money with information products.

  • We can create our information product with the WordPress platform.
  • WordPress helps to promote information products through content marketing and search engine optimizations.
  • It is the best platform to identify affiliates for the product by presenting more information using WordPress blogs.
  • We can do product promotions by writing blog posts with search engine promotions and social media sharing.
  • In WordPress, we can create information products with multiple pricing methods such as one-time, subscriptions, scalable, free trial and upsell options.
  • WordPress uses plugins like Membership, LMS, WooCommerce and Subscription to create information products.

We would look out for the different types of information product creation using WordPress content management software and its supporting tools.

Types of information products creation with WordPress 

In WordPress, we can create many information products within four categories. They are:

  1. Downloadable products – Ebook
  2. Membership sites – online courses
  3. Subscriptions programs – coaching program
  4. Live event programs – webinars

These classifications are based on the content delivery methods, the quantity of information and the Time taken to deliver the information to the readers or people.

The three factors decide the pricing with teacher engagements with an information product. Next, we would see how five factors affect each information product category in WordPress.

Downloadable Information product in WordPress 

WordPress is the best platform to create downloadable information products like ebooks, presentations like PPT, Podcasts, video series, Media files and PDFs. These products are created using support tools like ebooks creation softwares, ecover design softwares, PDF tools, screencasting softwares, Microphones and video cameras. Once the product is created, we can promote it with WordPress.

We can deliver the downloadable information products via emails, WordPress blogs posts, social media sharing. The product is uploaded into WordPress media and protected with plugins. Or we can use amazon, ClickBank and other marketplaces to host the product to sell.

Downloadable Products

Downloadable Products

We should create a landing page with a payment link for the product download on our WordPress website. Once the payment is made, we should deliver the product download link by email or on another page of our WordPress websites. The product creators can restrict the quantity of downloads using a particular link.

The downloadable product takes more Time for creating the product and launch setup. Therefore, in the post-launch, we should support the customer only with downloads issues.

The product pricing depends on the quality of information bundled in the products and the problem that deals. Therefore, how elaborately the problem discussed in the information product should open the opportunities to find different solutions for the problem with the best solution by the product creator.

The customer and product creator engagement: There is no direct engagement between them in downloadable products. However, the product creators create the problem environment in the reader’s mind with possible solution opportunities and their best solution.

Membership Sites in WordPress

The membership site should have full of resources with lifetime access for premium members. In WordPress, membership sites are the best options to create information products. The membership sites help to deliver valuable online content within the protected area. We should create protected websites using membership plugins in WordPress such as MemberPress, Wishlist, etc. We can provide online courses, teaching lessons, coaching sessions, reports and analysis presentations inside the membership site.

These membership plugins help protect entire WordPress websites such as posts, pages, categories, tags, media files, etc. the protected content will be provided member access with username and password. We can sell the protected content using the lading pages with payment links. In WordPress, we can provide membership access for valuable readers and premium subscribers. WooCommerce plugins are the best membership example with shopping cart options.

Membership content, quantity and Time

When it comes to membership content delivery, we can use downloadable products, daily or weekly new content access, partial content open to all, and even search engines to read the available content. Moreover, the protected content is available online who have login access to the membership area.

Membership Site Product

Membership Site Product

Unlike downloadable content, we can add more information to the membership sites. We can add new information even after the membership purchase. The new bonus content is available for all the members irrespective of the Time of the purchase. The Woocommerce websites are the best example for membership information products. The only thing we don’t need is any shipping process to deliver the information product unless it becomes Audio, video CDs.

The membership site creation takes some time to plan for the content. We sub-divide the memberships into multiple levels based on the quality and quantity of information. Don’t overforce all the information within the membership site and high prices. Normally people are ready to pay for the information that improves where they lagged. Based on the reader’s engagement, the product creator should spend Time on membership sites.

Membership pricing and engagement

While pricing the membership product in WordPress, we should always use multiple pricing levels. Because, people who want one solution for the problem, and they don’t want the entire problem to be discussed with multiple solutions. So split the entire membership content into multiple levels to sell it at minimum price. However, we can provide full content as an additional option for a full membership subscription.

The product creator engagement with the membership site is only required if we add training and coaching sessions. The report sharing inside the membership site always required most time engagement with the members. If the membership site requires more product creator engagement, we can convert it to subscription programs. Remember, the membership site should not have much product creator engagement. It should have full of resources to access for the lifetime.

Subscription information product creation in WordPress 

The subscription information product has the expiry time for the product. The product is available only for a certain period called the length of the subscription. Live training, coaching sessions and online tutoring are the best examples of subscription products.

Sometimes we may use membership courses as a subscription product. In Those cases, we should use membership level for beginners, intermediate and experts in the field that we created information products. The length of the subscription varied with the quality of the subscribers.

Subscription product content, levels and Time

In subscription-based information products, the content delivery fully depends on the length of the subscriptions. The entire product content should be drip feed to every subscription level. We should drip-feed content only the member has subscribed particular level. They should access existing subscription levels within the membership area until the subscription. So subscription products should always need membership login and access. Then, based on product subscriptions, they can access the content.

Subscription Products

Subscription Products

The quantity of information for subscription products is limited for each level. The content is spread over multiple levels of subscription. Every subscription has a time interval. After that, members can have the next level of content access. We will repeat it until the end of the product subscription.

Here, every member has the same course duration with different time stats. The content drip feed once each subscription level is completed by the members.

For pricing, we can use multiple subscription levels such as one Time, monthly recurring or scalable subscriptions within the membership area. The pricing of information products subscription is available with a single payment for the entire subscription, recurring payment for a monthly subscription and scalable payment.

The coaching and training classes required more engagement with product creators. So the analytics and reports with presentation training with WordPress need time scheduling and recording options. It should also have note-taking and interactive options with product creators.

Live Event Programs in WordPress 

In WordPress, we can conduct live event programs with videos, Audio, presentations. Each program requires the best hosting services for live streaming after the subscription. We should use the best media players for the live events such as Webinars, Workshops, live podcasts, live tutoring and live Presentation.

The live events should always have interactions tools for the participants to share thoughts with chats, feedback, surveys, and even reviews. The missed participants should access the recorded event at a later time. Live streaming should be available even in remote areas with better hosting uptime. Moreover, it should be accessed by mobile devices.

Live Webinar Event

Live Webinar Event

The event pricing methods can be based on the participation of the events and follow-ups. The webinar, podcasts and presentation series for the event participants should be delivered by email subscription for the main event.

While selling the live event programs like webinars and podcasts, we should mention the number of live webinar hours and training sessions. We can offer coaching, training sessions and live teaching with event programs. In addition, we can deliver the events using WordPress blogs.


In summary of WordPress information products, WordPress is the best platform to create and sell information products with its plugins and integration tools. We can create ebooks, webinars, podcasts, presentation PPTs, live teaching, coaching, training, online courses, membership sites and subscription programs to deliver the information products in WordPress.

WordPress provides four major categories for the information products: downloadable, membership, subscription, and live events. In WordPress, we can create information products important factors like content delivery, the quantity of information, time commitment, pricing and engagement. In the end, WordPress is the best choice for information product creation and doing business with the own product launch.

FAQ – Types of Information Products in WordPress

What are information products in WordPress?

The information products are delivered to the learners to solve their inability to overcome the certain problem. The products help to educate the people with problem awareness, solution opportunities and the best solution to the problem using ebooks, courses, programs, live events, etc.

Why do we create information products with WordPress?

WordPress is the popular CMS to deliver information to readers and learners. It has many content management techniques with partial protection, membership subscription options. In addition, it has custom templates and extensions to deliver the information product. Moreover, it integrates well with marketing tools for product promotion and revenue.

How to deliver information products in WordPress?

We can deliver four different information products by downloadable products, membership area, subscription programs, and live event participation. These are the best information content delivery methods. In WordPress, we can use categories, tags, media and bogs to create information products like ebooks, courses, coaching and webinars.

What should we get I we create information products?

We can do business with information products on WordPress. It provides all the business tools integrations to make revenue from the customers by selling info products. It has email marketing, funnels, content marketing blogs, Lading pages and content protection plugins. We can use payment processors, CRM, affiliate tools with analytic and tracking to help to better info product business with WordPress.


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