Create Squeeze Page for Leads using Squeeze Funnel

Are you looking to build your email list? Yes, this is the right place to squeeze your leads to a separate list. We can use the squeeze page for leads from the targeted market. This squeeze page funnel is the lead generation tool to collect the targeted audience or customer’s email as a list from the targeted market.

How to create a squeeze page funnel?

To create a squeeze page funnel, you need to identify the traffic source, your market, and your customers. Only by these steps can we provide the solution for an issue.

In the Squeeze page funnel, we need squeeze page setup and Autoresponder email service with leads management.

The Autoresponders email service should have the marketing campaign and track with split testing. Finally, we need to set up the lead engagement methods using broadcasting and follow-up messages in the email autoresponder service.

Squeeze Page funnel

Squeeze Page funnel

This article needs to discuss Squeeze page setup in squeeze page funnel to collect email list. We need 7 parts in the squeeze page setup; each will open the funnel for lead generation.

Each part of the squeeze page should remember the purpose of leadership is being collected.

8 Funnel parts in Squeeze page for a Lead collection

Every funnel part should confirm the visitor and drive them to the squeezed list to satisfy their intention of being driven to this page. So we need o set up each part from our marketing campaign of our product or services.

All the marketing campaigns of service is starting from the market research with our product or service references. First, we need to identify the market in which we are going to collect the Lead.

1.Target the Market with lead form offers

First, we need to do market research to understand the availability of demand and competition in the market. Then, we need to choose the right market to generate more leads. For example, people around the world are engaged in social media.

So we need to find suitable social media available from Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram, Medium, and forums. These are all people revolving places around the web and best market places. So we need to find the right marketplace to collect our leads. The people who may be different phycology of learning but they use same social media.

So we need to create different Squeeze funnel for different marketplaces. Each market needs a different kind of attention for the same resource. The thing is, we need to squeeze the people of social media by squeeze page creation.

Youtube people need certain kinds of lead generation funnel, Facebook, medium, instagram needs certain critical elements in the squeeze page setup. Visual media like Pinterest and instagram needs a different kind of funnel to attract Lead from the people.

We need to create different squeeze funnels to generate leads from different marketplaces. The traffic driven from social media, blogs, and forums are collected separately. Because the people need different kind of attention from the market places, but we need to provide a single solution to all the people who want to find the solution for a common issue.

2.Target Audience for Hidden calls in Squeeze page

Target Audience to provide the solution. The people from different sources who have come to our squeeze pages will be satisfied with our solution then. Only they can provide their emails on the squeeze page. Else these people are bounced from the lead generations’ page. So we need to create the squeeze page to satisfy the promises given in the traffic generation strategies used for different marketplaces.

Our product must give the solution to the problem. But, before that, we need to satisfy the visitors from different sources by making interest with the topic we created leads or impacting the solution available for them once they have entered the email in the squeeze form.

So based on the solution provided by the product or service, we need to find the demographics and factors of the visitors such as age, education, time engagements, and how knowledgeable they are in this topic. Then, we need to squeeze them separately using the follow-up message sequences and find the right time to provide the solution.

For this, we need the many points of conversion places in squeeze pages. The squeeze page elements like title, support line, videos or infographic images, Social proof, statistics each have hidden call to action for the leads from different types of demographic factors. Or we need to create a separate templates for squeeze ect epage to collect leads.

3. Provide solution and problem by benefits

The solution should clearly say the squeeze page content to the people or visitors of the page,

Why do we collect the emails? and

what will you get after the emails submission?

Answer for these two questions always on the reader’s mind. We will provide the solution to satisfy them by providing a lead for engagement in your solution. The answer to the above two questions should be clear about what we will offer upon the lead generation. It will provide trust in you and your services.

Once they got engaged in your topic with interest, we need to provide a lot more resources, statistics, and facts about the problem via follow-up emails and also the best solution available in the market with advantages and disadvantages.

Problem with Solution

Problem with Solution

It will make how knowledgeable the leads are in the topic and provide your solution according to their nature and the point at which they want to know the solution. You need to follow the leads and educate them about the problem that your product or services solve.

The solution will be discussed in the squeeze page by benefits of the leads and after services. The benefits should convince the visitors, and it should be available as a feature in your services and products.

4. Formulate the Problem for Leads

To provide a solution to the particular problem, we need to formulate the problem. How big is this problem to be? how important to solve the problem? , how easily can we solve the problem? And finally, how we benefited from solving this problem?.

We should educate the information to the leads before we convert them into customers for your services. The squeeze page visitors must accept that yes, we can get a solution from this email for the problem described on the squeeze page.

We need to educate them while driving them to this lead generation page. Otherwise, they are educated by infographic images, Auto played short videos and bulleted benefit points in the squeeze pages and are convinced to provide their email address as leads.

We should notify the knowledge about the problem and the solution available in the competitive market with stats and social proofs in the squeeze pages. So the Problem formulation is much important to provide the solution for the common issues in the market.

5.Compare with competitors using case study

Two of the squeeze page elements will discuss the product that offers a solution for the same issues that our product or service will solve by this Lead. Social proofs and Stats are to be the two elements in the squeeze page.

These elements should provide the result of a case study about the best competitive product available in the market and how it fails to solve the issue. Along with the case study result, we need to provide how many products are available to solve the issues. These stats will explain the seriousness of the issues and how quickly they will get solved by the email subscription.

We should do the competitor’s analysis before collecting the leads for our service that will help us to provide a unique solution. Also, the importance of solutions for the common issues that we discussed on the lead generation page will be shown in this section.

Some of the squeeze pages may provide the sample report about the problem and the solution available in the market. We will provide this information via email after the email subscription on the squeeze page. For this case, we need to provide a bold call to action to get the report, It will benefit us in both the ways as generation of Lead, and we educated the problem via sample report.

So the conversion point from leads to sales has become much closer to these types of lead generation processes. Finally, we need to ask a question about the issue and make series of impacts on solving it.

6. Ask Question about the Problem in squeeze

The question asked in the squeeze page has provided better conversion in lead generation than usual. Asking the question will always provide attention to the visitor. Whether they know the solution or not but they want to know their solution was right or wrong. So always prefer to use a question on the squeeze page.

The impacts of question words are high in squeeze pages such as

How to…, Why not.., How will.., How easy…,

When.. What.. and Why… These words make the secondary impact in squeeze pages because these questions need much description to educate people. But these words are powerful in conversion by stats than emotions on the squeeze page.

Emotions may provide faster conversion in the squeeze page, but stats consistently improve lead pages. And these leads are helpful for long-term relationships in your business.

7. Call to follow the Service with email

Always use a call to action in the squeeze pages. For example, just three words nearby the subscription will provide much attention to the subscription form. Use direct call to action in the lead generation form button.

Such as get updates.., Get this book…, To know More… Engage with us… Get our service… Get instant access… These buttons provide different impacts on the visitor’s mind always prefer to provide the free offer on the squeeze page.

Don’t ask the people to subscribe for that free offer. But always keep in mind that the call to action button in the squeeze form is” direct and clear about” why we collect the mail.


We can use hidden calls for lead generation in any part of the squeeze page. But the form should be in a direct call to action for the service or product. Only seven parts are used in the squeeze page. So don’t use a long Squeeze page for lead generation. All the seven parts should have hidden calls from different types of visitors.

Use each part to target a specific audience for conversion in squeeze pages, identify them separately via follow-up messages, and educate them about the issue.

8. Set up the follow-up series for lead segmentation

The vital part of the squeeze page funnel is the follow up the leads from the squeeze page. The entire lead page is created to collect the email from the visitor to discuss a problem by educating and provide the best solution by-product or service.

So the follow-up messages after the lead generation are essential, so we need to use the best email autoresponder service for lead management and marketing. The email service should provide the CRM for lead engagement and follow-up message delivery, and stats analytics.

Nowadays, we have many email marketing systems available to integrate into squeeze pages such as getResponse, Aweber, convert it, Mailchimp and zapier, etc. We can use any one of these to create a squeeze form with leads collection and follow-up management.

The Lead follow-up will be automated separately until they become thoroughly educated about the problem we are ready to solve via service or product. The Lead follow-up may become discussed by convert it to join in the discussion boards.

Managing every single Lead is the best challenge for the service providers. Use good CRM for customer engagement and follow-up message tracking, and lead segregation. All these things are used to identify the seven parts of the squeeze page is to be separated by the follow-up process and educate them differently.


Creation of squeeze page for leads based on the squeeze funnel we created for our service needs 7 elements in the lead page. Form Title, support line, short video or infographic image, stats, social proof, Benefits, and offer a call to action form.

These 7 elements need to have seven hidden calls from different types of customers and always use different squeeze pages for each traffic source such as social media, visual media, video sharing websites, blogs, discussion boards, etc.

These squeeze page elements are generated and used in the lead generation page via our squeeze funnel using the eight steps. The steps from market identification, audience classification, problem formulation, solution offering, Competitor case study, ask visitor opinion, call them to join, and follow them with more resources. Share your thoughts in the comments section…


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