Create Membership Subscription Model Site in WordPress

Membership Subscription sites in WordPress are interesting concept especially when it comes to give a unique way to deliver premium content to our customers.

In membership website we have full control over the premium content that we are going to deliver. We can deliver partial content as open and the rest of the content for premium members. The standard products like ebook, CDs and DVDs the content management don’t have that much control over the product delivery. The membership site we can deliver the content based on the customer wish.

Therefore the best way to launch a product in WordPress is create membership website and give your valuable content to the customers. In WordPress we have as much plugins to create membership subscription websites. But choosing the right plugin to create our membership subscription is the complex task. First we through with our content and how we want to deliver it to the members. Every membership subscription plugin has unique way of content delivery to its subscribers.

Membership Subscription Model

Membership Subscription Model

While choosing the plugin apart from the content management and delivery plugin should satisfy all the basic requirements of membership sites. That’s multiple Autoresponder integration to create separated list to have good relationship with different type of subscribers. For customer convenience various payment checkouts also needed in membership plugin also it should have good technical support to create our premium membership website.

Creating membership site on WordPress need to solve certain problem in WordPress using the membership plugin. Which gives good WordPress content access to its users in order to give their customers fully satisfied with what they are received. Some of the issues are listed below.

User Login Form and User Roles

Even though WordPress website have user subscription by default it doesn’t have good login form for its members and also need good member area to access their premium content. WordPress have many User roles like Subscriber, Contributor, Author, Editor and Administrator. The subscriber role is especially for new members. This role doesn’t have good flexibility to access membership site content so we are in need of some added feature to members.

Members Only Login

Members Only Login

Now a day many subscription registrations have done through the social media profiles which makes easier in membership registration. So the lack of additional user roles in WordPress is one of the causes of creating membership site need some plugin.

The member’s area also needs to be optimized according the resource what we are going to deliver inside the membership site. Because we have different type of subscriptions within a member’s area so we need give content access according the subscription plan. In the end, we simply need to have a way to create additional user roles.

Protect the Content and Navigation Access

In WordPress we can protect all posts, pages fully. Also we can give partial content of the post to the visitors in order to get google search engine traffic to our membership site. This partial content protection also provides an idea about what is inside the protected area whether it is useful or not.  To extent the content protection we are in need of extension or plugins. So the membership plugin should always have reliable content protection.

Protected Member Access

Protected Member Access

The navigation inside the membership area should always be protected and given access according the subscription made buy the customers. Every topic inside the membership area is not always visible to all members because we have different types of subscription. For members it gives premium content to their availability of subscription.

Maintain Members Relationship with Us

In order to maintain good relationship our members we need have good autoresponder service for our membership site. It should be reliable to create various lists for the subscribers those who subscribe in our membership site.

Autoresponder services are important for the confirmation of the subscription as well as sending confidential details like invoices and login credentials of the membership site. The membership plugin always have various payment processors for checkout also payment processor need to fully integrate with Autoresponder service because this integration keep the relationship with the existing customers for future transaction or subscription remainder and upsale.

Customer Relationship

Customer Relationship

We need to configure all the autoresponder follow-up emails from the moment of subscription were completed. Here we can customize default registration, registration with email confirmation, registration with admin approval, user approval notification, password reset email, etc. So while choosing autoresponder service for our membership site we need to keep this in mind.

People want to Pay less and Get more.

We can offer online course to deliver the resource to the customers WordPress is the best platform to make subscription based websites. Don’t force the members to give the all the details during the subscription process.

Give More for Less

Give More for Less

They can file the details in their profile area once the subscription completed. Every member just wanted to provide basic details like first name, last name, country and email in the subscription process. During the checkout the payment details will be collected through the autoresponder integration with payment system. So we need get less but important information form them and give them lot with flexibility.


When all the problem gets solved in configuration our membership site is ready to launch for giving its valuable content to share with their members. So while creating a membership subscription model website in WordPress we should take care of the plugin functionality to satisfy the content delivery requirements as well as autoresponder, payment processors and good technical support systems. If any thoughts share it comments below.

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