How to Create an eBook to Launch Product in Marketplace


As a blogger, we had numerous situations we feel necessary to create your eBook to our loyal readers. We want to offer the information to our website only or publish our eBook in the open market. Our intention to create an eBook is to give the best information to the readers. The eBook creation procedure is effortless. Once you had valuable information, please write it down in the word document.

The most common file format for an eBook is Adobe Acrobat PDF. Once the formatting and other thing are done in the Word file, we can convert it into a PDF file using the PDF converter. Because Word is the most commonly used word processing program, and it is the most common to write the document.

Once You have converted it to PDF format, follow the product launch Procedure to market the eBook.

The procedure to Create an EBook

Just follow the below steps to create an eBook on your own.

  • Ideas to write quality Content
  • How to write content
  • Format the eBook in the Word Document
  • Include images and Videos
  • Include index and Copyright Pages
  • Proofreading
  • Covet into PDF format
  • Create an Ecover
  • Market the eBook

Ideas to write the Quality Content

Anyone can create a digital product; It is easy to create an eBook and sell it separately. If you are focused and dedicated to a period, we can create as quickly as possible. Every people know something which others don’t.

Create an eBook

Create an eBook

Also, Peoples are always ready to spend money on good ideas and concepts. But they don’t want to spend money to learn about what they don’t know. So choosing the right topic was necessary to create an eBook.

It is excellent to pick an eBook topic; something people love to read and buy to improve their talents or income.

Brain strumming the Topic

Once you have chosen a topic to write an eBook, collect all the information you know. Now grab a pen and paper, and write down a list of topics, hobbies and interests, spend a bit of time on this and think hard. It will help you to finalize the topic for the eBook.

How to Write the Content quickly for eBook

Be truthful in creating your quality eBook. So we need to write the Chapter list first. This list helps you to visualize your product and the eBook content flow. Once you have finished the chapter list, now write down the first headline topic for each chapter. It will give an entire content overview for the eBook.

Once you have listed this topic, now order your chapter and headlines list. Now find the excellent place for writing with distraction for your conciseness. Follow something to care while you are writing the eBook.

Think about content for every topic you have on the list. Write hints for the points you want to cover in each topic of all chapters in the eBook. Once you have taken the hints, leave it and forgot it, you are almost done with all the steps for writing.

No, get a Break for some time. Now get back have a look at the list of topic covered in the first chapter. Now starting the content doesn’t stop it anywhere for correction, Edit or formatting. Just write all the hints listed in the first topic.

Fix the goal for day 1 for book writing. For example, fix it for one chapter per day or something else don’t correct or edit until you finished the final chapter. Once you come to the end of the final chapter, finish your writing. And take a break for two or three days don’t think about this work.

Now come back with the fresh look and start editing the content because of the two days of break. You will have some new ideas for inclusion while editing. You have done the editing work at least twice for avoiding mistakes.

How to Format the eBook content in Word

We know a poorly formatted eBook will separate the readers quickly from reading the book till the end. The bad formatting of an eBook is more worsted than a poorly designed eBook. So we need to give a better look and typography for the eBook for the Readers.

We need to consider the below elements while formatting the eBook.

  • Page Size
  • Margin
  • Header and Footer of the page
  • Font
  • Adding Links

Page size – Most of the books are not formatted to an 8.5×11-inch A4 page. EBook pages are between 5×7 and 6×9. So it is easy to read the eBook with good visibility once the book has opened. Therefore our first step is to set up page size as custom rage in the word document. There is setting options we had in the Word documents’ Page Setup’ menu.

Margin – We can use the Formatting option on the word document to set up a margin for the right and lef side of the document. Use the same margins on all the sides; it is better to have less than an inch and more than half an inch for the margin of the page.

We can use a more considerable margin for the top and bottom for the header and footer information of the page.

Format the eBook content

Format the eBook content

Header and Footer of the page – The header of each page may contain the title of the book or chapter of the current page on the right side of the header. The left side of the header, we may use our website URL for the brand promotion.

Use a slightly smaller font size for the header information than the page content font size. And for the Footer of the page, include the page numbers and other copyright information in the Footer. We can also use underline for the Header or Footer. We had options to set up header and footers in the word document.

Font – Font family and size is the matter for the eBook visibility. These parameters will change the look and feel of every page in the eBook. Use the same font for titles and subheading in all chapter with the page content. Differentiate the page content with the title only in font size and font weight.

Don’t use a different font family in the single eBook. It may divert the concentration of the readers while reading the eBook. Use a minimum of 12 to 14px for your content text and 16px for subheads. And use a slightly larger font for titles. We need to set the line height and letter spacing for good readability.

Links – While creating an eBook, the inclusion of links is essential. Use a hyperlink to add links in the word document. Use proper link text for the hyperlink in the document.

How to Include images and videos in the eBook

Word document can add images, chart, drawings, and others thing quickly. Sometimes we may have illustrations to add the image with the size of the page. It will be the essential consideration for the readers while reading the eBook.

So while adding images and Drawings, we need to solve the illustration problems. The image editing software will have options to crop, enlarge, or reduce the images, or make other modifications. It has options to save the image file in different formats.

The Word document does not aloe illustrations in the text document. So we need to add the images in the proper position of the page with the proper size. We can also place the video links using the hyperlink options in the word document.

how to Include index and Copyright Pages

For every eBook, inclusion for the front and backside of the content is essential. These matters include the below list.


Front Page Inclusions

Front Page Inclusions

Front inclusion has:

  • eCover
  • Preface
  • Copyright info
  • Dedicated to
  • Author info
  • Table of contents

The back inclusion has:

  • References
  • Useful resources
  • Appendix
  • Disclaimer

The Front Inclusion – The book doesn’t start with chapter one or page directly. We need some pages included in front of chapter one. The preface and copyright of the eBook is essential for every eBook publisher. We can also use author info and dedicated to pages also. The front inclusion starts with the book title or title design on one page.

Table of contents is the vital inclusion for the readers to know about complete guideline about the eBook and an easy way o navigate every page of the eBook. It is essential to add page numbers and links to the corresponding pages.

The back inclusion – The eBook’s back is a good place for adding author bio and contact information. Significantly we should add the reference, which makes more trust while reading the book. Even if they had some doubts about the eBook’s concepts, they could esily refer to the reference books provided in the list.

Proof Reading the eBook

Try to check spell errors and grammar errors using word spell and grammar checker. It will be in the ‘Tools’ menu in the word document. If you finished this process, then we can hire a freelancer for proofreading our eBook.

We should do the proofreading with the third person who does not involve in eBook creation if it is possible to convert your eBook to multiple language used on the internet.

Convert Word Document into PDF format

If you finished content works, proofread works, then convert the word document into PDF format. We know the PDF format is the standard format used in the eBook creation process. It is easy to convert Word into PDF by the conversion software. We have many numbers on the internet for free as well as paid.


How to Convert Word to PDF for eBook

The Cute PDF writer we use to convert Word into PDF. Once you have converted Word into PDF, we can use “Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro” to edit PDF, especially we can use it to edit the index pages of eBook in PDF format. We can use this software to add Index Chapter links to corresponding pages when I click on them.

Convert Word to PDF

Convert Word to PDF

We can also use to do both the pdf conversion and Index creation for eBook.

How to Create the eCover for eBook

The cover for the book gives a better impression on the readers, and it will be helpful in the promotion of the eBook also. is the free online resource for creating the cover for the eBook. We can also use Photoshop cs5 for the cover design.

Creating an e cover is simple with myecovermaker. Just follow the instruction provided on the website. It will guide you through creating a good looking cover for the eBook.


eCover Design

eCover Design

Market the eBook

Once you have created the eBook using the above steps. It is time to test your eBook with proper linking on the index pages to the content area. Check the image and drawings illustration. Check the front and back inclusion pages and the reference pages also.

Once you have tested the eBook thoroughly, now it is ready to launch in the market place. First, create a folder in the book’s name and add the eBook PDF file inside the folder and zip it—the product launch procedures to set up a squeeze page and sales pages for the eBook launch. Use E-junkie or Clickbank to sell the product in the marketplace. We can also set up price and affiliate commission for the eBook launch.


Creating an eBook is easy once we have quality content and the proper plan. The eBook creation procedure has the processes like Ideas to write quality content and write content, which includes choosing the topic for the eBook.

Once you have chosen a topic to write an eBook, collect all the information you know. Now grab a pen and paper, write down a list of topics, interests, spend a bit of time on this, and think to hint on writing the topic.

Format the eBook in the Word Document, Include images and Videos, Include index and Copyright Pages, Proofreading, Covet into PDF format, Create an Ecover and Market the eBook. Share your experience in the Comments section.


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