How to Protect Content and Manage Members using Wishlist Plugin

When it comes to subscription type digital product we need to manage members and protect the membership content from the other visitors. So we are in need of membership content protection plugin or software to create subscription type digital product.

We know subscription type product may have number of membership levels for delivering content to the different types of customers. I would recommend a great content protection and membership level management plugin called Wishlist Member plugin.

Wishlist Member not only used for membership site content protection it is a complete plugin for setup membership site. It will be used to integrate email auto responder with WordPress and payment system gateway integration with WordPress for the membership site product launch funnel.

This plugin can offer easy way to manage members with their level of subscription to the product like silver, gold and platinum. The upgrade from one membership level to another was very simple with Wishlist Member.

How to Choose Membership Content protection Plugin

WordPress have plenty of membership plugins for content protection like Wishlist, magic members, ememebr, s2member and etc. We need to choose right one among the list of plugin available.

What really we need to focus while selecting the plugin for the membership site?. There are two. One is the integration among various parts included in the membership site creation and product launch.

The second one based on our product content type and content delivery method for the different levels of the customer.

These two factors are extremely important for the membership plugin for complete configuration on the product launch. When we consider integration part auto responder and payment system needs full integration with WordPress.

Members Only Site

Members Only Site

Wishlist Member integrates integrate email auto responders like aWeber, Mailchimp, Get Response, Auto responder plus, Infusion soft and Interspire.

Also this Wishlist Member plugin gives options to integrate other payment systems like PayPal, 1ShoppingCart, Clickbank, infusionsoft, Cydec, Premium Web Cart and 2Checkout. Now no need to worry about integration part just check out the content protect techniques in Wishlist Members.

When we come to membership levels Wishlist Member can offer to create multiple membership levels for content and subscriber management. Some of the plugin will not offer protection for media files like audio and video but Wishlist Member can be useful for both.

We can also choose proper WordPress theme for all membership templates and product launch templates. OptimizePress is the best theme for various templates needed during the product launch. Check out the features of OptimizePress here.

Membership Levels  and Content Management Plugin

Membership levels play the major role in content management and delivery to the customers. The levels will separate the membership content and member inside the membership site. It will process every customer differently.

Consider we have three levels of subscription in our membership site say for example Silver, Gold and Platinum. These three levels have different content for customers with unique purpose. We need to offer flexibility over the upgrade for different levels without having new registration process.

Membership Levels

Membership Levels

Wishlist Member can offer this option for upgrade or downgrade between different membership levels. Once they have upgraded to next membership level they will have access for all content for the corresponding level.

Setup Membership levels in Wishlist Member

Before doing content protect we need to create membership level for each subscription level in the product we are ready to offer in the marketplace. As of now we can create three membership levels silver, gold and platinum.

For this go to ‘WL options’ in Wishlist Member dashboard. Here you have the navigation link as membership levels. Just click on create new level.  Fill the necessary data for the new level creation as listed below.

  • Membership level name example silver
  • Subscription period for the membership level
  • Life time of the membership level
  • Registration page for level
  • After login page for the membership level

These are the five data needed for every membership level creation. Subscription period may be weekly, monthly or quarterly. The life time of the subscription deals with total number of subscription a customer need to subscribe to finish the membership level.

Registration page will be provided in Wishlist Member for every new membership level creation. After Login page we need to create it in WordPress site and fill the option with the URL of the welcome page or after login page of the corresponding membership level. Check out the wishlist member Plugin.

By the similar way we need to create new membership level for other subscriptions Gold and platinum. Remember each subscription level have may have different subscription period, contents, life time of subscription and also different price level for individual level.

Protect Content for each Subscription level in Wishlist

When it comes to content protection for the membership site first we need to know the content type we may have five different content formats.

Any membership site content should be delivered to the members one of the listed formats video, audio, text, images, discussion and others like downloadable exes files Or the combination among the 5 formats.

Many of the WordPress plugin will not offer protection for all formats of content s in WordPress. Here Wishlist Member can protect the above five formats in WordPress. Wishlist Members can protect WordPress Posts, Pages, Categories and Comments.

Also media files like image, audio, video files and WordPress folders like wp-content, wp-uploads and sub folders and files inside the folders.

Content Protection in Wishlist

Content Protection in Wishlist

No need to worry about the membership levels for content protection. Wishlist Member offers simple way for the content protection it will protect all content regardless of the membership level. Finally it will grant access for the content to corresponding levels.

So content protection has been easy with Wishlist it will be done in single click. Only thing we will not protect the homepage content because it will also be visible for non-members.

Grant Access to Membership levels in Wishlist Member

Once we have protected all the membership content now the real content management is to grant access for the protected content do silver, gold and platinum members of the site.

For this go to content protection tab of the Wishlist dashboard. Here we have the all list of posts, pages, comments, media file and folders. Make sure that the necessary files are protected. Now click on the grant access link for giving content access to the particular level.

Once you come to the grant access page.  Here we need to select the membership level in the dropdown at the top say for example silver level. Here we have the entire protected content list with check box in front of each files and folder.

Membership level Access granted

Membership level Access granted

Just enable the check box for grant protected content access to the silver membership level. Just make tick mark in the file which we need to give access for this membership level finally save it.

Now in the dropdown select the next membership level say gold. Here we have the entire protected content list again. We can choose the files, post, pages, video and etc we need to give access for this level.

Can we give same content access for multiple membership levels?

No need to worry about the same content is already granted for silver level. We can also use the same file for gold level also. Only thing we need to grant access for the same post in different membership or subscription levels.

Membership Wrong level entry pages for Customers

Our membership site have multiple subscription level so there is a possibility for one membership level customer can enter into the unsubscribed another level. During this situation Wishlist Member will give proper instruction to the customer like ‘you are not subscribed to this level, you can upgrade your subscription by clicking this link’ the link has been redirected to the membership upgrade page.

We can create possible error pages in WordPress with proper theme templates check out the membership templates available in OptimizePress. Once we have created the error pages we can choose the pages in the general settings of the Wishlist Member options.

OptimizePress can offer membership templates as Content delivery page template or module template, Login page template, Error page for membership level and login sidebar widget. OptimizePress also have the product launch funnel pages for membership site launch.

Membership level Upgrade in Wishlist Member plugin

Membership site is the subscription type digital product so we have multiple period of subscription for the same membership level. For example consider we may have 10 times membership subscription to finish the silver level (life time of this level).

If we had monthly subscription in silver membership level we need to send only paid members to the next month.

That means,

Case one:  If a member has cancelled the subscription they will not be allowed to access the content.

Case two:  If the member will not paid for the next month billing but he does not cancelled the subscription.

Here Wishlist Member has special feature that member not paid for the second month their subscription they will not removed from the membership level but their access for this month has disabled. They can renew their subscription during the next month.

Sequential Type of Membership level Upgrade

We can upgrade members to next month subscription in two methods using sequential upgrade in Wishlist Members. Sequential Upgrade can be used to automatically upgrade a membership level to another membership level after a particular period of time. This can be done in two methods.

  1. Move upgrade
  2. ADD Upgrade

Move Upgrade – This method removes the members from the previous level and MOVES them to the next membership level. The will not have access to the first level once they have moved from first to second level using move upgrade.

This will be used for customer those who want to change the entire membership level form silver to gold. If they paid for both we can give access to both level. The customer want to move to gold level and only paid for gold level they will upgraded using move upgrade method.

wishlist Sequential upgrade

wishlist Sequential upgrade

Sequential Upgrade –The ADD method keeps them in the original level and ADDS them to the desired new membership level.

It has also just copied the members to the next level so the customer in the second membership level can have access for the first month subscription. This will be used for the membership content like course materials.

Sequential upgrade Setup steps in Wishlist Member plugin

We can see the two methods below only difference is choosing the sequential type during the setup.

Sequential Upgrade – MOVE type and Add type

  • Navigate to Wishlist Member Dashboard by selecting  ‘WL options’ in the dashboard
  • Click on the Sequential Upgrade tab.
  • Find the membership level to upgrade members in the dropdown.
  • Set the ‘Upgrade To’ dropdown to destination membership level
  • Select the upgrade method as ‘Move’ or ‘ADD’
  • Setup the number of days before the upgrade has done and save it.

That’s all about the Move and Add type sequential upgrade. Get Wishlist Member membership plugin to setup membership site.


Wishlist Member is the best content protection plugin for membership site creation in WordPress. It can protect WordPress Posts, Pages, Categories and Comments.

Also media files like image, audio, video files and WordPress folders like wp-content, wp-uploads and sub folders and files inside the folders.

Wishlist Member not only used for content protection It will be used to integrate email auto responder with WordPress and the payment gateway integration with WordPress for the membership site product launch.

Subscription type digital product can have different membership levels like silver, gold and platinum. Wishlist Member can offer content protection and access to the different membership levels with fewer clicks.

We can also upgrade the membership levels by its sequential upgrade options it can be used to automatically upgrade a membership level to another membership level after a particular period of time. Sequential upgrade has two types on is Add type another one is Move type.

Share your experience in comments section.

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