ClickBank Payment Gateway Integration with WordPress for Product Launch

ClickBank is the best marketplace to sell our own product online because it has the special feature to connect affiliates and vendors at one place. It will be easy to find affiliates for our product promotion. PayPal is the common way for the payment processing checkout WordPress PayPal integration.

ClickBank is another popular solution to sell a digital product or service. For more information about their services CLICK HERE

But when we consider affiliate management click bank is the best payment processor for digital product. Only two things we need to setup in ClickBank one is submit your product for approval and another one is setup a good affiliate commission for the affiliates to get more affiliates to promote our product.

ClickBank Marketplace

ClickBank Marketplace

ClickBank has good affiliate tracking system. The payment for the affiliate can be easy with ClickBank. We can get details like the below from the ClickBank system.

  • Type of transaction  (SALE, BILL, Re-BILL, REFUND, TEST)
  • Product Item No
  • Time and date of sale
  • Who purchased it (name and email)
  • Product ID and Transaction ID
  • Payment Mode

One of the best methods to integrate WordPress and ClickBank payment system is Wishlist Member Plugin. Wishlist Members in the membership plugin so we can easily integrate auto responders like mailchimp, aweber. We can protect the membership content and deliver it to the customer based on the subscription.

How ClickBank WordPress integration Work in product Launch

The working process of the payment processor and WordPress during product launch is motioned in below step in short.

  • When a customer visits the sales page of the site and click on payment link (buynow button) to order the membership subscription/product. It will be redirected to the product order page in ClickBank.
  • Payment transaction processed by ClickBank and, if it is successful then the customer has sent to product delivery page for fixed type product or thank you page for subscription type product.
  • For subscription type product once the payment has done the registration form for the membership site will shown to the customer. (Registration form shown from the integration plugin like Wishlist Member)
  • Fill out the form and creates login username and password with Wishlist Member Registration form.
  • Once we have successfully registered we will receive email with the login detail of our subscription type product.
  • That’s all. Now the new customer is able to login their members area with the User name and password.

The sales letter page and login page for the subscription type membership product is important. Wishlist member can allow to customize the registration page also. We know OptimizePress offers 29 different sales page templates, Membership site templates and product launch funnel pages.

It is the best theme for any product launch check out other feature of OptimizePress here

WordPress ClickBank Integration on Wishlist Member for Payments

Wishlist Member plugin is not only for WordPress ClickBank integration. It is the best WordPress Membership plugin to protect membership content and we can do email auto responder integration as well with this single membership plugin.

Wishlist Member can be used for the both type of digital products like fixed type and subscription type product. For fixed type product we can use squeeze page and sales page for the product launch we can protect the product in ClickBank itself.

ClickBank Integration by Wishlist

ClickBank Integration by Wishlist

For subscription type product we need to protect the membership content so we are in need of full functions of Wishlist Member plugin. We can setup other payment processing in ClickBank itself. WordPress ClickBank integration has done by the below steps.

  1. Consider Wishlist Member plugin installed and activated with the license. You will have options as ‘WL Options’ in WordPress dashboard.
  2. Once you have created different membership levels for each subscription used in the membership site example silver, gold, and platinum. Just protect the content for each membership level using Wishlist Member.
  3. Now go to the integration look at the option ‘Integration’ on Wishlist dashboard.  Click on that we will have two options Shopping Cart and another one is Auto Responders
  4. Click on ‘Shopping Cart’ option.  You will see the different shopping cart integration possible by Wishlist Member as a dropdown list. Select ClickBank in the dropdown.
  5. Now it will display the steps needed for the WordPress ClickBank integration. We need another three steps for the integration.

Three steps for WordPress ClickBank integration

All the three steps has displayed in the integration page of Wishlist Member dashboard. You need to do the below steps inside the click bank account.

  • Thank you page URL. It will look like: we need to replace the domain name.
  • Secret keyword shown on this page.  Copy this and enter into your ClickBank account.
  • It will also give payment link for the sales page BuyNow button.  The link shown on the Wishlist dashboard will look like : we need to replace the ITEM with subscription Id for the product submitted in ClickBank. PUBLISHER with the ClickBank account nick name.

We need to copy the URL , secret key and paste it on your ClickBank account when we setup the product. The last one payment link will be added in sales page.

Create product delivery URL or Thank You Page

Product delivery page or Thank you page is the page the customers will be sent after the successful payment for fixed product we will show product delivery page.

For subscription type product Wishlist Member will show the registration form page for the membership area. We can create user name and password to access the member’s area from this page.

This will be done with help of thank you page URL given in Wishlist Member just add the link in ClickBank. For this go to Account Settings –>My Site –>Product settings and paste the thank you page URL.

Configure the ClickBank account

All you need to configure your ClickBank account is to create payment links and add the secret key for the digital product setup. To define the secret key, login to your ClickBank account, go to Account Settings–>My Site–>Advanced Tools and enter/edit your secret key.  Here just enter the key from the Wishlist member dashboard.

Remember Things while setup product for ClickBank Approval

The first step is to log into the ClickBank admin account and setup the products settings based on the type fixed or subscription with the price, name and, something else they require, a thank you page.

Note that for the first product we sell with ClickBank there is a $50 fee for ClickBank to apply the product in marketplace.

So setup the product with necessary information and submit for the approval once they approved our product it will be in live show we should finish all setup before submit for the approval. We should note the Product ID to add it o the sales page buy now button link.

Clickbank Product Approval

Clickbank Product Approval

As we previously mentioned, ClickBank gives money for product owners when we send customers to a specific payment page on a URL which is formed in the following way:


Here the parts in the square brackets must be replaced with the product ID and ClickBank Nickname from the ClickBank account.

We should also setup affiliate commission for the product we have setup in ClickBank we need to setup it carefully for recurring billing based product sometime the commission will be paid or affiliates every time the customer billed for the same product.

Every product we have setup in ClickBank will be submitted for the approval if it is a recurring billing product. If it is a fixed product only first time submission will be enough for the approval.

ClickBank Recurring payment for Subscription products

ClickBank subscription based billing is mainly used in the subscription type products to make more profits for the membership content. The subscription payments are allowed for certain product like software licenses and membership sites.

ClickBank recurring payment subscriptions method provide options to setup the below details for our product

  • Lower initial price
  • Trial period
  • Regular billing period
  • Regular billing amount

Lower initial price – It makes the customer to buy our product with full of trust and confidence. The initial price will be charged during the first subscription made for the product. This initial price will give access to the product until the trail period.

Trail period – It is the time period we can use our product subscription with lesser cost. It seems like initial bonus for the product to use it. Once you have satisfied with the product during the trial period the customer can continue their subscription with rebilling.

Clickbank WordPress integartion By wishlist

Clickbank WordPress integartion By wishlist

If they are not satisfied with the product they can cancel the subscription during the trial period to avoid rebilling.

Regular billing period and payment – It is also called rebilling for the product subscription. This amount will be the actual cost of the product for a particular subscription period. We can select the period weekly, monthly and quarterly billing.

How to Setup a Recurring payment Product in ClickBank

Recurring billing type digital product setup in ClickBank needed the below details about the product for the launch in marketplace.

  • Thank You Page URL – This will be the Page for customer has been sent once they have made payment via ClickBank payment gateways. For membership subscription regiatration form has been shown by the Wishlist Member plugin.
  • Item – The actual product has been named in ClickBank as ITEM. We can use the number 1 to 500 for the item number. This item number will be used in the payment link available in the sales page buy now buttons.
  • Product Title and Description– the product title will be used fro to display our product in the ClickBank market place. This title and description useful for the ClickBank affiliates who want to promote the product in online. Title should be less than 60 characters and description should be less than 250 characters.
  • For every billing the title and description will be shown in the ClickBank order form. We can also add images for the product which will be shown in the order form.

Commission for our product Affiliates in ClickBank

ClickBank offers the affiliate commission range from 1% to 75% of the product billing cost. If your product is subscription type the 1 to 75 percent of the regular billing payment will be calculated as affiliate commission.

No need for manual calculation needed to commission and affiliate management in ClickBank it will be the automatic process. We can just tract he details by its reporting system. We can find the details like affiliate name, txn id, email id and other detail by the search filter option in the click bank.

ClickBank Affilaite Commissions

ClickBank Affilaite Commissions

The minimum commission for a sale is $0.25, and the maximum is $150.00. If we setup recurring billing product, affiliates will earn commission for the initial payment and all additional rebill payments. We need to set it up properly as per the instruction provided in the affiliate setting page.

Wishlist Member plugin and OptimizePress WordPress theme are the good for the membership site creation and ClickBank integration with WordPress for the product launch.


ClickBank is the best marketplace for selling a digital product in online. It will connect the affiliates and product owners at one place. So finding affiliates will be easy for promoting the product. Also it has the good affiliate tracking system.

WordPress ClickBank integration has been done with a plugin called Wishlist Member. This plugin is not only used for ClickBank integration. Wishlist is the membership plugin it can also be used in email auto responder integration and membership content protection and delivery process.

OptimizePress WordPress theme used for various buynow buttons on sales page and different sales letter templates for membership site product. Check out the membership site templates in OptimizePress WordPress theme.

Only 3 steps involved in the ClickBank integration with WordPress. Thank you page or product delivery page setup, Secret key for the payment system integration and Payment processing hop link for sales page.

The recurring billing type product needs to setup certain things in ClickBank, ITEM, product title and description, Initial payment, Trial period, regular payment and regular payment period and thank you page for the product. Share your thoughts on comments section.

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    Great article! I have a question about the Clickbank Pitch Plus program… I have a client that utilizes the Clickbank program and I need to integrate her Clickbank Pay links with the appropriate membership level. How do I set up the membership levels with Wishlist Member to accommodate the upsell and downsell process utilized with Clickbank Pitch Plus?



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