Build a Membership Site – Complete Process to Launch a Product

Congrats here with an intention to create new membership site in a particular niche. Deciding to do create membership site is the easy part. Once the decision is made to build a membership site there are many different factors comes to play in the actual membership site creation process.

Membership site creation is not similar to the usual WordPress blog creation, where we can basically install and go through the blog usage directly but in case of membership site it has many components for the complete content protection setup.

We need to consider which membership plugin to use, how we will handle payments, Autoresponder emails, affiliates and other things. Apart from this we need to find out the layout and design for membership site.

Why We need to Create a Membership Site?

So before we should start the process of the membership site creation, we need to give some points about why we are creating a membership site.  There are number of reasons to do it, and just as many ways to build membership site.  So let’s look at some of the benefits of this content distribution model in membership site. So we can get an idea of content delivery to the members.

Member Communication. Membership sites are the easiest way to create user interaction within the site. If our goal is to create a closed community of targeted people, membership site is the best way to do the process. We know everyone involved in the community has paid something to get in, so oftentimes they will be more committed than the members of a free membership site.

Easy to Update. Let’s face it, if we distribute the product as an ebook, it is less complicated, but it also makes more difficult to update.  Once the product has launched and after a couple years, or even months the content should be updated. So we need to update the ebook. In case of membership site, adding or editing content is no more difficult than creating a blog post.

Multiple ways of Content Distribution. By using membership site it is extremely easy to combine written content, pdf downloads, audio, images and video into one product. So that we can distribute the content to the largest number of people depending on how they want to learn.  If we were to create a zip file with all of this stuff with different format the file would be huge, and people will be more likely to skip over features. So we can update the membership site content delivery at constant interval which makes the readers easy to learn.

Why Membership sites

Why we need Membership sites

It Generates Recurring Income. One of the most important questions we’ll need to consider is whether or not our site will be a onetime fee or a recurring monthly charge.  We’ll talk about the benefits of both later, but we can’t charge a monthly fee for an ebook.  This flexibility makes for an attractive option in membership sites with subscription.

Better Product Evaluation. The product is kept better to allow for user interaction, the more information that is being created within the membership site.  This makes the membership site more valuable even after the launch time.

No More design Experience. To create an ebook that looks good, we must have some design tips and knowledge.  Unless we can does it with help of eBook design softwares. With a membership site, we don’t want any design factors except the logo for the membership site. We can use a pre-designed WordPress theme for membership site and product launch process.

These are some of the benefits for using a membership site as content distribution method for our product launch.

Test Membership site Product in the Market to find Audience

Creating a membership site is not something that we just creating post on a WordPress blog. The first thing we need to do market research to figure out if there’s an audience and a market to sell our product.

We have to spend a huge amount of time for researching the market place and find audience. We need to put this thing together so we can find the better niche to launch new product as membership site. Make sure there is a need before we start create membership site.

First we should look at the size of our current audience in the niche in which we are going to create membership site. While it is not necessary to have an audience already to build a membership site if we have stuff inside our members area peoples are ready to spending any amount of money on products or memberships.

These are some of the best ways to test our market to build membership site

Survey Our Readers.  I learned that there was definitely a market for the membership site, but more importantly I learned that the thing my audience wanted to see most out of what they wanted.  So we need to give that kind of information to add more value to the useful product.

Split Test. Split test will be the best way to test our product in the market. If we already have an idea of what our product is going to be useful to the customer, then consider creating an offer.  Create 3 or 4 sales pages with some different variations of call to action and sales letter. Try different feature sets, different copy, or even different general concepts.

Split-Test to test product

Split-Test to test product

Then use Google Website Optimizer to perform split test.  This is a good tool that will allow us to show different users different variations of the site. It also gives the information about which one converts the best, this can be usually judged by email opt-ins or click through to a targeted page.

Paid Traffic. Split testing is great method to test our product, but only if we have enough traffic to get the results.  If we have only limited amount of audience we need to use paid traffic sources like stumble upon, google adwords and etc, By using the adwords keyword tool we can find the most converting keywords for paid traffic.

Keyword Research. We always do some initial keyword research for any product launch or membership site creation.  While this is a small component of interest, but it definitely will help to judge our organic search engine traffic.

Find out Membership site Creation Process flow

We have found that there is a big market for our membership site product launch. Now what we will do? We need to find the membership site creation process flow.

From there, our goal is to map out exactly what the product is going to look like and how we should launch the product in the market.  If we don’t have a clear vision from the beginning of the features and benefits of our membership site, we will spend lot more time in the membership site creation process.

So we need to use certain software like XMind to build our membership site creation process. Basically the process has four important steps.

  • Content
  • Pre-launch
  • Product launch
  • Post launch

Content- What’s the goal of our membership site? How am I going to achieve this goal? How to distribute the membership content to the users? If there are similar membership sites in the market what is the best part of our membership site. How can I improve on what others have already done? What are the key features I need to include in our site? Answer for these questions makes our membership content clarity.

product launch flow

Product launch flow

Pre-Launch: What is going to get people interested? How can I generate buzz for our membership site product? How early will I start the launch process?. How to reach our market people?

Site Launch: What day is the site going to launch? What is my affiliate strategy? How can I get as many people to promote our product? How can I make people egar to buy our product, so they can be one of the first people to get access?

Post- launch: How will I continue to drive sales? How will I get initial users to keep coming back? How can I create a win-win thought for members, affiliates, and myself?

We will never negotiate to spend the extra time to create a clear vision of what we want in our membership site to be.  These are complex process, so the clearer about our goals and strategies makes the process easier to create our site.

Setup the Membership Site Basics for the Launch

We know that there is a market for our membership site, and we know exactly what is our  site consist of, now it is time to start considering how the site is going to be built. Depending on how advanced we want to go with our site, we should have major options from the below.

We will discuss each component in detailed manner in later posts.


The complete flow of membership site creation process includes what is the necessary to create membership site when we have ebook, Membership site product testing methods to achieve better conversion on product sales in the targeted market and audience and the main process starts from content creation to post launch conversion.

Building a membership site also includes the additional components needed to launch the membership site in a market place. Share your experience in comments section.

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