Best WordPress Themes Templates for your Blog or Website

We have successfully setup WordPress blog with basic WordPress On-page SEO. Now it is important to give good look to your blog. Everyone wants the blog design itself tell some points about what is our blog content really express. Around WordPress we have number of WordPress themes and templates available for free and premium basis.

We need to choose a theme according to our nature of content. It is easy to choose one theme among the hundreds of WordPress templates but the theme should satisfy search engine requirements also. So a WordPress theme template should satisfy the visitors as well as search engines.

This is also one of the reasons why we can go for premium WordPress themes and templates. Check out some more reasons.

Why we need Premium WordPress theme templates?

Even though we have number of free WordPress themes. These free WordPress themes will not be updated if any new version of WordPress released. If any compatibility issue in the free themes it will not updated immediately and not easy o contact the theme owner for support.

Also Free WordPress themes not always good for search engines because search engines will always change its algorithm it give quality content to the visitors. In Free themes sometimes any portion of the theme may shows error due to version compatibility of WordPress.

So in order to avoid these problem and get good look to the blog with greater support from the theme developer, faster page loading time and for search engine rankings we need to go for premium WordPress themes.

By default current WordPress version has theme name called twenty eleven. Generally each WordPress theme has the below parts

  •  Header
  •  Content
  •  Sidebar
  •  Footer

These are the essential parts any WordPress theme. In all WordPress free and premium themes and templates header section has logo and navigation, Sidebar has widgets and Footer has copyright information about the blog. Whereas content is dynamic part of the theme. The content section has different templates according to usage which are listed below.

  •  Homepage
  •  Post page
  •  General page
  •  Archive page
  • 404 page

These content templates are used in all WordPress themes other than these templates premium WordPress themes has special template like portfolio, landing pages. These Special features are varied in every premium WordPress themes.

Not only have the features also the designs look and feel of the each template has attracted by the visitors from the particular niche. We know every niche has different type of visitor so we need to choose premium theme according to our blog category. Some of the theme developers have provide framework themes we can achieve any custom design from the framework themes.

At Search engine point of view each theme developers has much concentrated on in build SEO options in their premium themes. They will update the premium themes regularly.

Types of Premium WordPress Themes

Generally we can classify the WordPress themes according to the nature of blog contents. Here I listed some of the influential WordPress blog theme based on blog content category.

Now you can different nature of blog contents and corresponding WordPress themes templates with an example.

WordPress Magazine Themes

Most of the travel and restaurant based niche blogs and website uses WordPress magazine themes. Generally magazine theme has homepage with slider and all category recent posts which featured in the homepage itself. So the homepage SEO is more important we have number of category posts on the homepage. We can also achieve magazine theme from framework themes.

Look at one of the good looking magazine theme from studiopress.

WordPress Magazine Theme

WordPress Magazine Theme

              Download                                                                      Demo

Business WordPress Themes

Business WordPress themes  helps you build your brand or business with a rock-solid framework and the quality assurance that all smart organizations need. Look at the below example Corporate child theme in genesis frame work from Studiopress.

WordPress Business Theme

WordPress Business Theme

               Download                                                               Demo

Technical Blog News Themes

Technical news WordPress themes are similar to magazine themes but in case of news themes we need to have current updates, featured section for video interviews and separate category for each news sector. Also all the news are featured in the homepage itself. One example news time WordPress theme from Templatic themes shown below.

WordPress Tech News Theme

WordPress Tech News Theme

               Download                                                                     Demo

Internet Marketing WordPress Themes Templates

Internet marketing WordPress themes should be good for affiliates. These type of WordPress themes are good for conversion, landing page setup and list building. The below example is profits theme which make everything easier for internet marketers.

Internet Marketing WordPress Theme

Internet Marketing WordPress Theme

                Download                                                                   Demo

WordPress Framework Themes

Now a day frame work themes generally used. Frame work theme are allows us to create any custom design from the given framework. Here we have example Thesis WordPress theme from diythemes which allow us to make custom design. We have numerous skins and child themes for thesis frame work.

WordPress Thesis Theme

WordPress Thesis Theme

               Download                                                                  Demo

Membership Website Themes and Templates

Many website owners and bloggers want members area to deliver best content to the VIP members. So they are in need of Membership website theme but when we come to membership area we need different type of templates in single WordPress theme example Login Page, content delivery page, welcome page, landing page and etc. Here we have an example OptimizePress with 17 different templates.

OptimizePress Membership Site Templates

OptimizePress Membership Site Templates

               Download                                                Optimizepress

Portfolio WordPress Themes and Tempaltes

Web consulting services, SEO service providers,Web designer  and Business owner point of view Portfolio plays major role in their business. The will prefer good portfolio WordPress theme templates. Here we have an example Reason I love Portfolio theme from Pagelines remember pagelines themes are drag and dorp framework..

Portfolio Theme from Page Lines

Portfolio Theme from Page Lines

               Download                                                                    Demo

Responsive WordPress Themes

Now a days Responsive themes become more popular among the WordPress user. Because responsive theme have the ability to adjust their design for user interface. Responsive theme are good who have large amount of mobile visitors in their website.

Here we have WP-Responsive WordPress theme from Solostresm themes.

Wp Responsive Theme

Wp Responsive Theme

                Download                                                                    Demo

E commerce WordPress Themes

E commerce WordPress Themes are good to create your own online store easily in WordPress. It converts your WordPress site into a good online store with backend administration. check out the example Emporium theme is from Templatic themes.

Emporium E commerce Theme

Emporium E commerce Theme

                 Download                                                                     Demo  

Offline Business WordPress Themes

Off-line businesses like Restaurant, Foundation, Private organization has websites in online for promotions. So we can use WordPress theme templates for these type of websites. Here is one example Offline Business theme from pagelines remember it is a drag and drop theme so we can easily access back-end n the admin area.

Amala Foundation Offline Business

Amala Foundation Offline Business

                Download                                                                      Demo

Entertainment WordPress Themes –Video

Entertainment websites like Video, Music, Sports  and Movie uses these type of themes. Here we have an example VideoZoom Theme from WPZoom wordpress theme and templates. You can see more entertainment theme at WPzoom

Video Zoom Entertainment Theme

Video Zoom Entertainment Theme

                Download                                                                    Demo

Best WordPress Theme Developers

The above Listed themes are used for different type of websites based on website content nature. Some of the WordPress themes and templates developers offer all types of themes as a complete pack with reduced cost and unlimited download license.  Some of those developers are listed below.

  •  Studiopress Themes – Well search engine Optimized Genesis Frame work themes  Check theme gallery.
  •  Diy Themes – Best SEO Framework We can achieve any design in Thesis theme with help of skins and developers Check WordPress Thesis theme 
  • Pagelines Themes – PageLines Uses Drag & Drop Framework and WordPress to build professional websites faster and easier Check theme gallery.
  •  Woo Themes -WordPress Themes for all types of web publishers Check theme gallery.
  •  Elegant Themes – Each premium WordPress theme comes with well coded in valid XHTML and CSS, and all are made compatible with the latest version of WordPress  Check themes gallery.
  •  Templatic Themes – Provides best Online shopping cart themes for e commerce websites and off line business theme Check theme gallery.
  •  Solostream Themes -It has numerous responsive WordPress themes this theme responds to your visitor’s screen size Check theme gallery.
  • Wpzoom Themes – It has best entertainment theme like music, videos and etc Check theme gallery.

There are some other WordPress theme developers has good quality WordPress theme we will see them later.

How to install theme to a WordPress blog?

Once you have chosen a theme for your blog we need to install the theme. In WordPress admin dashboard we have themes link under the appearance section.  Click on the link you will see the page theme installation page.

We can upload new themes or we can install themes from the WordPress theme library.  We can also get some free WordPress themes outside of the WordPress theme directory. Just download the theme from the site and upload the zip fie using the upload theme link in the wp-admin.

But all the premium WordPress themes should be installed using the upload option in the theme installation page. You can refer the extensive use of WordPress dashboard here.


Now you have an idea about how to choose suitable WordPress theme and templates fro your website or blog. Because we have number of options to choose right WordPress theme template main thing we need to choose template according to our blog or business nature.

If you have multiple blogs before deciding a theme fro your blog. Just look at the all WordPress theme developers website and their quality themes from studiopress child theme, pageline themes, woo themes, elegant theme templates, Templatic WordPress theme, solostream, wpzoom and Diythemes. Share your thoughts in comments section. Updated..


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