3 Best Thesis Skins for Better Landing Page Conversion

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Thesis theme from diythemes comes up with clean, fast loading and better SEO options. Many of the thesis skin developers have enhancing the thesis theme frame work to the maximum look and feel. Thesis skins have increase the functionality of thesis frame work based on the customers requirements.

Now I am going to filter out the best thesis skins for the internet marketing, affiliate marketing and product launch templates. We know thesis theme has better SEO options and faster loading theme so many internet market wanted to use the theme frame work for their product promotions.

But thesis theme has no inbuilt options for creating landing page templates, sales pages for the product launch. To overcome these insufficiency of thesis theme many developer and designers has created some thesis skins especially for the purposes like creating landing page templates for product launch.

Thesis Theme Thesis Skins

We have many thesis skins developers in the market to develop thesis skins to satisfy the customer requirements. In this post I will list top four thesis skins for creating high conversion landing page templates.

Thesis theme has hooks and filters to achieve any designs for bloggers, and interment marketer who using WordPress platform to promote the products. With extensive functionality of thesis theme frame work we can create Sales funnels, squeeze pages, landing pages or whatever the name, special purpose pages are makes of certain online sales and marketing efforts.

Three Best Thesis Skins for Landing Page Setup

The main goal of creating landing page templates is to make a single action of the page called conversion from visitor to buyer, sales squeeze pages should be stick with the goal of its creation with as little distraction as possible.

Here we have the list of top thesis skins used in internet marketing and landing page conversion as follows,

These thesis skin developers have defined the characteristics of a landing pages, squeeze pages and sales pages and they have stick with their goals to create the skin for the affiliate marketers. So they will remove the information that does not improve the conversion from landing page visitor to buyers.

Product Skin from Thesisawesome Thesis skins

Product Skin has developed with the full intention of conversion. The main features of Thesis Product Skin listed below. It has special templates for

  • Landing pages
  • Sales pages
  • Launch pages
  • Squeeze pages
  • One-time offer pages
  • Coming soon pages

Thesis Product Skin have the better user experience to create sales pages, landing pages, launch pages, squeeze pages, one-time offer pages, coming soon pages and more, every people who doesn’t have the knowledge about php and  design  can setup any of the above mentioned pages using thesis Product Skin.

We can add Videos, images, opt-in forms, payment buttons, and more easily in lading pages using the thesis Product Skin. No need to add directly into your WordPress page editor to setup lading pages in WordPress websites.

The finest feature of thesis Product Skin is, it uses the WordPress easy drag and drop system to create sales pages, landing pages, launch pages and squeeze pages.

Thesis Product Skin from Thesisawesome

Download Thesis Skin Now

The Thesis Product Skin comes with 16 color backgrounds for product pages and Thesis Product Page can support iPad/iPhone devises that drives product sales. Many landing pages don’t load on iPhone and iPad because it has build with flash application so the landing page videos will not viewable many visitors Product Skin will remove the obstacles.

The slideshow is configurable through the admin panel of Product Skin the slider effects and posts will be automatically drawn from them blog with featured category. It has special integration of Mailchimp and aWeber autoresponder system for building email list from squeeze pages.

Marketing Delight 2 from Kolakube Thesis Skins

Marketing Delight thesis skin specially designed for internet markers and affiliate marketers who promoting the product via WordPress platform. This thesis skin has simple and clean design with simple built in navigation menus so that readers will never miss anything from the website.

Marketing Delight 2 thesis skin is specially designed for internet marketing by content creation. The content marketing is the most powerful way to engage an audience, and with beautiful post formats, big headlines, shortcodes available in this thesis skin.

Now a days many of the internet users browse via Smartphone, iPhone and etc. So every landing page should be optimized based on the internet browsing design. Marketing Delight 2 thesis skin has the responsive design so it will look great on any device, instead of just a desktop.

Marketing Delight Skin from Kolakube

Download Thesis Skin Now

This thesis skin has Page Leads which allows to extend the functionality of a normal landing page and we can add extra elements like sales video, bonus, add to cart button, one time offer to make the sales pages more complete.

Marketing Delight has the shortcode options so we can create special landing pages with extra elements which will used for setup landing pages with extensive options. The squeeze page template has the integration of auto responders like Mailchimp, aWeber and etc.

We have simple admin options for Marketing Delight thesis skin all menus are in the WordPress menus section, page templates on the Edit Pages section, Thesis options in the Thesis section. It is has many widgets in its design. Widgets make customizing thesis skin easier based on the customer application. We can use single license in unlimited number of sites.

Thesis Smart Skin from Fourblogger Thesis skins

Thesis Smart Skin designed for bloggers and internet marketers. It has much option in smart admin pages. The auto responder integrations like Mailchimp and aWeber helpful to build email list from the blog.

It has the primary slider option have large images from the blog post will be automatically pulled from the featured category. Thesis Smart Skin has slider and thumbnail setting in the smart admin page.

Thesis Smart Skin has the special template called landing page template we can setup various elements in the landing pages using the landing page templates in the thesis Smart Skin.

Thesis Smart Skin from Fourblogger

Download Smart Skin Now

Thesis Smart Skin has well integration with social media so we can share any landing content and blog pages content for content marketing. Tabbed sidebar option used to display the popular links in the sidebar of the Smart Skin.

The special features like Landing page template with Header and Landing page template without Header and portfolio template makes the thesis skin more useful for corporate websites. It also has advertisement placement options with simple widget options. Thesis Smart Skin comes up with price of $67 in fourbloggerskins.


Every thesis skin developers have predefined the characteristics of a landing pages, squeeze pages and sales pages. So that they can stick with their goals to create the skins for the affiliate marketers as well as product launches.

So they will remove the information that does not improve the conversion form landing page visitor to buyers at the landing page, sales page etc.

All thesis skins for internet marketing and product launches need better user experience to create sales pages, landing pages, launch pages, squeeze pages, one-time offer pages, coming soon pages and etc.

It also needs auto responder integration like aWeber, Mailchimp etc. Most importantly the support system for the thesis skin makes the difference. Every customer need good support and regular update for the thesis skins whenever thesis theme or WordPress has updated.

Share your experience in comments section.

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