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OptimizePress WordPress theme offered Build your launch sequence inside of its dashboard. It has some advanced features to increase the conversion in landing pages by the emotional response from the landing page visitors and make your subscription product launch a great success.

It is the complete WordPress theme with different templates for product launch sequence. This sequence includes from the squeeze page to thank you page for the successful product purchases. These sequence pages settings in OptimizePress named as product launch funnel setup.

This article will explain the details about the product launches sequences in OptimizePress WordPress theme. Gate way system one of the special features used in WordPress product launches. It helps to block the squeeze page to the landing page visitors again. Instead of this it will redirect the second time squeeze pages visitors directly to the next step of the sales funnel.

Best Product Launch Theme

Best Product Launch Theme

Generally any product launch system includes autoresponder integration, payment system integration along with their product delivery pages production.

Complete Product Launch Sequence

The product launch sequence include the below steps.

  • Setup pages for the product launch
  • Product launch funnel configuration
  • Setup pages to product launch procedure
  • AutoResponder integration
  • Test the product launch funnel

Get OptimizePress Now to setup Product launch funnel pages.

Setup pages for the Product Launch in OptimizePress

The product launch pages includes

These are the important pages we need to setup in OptimizePress for the successful product launches. The product launch sequence setup with OptimizePress gives customer to access the site and for them it will appear like a real product launch. This can be done through the use of OptimizePress special Launch System and the email autoresponder system we have for the integration.

To setup product launch pages first we need to create the following pages

Squeeze page – In OptimizePress we have 19 different templates for squeeze page setup use one of the templates to create the page in WordPress dashboard.
Sales pages – Set up sales pages for every product individual launch. This sales page has been chosen any one sales letter template from the 29 unique sales letter templates from OptimizePress WordPress theme.

Email Confirmation Page – The email confirmation page required used in autoresponder integration. Based on the sequence we have used in product launch setup we will decide whether we need email confirmation page or not. There are two cases possible for the product launch procedure.

Case 1 – If our product launch sequence displays the sales page immediately after the email entered in the squeeze page then there is no need to create email confirmation page. Instead of this page we can display sales page to the visitors once they have filled the option form.

The autoresponder email confirmation to add emails in the particular list will be send later by the autoresponder. Here the email conformation page has no contribution with the product launch funnel. This is only used for collecting the emails.

Case 2 – If your product launch procedure has the sales page display after the email confirmation (email collected on the autoresponder list). Instead of thank you page we will give sales pages in the autoresponder integration in product launch. Check out Aweber autoresponder integration with squeeze page.

For this case we need to create one page in WordPress dashboard with email confirmation message and we need to fill this email confirmation page URL with autoresponder system integration with squeeze page.

OptimizePress Page Templates

OptimizePress Page Templates

The remaining procedure to setup product launch procedure is same for both the two cases mentioned above.

On each of the squeeze page and sales page, we can activate the product launch gateway system. But we have the ‘activate gateway ‘setting in the custom options of each page type this will we shown below the page editor in WordPress dashboard. But we need to use this in any one page template either squeeze page or sales page.

Navigation on Product launch pages

If you need navigation menu on sales  pages and squeeze page we can enable top navbar or side navigation bars  or both navigation in any one of the product launch pages or in all pages or we can select the pages we need to display navigation menu in product launch. This will help the landing page visitor can easily went back to the page for any reference during the sales funnel.

Content delivery pages– Not necessary to create all content delivery pages completely at this stage, but it is useful to setup page in publish pages in WordPress for product launch funnel setup.

Thank You page – We should also create a thank you page with greeting message to congratulate the customer after they had successful subscription or payment for the product purchases.  Get optimizePress now.

Product launch funnel configuration in OptimizePress

The next step is to setup the Product launch funnel. To do this, first go to the OptimizePress options in the WordPress dash board and then click on the ‘Funnel Config’ option in the navigation of OptimizePress dashboard in wp-admin.

In this section we need to setup options for the product launch. First we need to setup launch type as Perpetual/Evergreen or One-off/Timed.

Number of Launch Pages – Enter the number of pages to be included in the product launch sequence. This will includes your sales letter squeeze page along with sales letter also.

Coming Soon Image Page – Here we can upload an image for coming soon pages. This image will be seen to the landing page visitor during the product launch setup and the time gap between the completed setup and the launch time for this product. That is coming soon page will be shown to the visitor until the product launch sequence page are in live.

Squeeze Page/Start Page – Select your squeeze page from the dropdown menu in this drop down we have all the pages on the WordPress admin we need to select the squeeze page we have created for this product launch and this will be the starting point of the sales funnel sequence.

Launch Funnel Configuration

Launch Funnel Configuration

Make sure that we have properly selected the squeeze page for the product launch and the squeeze page has the proper autoresponder system integration.

 Enable Cookie Checking & Gateway System – Set the option as Yes if we have enabled the gate way system on sales letter page or squeeze page of this product launch funnel. If you are not enabled the gate way system then for any one of the launch pages then choose the option ‘No’ here. The gate way system used to direct the second time visitor for squeeze page to the next step of the sales funnel.

Current Launch Page/Redirect Page – Choose the page that that we need to redirect landing page visitors when they first enter sales funnel after the squeeze page subscription. But note that this will be properly redirected only if we have added the extension /?setuser=1199  in the autoresponder integration on squeeze page.

Launch Page Top Navbar and Sidebar Setup – If we need we can use the top navbar color to highlight in the current page the visitor is viewing then we can setup color here. And also we have options to setup Side bar navbar titles for the launch pages.

Once you have completed above all setting settings, click on the ‘Update Configurations’ to successfully configure the product.

The next step is to setup your launch funnel pages. To do this, first click the ‘Funnel Page Setup’ tab from the top or sidebar of the OptimizePress admin options.

Setup Sales Funnel Pages in OptimizePress

In OptimizePress this page will have the settings based on the number of launch pages used in the funnel configuration settings. For example if we have used three pages for the funnel configuration we should have the settings for these three pages in  ‘setup funnel pages’ options in OptimizePress dashboard.

These options will kept the product launch protected until the launch is live and also kept product the pages when out product launch temporarily stopped with inactive pages of the product launch.

For each launch page here we have five settings

  • Select page
  • Active link name
  • Inactive link name
  • Active thumbnail Image
  • Coming Soon or in active thumbnail image

We will have these five settings for all funnel paged used in the product launch sequence.

Funnel Pages Setup

Funnel Pages Setup

Select page – We need to select the first funnel page from the WordPress dashboard pages. We should select the same for all the pages available in funnel setup page.

Active Link Name – This active link name is the URL of the original funnel page constructed in WordPress this page will be shown to the landing page visitors when the product launch setup is in live. Any visitor click on the navigation tab the active link will be shown if the product launch is live.

 Inactive Link Name –we give an URL here it will be displayed during the temporary stop of the product launch procedure. These options will kept the product launch protected until the launch is live and also kept product the pages protected when out product launch temporarily stopped.

Active Thumbnail – we have link option to choose an image or upload and image for the active launch page thumbnail. When a visitor click on top nave or sidebar nav tabs this thumbnail image will be shown when the product launch page active or live.

If the product launch pages are not in live then the coming soon image or inactive image thumbnail will be shown to the visitors when they entered your sales funnel. The page will be chosen coming soon image setup in OptimizePress.

Setup Autoresponder Integration Settings

If you have already integrated the autoresponder systems with the squeeze page of product launch then No need to set up here otherwise we need to setup integration process of squeeze page with autoresponder systems like Mailchimp or Aweber.

OptimizePress offers the constant contact, get response, iContact and infusion soft integration we can also use self hosted autoresponder system for squeeze page integration in OptimizePress.

The autoresponder integration email confirmation page and thank you page settings will integrated will any one of the above two case discussed earlier part of this article.

Case 1: set the thank you page/confirmation page in your autoresponder as squeeze page in your launch funnel then we need to use setuser=1199 value at the end of the URL to ensure the launch system works properly

Case 2: If you want to send your user to an email confirmation page before the Squeeze page of your launch funnel, we should set your autoresponder confirmation/thank you page to be your confirmation page URL no needs to add extension part here.

Mailchimp Confirmation page

Mailchimp Confirmation page

Once you have decided how you will structure your autoresponder/signup process, you should grab your web form code from your autoresponder and paste this into the autoresponder field in the squeeze page options panel. This will integrate the funnel squeeze page with your autoresponder system.

AutoResponder Follow up messages

Based on the autoresponder system we have used for the squeeze page integration. Those email system has certain procedure to setup follow up messages once the subscription has done.

For this kind of situation if you want to send follow up messages to the customer once the sales funnel procedure has successfully completed we need to add the extension ?setuser=1198 value instead of ?setuser=1199 in the autoresponder integration process with squeeze page of product launch funnel. Then the follow up messages will send automatically as per the configuration in autoresponder systems.

Setup Content Delivery Pages and Test the Funnel

Once we have finished all the above procedure then we needs to add content delivery pages in WordPress.  After this setup you have completed the setup for product launch sequence. Added your content to your launch pages, created your sales letter, and added any other content you want to the squeeze pages, you are ready to test your launch funnel.

One of the best ways to test your funnel is to use separate email for the subscription process and track the complete process of product launch set up including the follow up messages and content delivery page display after the product launch sequence has over.

We should test the both cases test the procedure if the product launch setup is in live and test the setup if the product launch is in active stage and trouble shoot the errors.


OptimizePress offers various templates for product launch pages like squeeze page and sales pages. We can enable gateway system feature for the product launch setup. OptimizePress theme also used as best theme for the membership site setup with various templates.

Basically the complete setup for the product launch sequence includes Setup pages for the product launch, Product launch funnel configuration, Setup pages to product launch procedure, AutoResponder integration with OptimizePress and Test the product launch funnel.

Download OptimizePress now and setup your product launch simply with your WordPress site. Share your experience in comments section

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