Best Membership Plugins for Online Courses in WordPress

The best Membership plugin to create online courses in WordPress should have its selling feature. Online course creation using membership plugins helps to launch a product in WordPress. Moreover, it provides an asset for our digital info business. An online course program is the best way to deliver quality content to our blog’s interested readers, which helps to grow knowledge of the people in a particular niche.

The online course creation with membership plugin provides a digital subscription program to engage our readers. It guides them to clear their doubts with community participation as well as one to one support. Membership plugins help to launch the course program easily with social media promotion and PPC.

What is the Online Course program needs?

The online courses need four stages in the complete course process as listed below.

  1. Interactive Couse content creation
  2. Content Schedule to different subscription levels
  3. Goals and Tests for the students
  4. Certification and rewards for achievements

These four stages are a must for successful online course creation, and it provides a lot of trust over the program towards the audience.

The interactive course content should be a procedure, tutorial, or tips to grow the process success on a concept. The training content delivery methods include videos, infographic images to clear the concept with pdf procedure. The feedback and forum discussion with another student can help to grow the knowledge.

Content schedule– Content drip to various membership levels provides the course process faster and more organized than offline courses. The complete course content needs to be subdivided into modules, and the length of the course can also be divided into membership levels. It helps to teach the students easily.

Goals and Tests– Every membership level should have milestone content. Once members are reached the milestone, they need to look backwards at their completed part of the course with quizzes and tests. Even assignments can help to touch with every part of the content until the course completion.

Certification and Awards– The course program should offer certification & awards by tests after completing levels and program.

Create Online Courses in WordPress

Create Online Courses in WordPress

Now we are ready to choose the right plugin to create our online course.

Why do we need a membership site to deliver an online course?

The membership sites are the best method to deliver online courses. It helps to create more interaction opportunities for students, and the course provides. It best asserts for the next upcoming courses as well. Look at my best membership site creation plugins in WordPress.

The online courses that deliver information using membership sites have the below advantages.

  • It is a good income source for the course provider. We can achieve it by creating the course as a subscription program or even a recurring subscription.
  • The membership site helps to build an email list for our next course offering for successful students.
  • It helps deliver value to the student community by integrating forums and feedback mechanisms into the online courses.
  • The membership site can give automated course content delivery after the successful completion of every level with awards.

So membership sites are the best option to deliver the online course successfully. Successful course creation needs supporting tools to deliver the course to the right students.

How to choose the right membership plugin for the online course?

The right membership plugin for the content management system helps create the best delivery to the course, and it even supports the launch campaign of the course program. So the best online course plugin should have the below features.

  • Easy course content protection and deliver access to the particular membership level. It media content protection should be available.
  • It must provide multiple subscription levels and partial content protection, and a free trial as well.
  • The membership plugin should have the course member’s management section with forum support for community interaction.
  • It should provide email automation, payments gateway and lead pages integration options for the online course program promotion.
  • Quiz, assignments, webinars and discussion boards about a case study make good student engagement inside the membership sites.
  • Finally, the support and motivation to learn the concept by appreciation and wards should also be available in the membership plugins.
  • The digital downloads options for media files should also be available in the course program.
  • The CRM and affiliate program setup tool integration in the membership plugin gives an added advantage for online courses.

Now we should have the list of best online course delivery membership plugins in WordPress. These plugins help to deliver the valuable concept in an easier way to students.

Best membership Plugins for Online courses in WordPress

The best membership plugin for the online course program should support multiple membership subscription levels. Best WordPress content protection with media and its access. It should have the best content delivery methods with community interactions. The lunch and marketing tools support online course program promotions.

1. MemberPesss

MemberPress is the best membership plugin in WordPress to create membership sites and sell online courses. It has credit card payments for membership subscriptions along with Paypal and other gateways. It has the best control over the course content protection without any difficulty in its protection.

The Memberpress courses make the learning management system simple with memberpress. It has full feature WordPress LMS can protect WordPress pages, subpage with custom post types. The visual drag and drop builder creates course templates, and the course content is protected with advanced user role rules.



The learner progress is tracked with membership levels management. This courses addon makes it easier to build online courses with click to progress. Drip content delivery makes to add content to the next subscription levels in the online course.

Features of MemberPress

  • We can create a complete course with unlimited members support.
  • It provides restricted partial content protection with self- membership management.
  • Full subscription management with a trial, free and paid options to access course content.
  • Automatic upgrade with full transaction management and has a discount coupon.
  • Custom membership registration with built-in email automation for membership and courses notification.
  • The translation is available in many languages.
  • BBPress community forum integration is available with the easy affiliate for course promotion.

The lead pages, email marketing services, CRM, file downloads, and payment gateway integration helps to launch the course online easier with member press. So Memberpress with courses addon makes it the best plugin to create and sell online courses in WordPress.

2. LearnDash

LearnDash is the best WordPress online course creation plugin created by e-learning experts. It has a structured learning management system for online courses with courses, sections, lessons and topics. They track the learner with course certificates, quizzes for lessons and sections. Finally, they have an assignment for every topic as well.

learnDash have special quizzing capabilities with choice, sorting, multiple-choice, fill in the blank and essay type. It can increase the interactivity of the students. The best learning experience provides by the course builder template available in Learndash.



It provides conditional content delivery layers with course content, group learners’ support, and automatic email notification about the progress. Best community and video tutorials support from learndash make course creation easier.

Features of LearnDash

  • Learndash provides the best learning experience by structured content with quizzes and assignments.
  • Drag and drop course builder with dynamic content delivery.
  • Flexible access to sections, courses, contents and quizzes.
  • Automatic notifications with discussion and leader boards are available.
  • Best marketing methods by one-time payment, subscriptions with membership, bundle and bulk access.
  • Integration with email marketing, payment gateways and CRM is available for course promotion.

The course structure and content delivery management in learndash are awesome. The course progress and learners are tracked using quizzes, assignments, and certificates makes learndash become the best online course creation plugin for WordPress.

3. LifterLMS

Lifter LMS provides online course creation and its delivery to the student with all in one business. It is an affordable plugin, and it is available in WordPress to create an online course with membership site customization. Moreover, it provides membership site run and business growing opportunities with LMS.

The Lifter LMS provides solutions to online course builders, who run online courses independently and migrate courses from other plugins using stacks. So it is the best plugin for coaching and training classes with membership management, and it also provides the course promotion by launch using Lifter LMS.


Lifter LMS

Lifter LMS

We care to create courses, sell courses, engage the student with coaching and training, protect content for membership easily with Lifter LMS. Themes, page builders, forums, email service, CRM and other addons integration make Lifter LMS the successful online course creation plugin in WordPress.

Features of Lifter LMS

  • It has detailed documentation with live onboard call support for course creation and promotion.
  • Lifter LMS provides the leading support desk with developer support to build courses.
  • Multimedia lessons setup with course builder is available.
  • Content dripping is available for multiple membership levels.
  • Quizzes and assignments with student dashboard are included in the LifterLMS
  • Lesson downloads and discussion area is there with multiple subsection payments options.

Member’s only forums, email marketing, mobile-friendly themes and CRM integration are available in Lifter LMS. It makes Lifter LMS be the best choice to create online courses and coaching programs in WordPress.

4. Wishlist Member

Wishlist Member is the powerful WordPress membership plugin to create and sell online courses. It helps create membership sites with full integration of email autoresponders and multiple payment systems to sell online course programs in the marketplace. We can create an online course with the support of many LMS are available in WordPress.

We can generate recurring revenue by creating subscription-based online courses with multiple membership levels. Combine these levels into a program and sell it in marketplaces like Clickbank, E-junkie. The content protection and access to the particular membership level are simple, and it uses drip and sequential content delivery methods to deliver course content.

WishList Member

WishList Member

Wishlist members accept 20+ payment methods, many third-party email autoresponders and CRMs like zapier. We can protect almost everything in WordPress, such as posts, pages, categories and tags, with media files too. It is the best membership plugin for online courses in wordpress.

Features of Wishlist Member plugin

  • Best membership levels management in the WordPress dashboard with customization options.
  • Drip and schedule course content with one click protection.
  • Collect payments using multiple payment gateways with full integration.
  • 50+ integration tools are available to sell the online course in the marketplace.
  • Best automation in membership management with notification.
  • Good customer support with video tutorials are available to set up and launch an online course program with tech support.

Wishlist members used to convert our WordPress website into a membership site. It helps to create online courses and sell them online with multiple support tools integration. Wishlist members provide helpdesk support with a number of video tutorials to launch a course with a WordPress website.

5. Paid Membership Pro

Paid Membership Pro is the WordPress membership plugin used to create online courses with the help of LMS available in it. We can also create an online course program with Lifter LMS and learndash integration with Paid membership pro. We can create a subscription-based online coaching class with WordPress using this plugin.

The e-learning and digital courseware have been created with paid membership pro with content protections like the podcast, video series and tutorials. The members can interact with communities using BuddyPress like forums, and we can also create private social communities for e-learning.

Paid Membership Pro

Paid Membership Pro

We use membership addon courses to create online courses with lesson post types and e-learning components in our WordPress membership site. We can add course content inside the courses and lesson modules with restricted content access for membership payments.

Features of Paid membership pro

  • Unlimited levels for flexible membership pricing with recurring payment options.
  • 6 payment gateways are available for paid content subscriptions.
  • We have a customizable dashboard with membership reports.
  • 60+ addons are available for extended membership functions. It also has third party LMS integrations like learndash, Lifter LMS.
  • Mailchimp, Zapier and Paypal integration is available for selling the membership coaching programs.
  • 30 days money-back guarantee is available with paid membership pro.

It supports WordPress multisite, so we can protect subdomains using paid membership pro. Multi-tiered membership is also possible to create bonus courses with the parent course with this plugin. Multiple payment methods and email communication with members make it the best plugin for e-learning with WordPress membership sites.

6. Restrict Content Pro

Restrict content pro is the WordPress membership plugin used to convert a WordPress website into a paid membership site. The WP courseware addon helps create online courses in restrict content pro and sell it in the marketplace. We can create multiple membership packages such as free, trial and premium for online courses.

WP courseware provides modules, units and quizzes for online coaching programs or courses. We can set up the price for each course with cross ponding membership levels. The Amazon S3 media maestro HTML 5 player was used to pay for the video tutorials available in the online courses.

Restrict Content Pro

Restrict Content Pro

The best member management is available with import/export features. We have hooks and filters with theme integration for template creation for membership sites. WLI- client level interface helps to create and view membership information by the subscribers. It also has powerful integration with email marketing services and payment gateways for membership site promotion.

Features of Restrict Content Pro

  • Good membership management with active, expired and pending members.
  • Email automation is available for the membership subscription and its registration process.
  • It uses discount codes with different payment subscription options such as free, trial and premium.
  • It uses multiple addons for email marketing, CRM, payment processing and affiliate setup services.
  • We can also have third party integration services for LMS and billing for the membership payments.
  • It uses WP courseware to create an online course with classroom pages, assignments, quizzes, and course widgets.
  • The courseware has a visual builder to create responsive course templates.

Restrict Content Pro is one of the best WordPress membership site plugins to create and sell online courses and coaching programs. It uses add on like WP courseware, Aweber, stripe, zapier and idev affiliate to sell the course in the marketplace.

7. Masteriyo WordPress LMS 

Masteriyo is the best WordPress LMS plugin that helps to create the online course and sell it online. It also provides an e-learning theme to deliver course content easily and quickly to subscribers. It has a drag and drop course builder with an unlimited number of courses and quizzes. So we can easily create online courses with WordPress.

It uses interactive course navigation with question and answers section for members’ interaction in the e-learning. The advanced quiz builder is available to create single choice, multiple-choice and true or false answers. The course and quiz builder helps to create awesome templates by easy drag and drop.

Masteriyo LMS

Masteriyo LMS

Masteriyo is the fast loading LMS with responsive design templates that helps to learn the course anywhere with mobile devices. It has an inbuilt order system to purchase courses using paypal payment options. It has an e-learning theme for easy customization of course templates.

Features of Masteriyo WordPress LMS

  • Unlimited courses set up with lessons and quizzes.
  • The easy course builder is used to create lessons with fast loading backend options.
  • It has a simple and clean design that is easy to customize with e-learning theme support.
  • Interactive learning page with progress bar about the course progressing duration.
  • It uses a quiz builder with multiple templates.
  • We can use proper navigation for lesson name, description and video content as well.

Masteriyo is a free WordPress LMS plugin with inbuilt PayPal payment options to sell membership courses. We can use this plugin to add course building options to WordPress websites.


In summary of this article, the online course creation is now simple with WordPress. We can easily create online courses and sell the course using membership plugins. Every online course needs delivery of course content, multiple subscription levels, testing and quizzes for course interaction, and certification and awards for the best performances.

The online course creation is successful only it has been delivered to the right people. So the membership plugins help to promote online courses by free, trial and premium subscription. Membership plugins use email marketing, payment gateways, CRM, affiliate program setup, and community forum integrations for these processes. MemberPress and LearnDash are the best online course creation plugins for WordPress with course sell options in the above list. Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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