Best CRM for Marketing Automation in WordPress Product Launch

The simplest solution for marketing automation is CRM. They offer contacts management, marketing campaign management, client communication calendar with task management, and finally, customer relationship services using emails, telephone, and live chats. WordPress product launches need a good system to execute the sales funnel. CRM are the right choice to execute the funnel.

The Customer Relationship Management software takes most of the marketing works. CRM leave product owners to find the right marketing strategy for the WordPress product launch. We know marketing is a vital part of WordPress product launch. The CRM makes it simpler with a good marketing strategy.

What is Marketing Automation in product launch?

There are two types of marketing automation is performed in product launches as follows

  1. For lead generation
  2. For Sales and upsell

For lead generation, we need to focus the geolocation and community sites to drive traffic to our landing pages to generate leads. We need a strategy to generate leads using Marketing automation available CRM. It gives the result of traffic into assets for the business.

For Sales and upsell, we need to focus the customer segmentation in leads using some strategies in marketing automation. It gives the results that make contacts into customers. However, the upsell marketing automation converts the customers into revenues.


Three Marketing Automation Methods available in CRM

CRM provides marketing automation for lead generation, deal closure, and product upsell. They use three different automation methods for marketing to achieve these goals. For lead generation, they use a traffic generation strategy, deal closure, email marketing, and follow-up services, and finally, for upsell, they use automatic campaign running with potential assets.

The best CRM uses all the below three methods for Product launch marketing

  1. Social Media marketing that focuses traffic sources for lead generation
  2. Email marketing that focuses on Deal closure
  3. Campaign running that focus Upsell revenue

For lead generation, CRM use tools for landing page creation, web forms customization to capture the leads. Moreover, CRM uses multi-channel marketing to drive traffic from search, social media, and social sharing websites. They use PPC and content marketing to drive traffic for lead generation.

For Deal closure, CRM uses email marketing and marketing funnel for conversion from leads to customers. The email follow-up and feedback monitoring are the best options for deal closure. For this, CRM uses live chat, telephone meetings, and email follow-up with communication history.

For Product Upsell, CRM uses lead segmentation by email marketing or lead nutrition by customer interest and habits. Here they use many marketing campaigns with tracking and analytics. It helps to identify the right leads for product upsells.

The Best CRM for Marketing Automation

The Best Customer relationship Software or service should offer multiple modes of communication with leads or assets. Most commonly, they use email, telephone, live chat, etc. however, in recent days we have used SMS and mobile apps for communication between leads and the business. The communication should always record and tracked by the CRM.

These records and tracking analytics are analyzed to build the right strategy for marketing automation from the sales funnel.

In WordPress product launch, marketing automation strategy starts from Traffic generation for product launch and ends in upselling the customer. The complete process has below steps.

  1. Sales funnel in Product Launch
  2. Marketing Tasks in Sales funnel
  3. Automation in the Marketing Task
  4. Scheduling the Meeting with Contacts
  5. Contacts follow-up in CRM
  6. Reporting and analysis in CRM for Upsell

The first three are used for lead generation, and the second three are used for sale and product upselling. In the next section, we have the 7 best CRM for marketing automation in product launches.

1. Zoho CRM

Zoho provides a complete solution for CRM with Salesforce management, Marketing Automation, Analytics, and Omnichannel for customer relationships. In addition, Zoho offers the best lead management with multiple communication methods. They use email, social media, live chat, self-service, web conferencing, and real-time notification for lead engagement.

For lead generation, Zoho uses web forms customization with different page layouts to collect the customer data. Here it has a lead, contacts, deals, and account management section for workflow automation for sales marketing. It will make the lead segmentation easier to run the marketing campaign.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM

For marketing automation, Zoho uses lead segmentation by metrics, lead nurturing, event management, marketing attribution with google ads integration for PPC, and keyword marketing.

The best analytics and tracking methods are available with reports, charts, anomaly, funnel, etc. moreover, it has mobile CRM apps with separate analytics for sale improvements.

Features of Zoho CRM

  • It reaches the customer by email, telephone, social media, and live chat.
  • Real-time notification is available for customer who looks into our business.
  • AI-powered automotive task management is available for the repetitive task.
  • Trigger for instant actions, follow-us, and automated workflow is used in a campaign running.
  • The real-time insights with performance indicators are available for automated marketing.
  • 24×7 customer support is available with the remote support team.

The Zoho CRM is the best solution to manage the leads or assets with segmentation. It is the right choice for deal closure. It is easy to perform product upsell using its automated workflow and multi-channel communication.

2. Agile CRM

Agile CRM is the best choice for sales automation, marketing, and customer communication service. For lead generation, marketing automation uses a landing page builder with social suite integration. This social suite drives traffic from social media and social sharing websites to the landing pages. The webforms used in the landing page will convert the traffic into lead assets for our business.

The sales marketing was performed using contents and deals management. The contacts are communicated by email, telephone, and follow-up. The appointment scheduling for follow-up deals is performed using live charts and telephone. They use mobile marketing also for lead generation and sales procedures.

Agile CRM

Agile CRM

The helpdesk, knowledgebase, email ticketing, and feedback methods are available within the CRM. It helps to find the right strategy to run an automated marketing campaign for the upselling process. In addition, the CRM analytics with email tracking helps segment the lead, making deal closure easier.

Features of Agile CRM

  • It has more than 500+ apps for marketing and sales processing.
  • Agile CRM integrates many social media suites such as Twitter, Facebook, linked in, and google apps.
  • Multi-chat windows and customer support analytics are also available for deal closure.
  • Autodialer, voice mail, call recording, and video conferencing are available for the sales process.
  • It uses inbox and mobile CRM for email marketing with quicker responses.
  • The CRM has the best dashboard that displays the sales funnel with deals milestone report and revenue chart.

The Agile CRM is best for marketing automation for product upselling. It has the best feedback and helpdesk analytics for customer segmentation. Moreover, it is useful to create a marketing campaign for a product upsell.

3. Active Campaign CRM

Active Campaign CRM is the best CRM for Sales automation to close the sale. It uses an automated marketing process for all of the email contacts. Then it finds the most engaged and active contacts by analytics and email tracking and finally integrates with the best tools to close the product sale. It uses useful in deal closure of sales funnel.

For communication and marketing active campaign uses multiple channels such as email, landing page, social media, messaging & text, conversation & chat, web personalization, and what’s app. These Omni channels are used for deal closure and marketing task running.

Active Campaign CRM

Active Campaign CRM

Machine learning with AI, mobile app, service & migration, the inbox is used for campaign implementation. Finally, the marketing tasks are performed using any one of the technology with analytics and tracking.

Active campaign CRM provides email marketing and sales automation for B2c, B2B customers, and enterprises. It also offers marketing services for ecommerce websites.

Features of Active Campaign CRM

  • The lead segmentation was performed using landing pages, subscription form, ecommerce, tracking, and deliverability.
  • Leads are nurturing with the help of SMS, automation of tasks, Goals, and event tracking.
  • Campaign automation is performed using pipeline, split test, lead scoring, leads attribution, and sale engagements.
  • The follow-up automation tasks are created using conversation and chats, results of analytics, and tracking.
  • Great support with one-to-one training and video tutorials are available for campaign management.

The Active campaign CRM is the best used for marketing campaign automation with multiple channels. It helps to segment the leads based on the sales engagements and finally close the deal. It is the best CRM to run multiple sales campaigns for product launches.

4. Insightly CRM

The Insightly CRM is the best choice for product launches with the best marketing methods for lead generation and sales. It also provides sale automation by leads routing and workflow. In addition, analytics and tracking services are also available to find marketing strategies for product launches.

The lead generation marketing and sale closure marketing are performed by targeting lead segmentation. The most engaging sales leads are identified using customer journey with logical best next step action process. We can conduct A/B testing with intelligent campaigns. The open, bounce and click-through rates will help to find the right campaign for sales automation. It uses multiple email templates to create the most convertible emails in marketing automation.

Insightly CRM

Insightly CRM

The signup form design and tracking reports help to choose the best campaign for upselling. The speed in customer response is available in Insightly CRM. It uses a quicker way of finding relevant leads from the pool by most engagements. Insightly uses insights about the marketing campaign outputs, schedule, and channel resources for marketing automation.

Finally, the contact management performed with lead routing for better deals management. The right workflow from marketing automation with email sends, and track analytics chooses the right leads to close the sale.

Features of Insightly CRM

  • It uses streamline to capture the right leads for sale closure from the pool of contacts.
  • We can deploy the custom mobile apps for marketing in minutes with app connect.
  • The dashboard can track important metrics, and it will identify the best leads.
  • It uses an app connect to work from anywhere.
  • We can easily connect with customers with multiple mediums such as email, mobile apps, and telephone.

Insightly CRM uses prebuilt email and web form templates with customization features. It helps to create an interactive email campaign with A/B testing. The insights about tasks, campaigns, contact with analytics, and tracking help choose the right marketing automation for sales.

5. Sugar CRM

The Sugar CRM provides marketing automation, Sales automation with customer relationship services. WordPress product launches need both marketing and sales automation with quicker responses. It gives more marketing services than less reporting, which helps in WordPress. The product launch with Sugar CRM provides high conversion without much segmentation of leads.

Sugar CRM

Sugar CRM

The marketing automation is performed using multi-channel marketing for all the business needs. It uses inbound and outbound marketing tools and social media for lead generation. Googles ads management provides the best results with landing page designs.

The professional email, landing pages, and email campaigns are created using Suger CRM to capture the leads from the marketing channels. Nurturing leads using dynamic and multiphase targeted campaigns. Analyze the reports and visualize the results with the best dashboard charts and metrics.

Features of Sugar CRM

  • It provides embedded omni-channel customer communication with the best UI.
  • The best customer support is available with SLA and priority support.
  • Knowing your customer with outlook attitudes helps to find the customer pulse.
  • We can visualize the tracking in the CRM dashboards.
  • It is available for enterprise-level communication with priority tasks.
  • The sales automation campaign has sent only to the qualified leads for higher conversion.

Sugar CRM uses a multi-channel marketing campaign. The sales automation is performed using AI powdered Sugar CRM. The lead conversion, ideal customer profiles, and highly predictive sales closing opportunities are available. It makes Sugar CRM best for sales automation.

6. Aritic CRM

The Aritic CRM uses Aritic pinpoint for marketing automation and attic sales for sale workflow management. Finally, it uses an aritic desk for customer relationship maintenance in product launches. The email, swarm, and integration options are available in Aritic CRM. They are used for marketing channels, mode of communication, and the technology behinds the marketing automation service.

Aritic pinpoint is the full-stack marketing automation available with landing pages, subscription forms, lead segmentation, email marketing, and automation. It has a landing page builder with multi-channel marketing automation for lead generation. The contacts are segmented using lead scoring and nurturing with tracking.

Aritic CRM

Aritic CRM

The Aritic sale automation has the best user interface with appointment scheduling for deal closure. We can use a streamlined sales process with deal tracking to close the sale. In addition, the funnel process is used for task implementation and its management.

It uses the best helpdesk ticketing system to maintain customer relationships. The social channel integration available in that CRM helps marketing automation. We can use marketing analytics and real chart support to find a successful sales automation strategy in the product launch.

Features of Arctic CRM

  • Landing pages, web form customization, and marketing automation are available for lead capture.
  • Appointment scheduling, deal tracking, sales process pipeline, sales funnel automation, and workflow is used in sales automation.
  • It used social integration, real-time chart, analysis, and helpdesk integration to find the marketing strategy.
  • Multi-channel communication is available for deal closure.
  • Mobile application with video marketing is also available in Arctic CRM.

The mobile CRM, app integration deal management with workflow management makes Aritic CRM is the best choice for sales automation and deal closure. The appointment scheduling and sales funnel automation is the added advantage.

7. Engagebay CRM

EngagegeBay CRM is the all-in-one platform for WordPress product launch. It has a marketing bay for marketing automations, Sales and CRM Bay for sales automation, and Services pay for customer relationship services. In addition, it uses landing pages, inbound marketing, popups, marketing automation, email marketing, lead generation, and helpdesk with many tools integration for CRM support.

The landing pages and web forms are used to capture the leads. The email sequences, appointment scheduling, are used for marketing automation. The contact management with a 360-degree customer view is available for sale closure.

EngageBay CRM

EngageBay CRM

The live chat support, telephonic conversation helps to improve the deals managements and its closing. In addition, the task and the sales process pipeline can arrange the workflow using the analytics and tracking of the email marketing automation process.

Features of EngageBay CRM

  • Engagebay is the single tool for marketing automation and sale workflow.
  • The landing page builder and webform are used to capture the lead for product launch marketing.
  • The marketing automation helps to segment the leads for making deals to close the deals.
  • Appointment scheduling and live chat help to identify the best deals.
  • It created the sales workflow based on the deals management with the pipeline process.
  • The telephonic support with workflow helps to close the deals.

EngageBay CRM is the best CRM for WordPress product launch. It helps for marketing, sales, and customer support in the launch using automation and workflow. Social suite and SMS broadcast help deliver the marketing campaign in social media to generate traffic to the landing pages and Close this as a sale using this CRM.


In summary, the marketing automation in WordPress product launch is simplified using CRM softwares. This CRM helps for marketing automation to capture leads and close the sale by sales automation. Therefore, the best CRM should provide marketing automation, sales automation, and customer relationship service.

The marketing campaign is automated using multiple marketing channels in response it identifies the quality leads. The sale process pipeline is used to segment the leads and find good deals. The deals are managed using workflow with helpdesk, and tasks are implemented using email, telephone, and live chat. Finally, the deal closed with a product sale in WordPress launch. Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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