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WordPress plugins are the heart of the content management system. These plugins expand the open source WordPress CMS functionality to the extreme level with its specific feature. The WordPress users get more benefited because of the plugin developers they can update their plugins during the incompatibility on WordPress update and if any new features added to the plugin function.

In WordPress Backup is the one of the major part. Nowadays there are numerous spammers and hackers available on the web. They have ambition to hack the popular websites. So to protect our WordPress site from those hackers and spammers we need to install spam production plugin and backup plugin both the plugins simply called as security plugins of WordPress.

Spam protection plugin for WordPress

Akismet is the best spam production plugin comes along with the WordPress open source software. After installed the WordPress we will have Akismet installed we just need to activate the plugin. This plugin activation needs WordPress API key for your WordPress account.

This Akismet provides the stats for the spam attempt for our WordPress site in its dashboard and protect the site from spammers. Akismet is well enough for avoiding spam links and comments from the unwanted experts of WordPress.

Backup WordPress Plugin

Some of the WordPress experts can hack your WordPress site apart from the security plugins of WordPress. During this time we have lost our entire WordPress site with databases. Some of the hosting provider company offers back for your site and database with limited storage. Beyond the storage limit we need to take backup.

BackupBuddy plugin  from PluginBuddy

So we need to find the suitable Backup plugins for WordPress. PluginBuddy offers a plugin called BackupBuddy which used for the backup process of WordPress site directory as well as data bases.



BackupBuddy plugin has three main functions

  • Backup the WordPress site
  • Restore the backup data
  • WordPress sites migration process

These function will be used various features of WordPress say for example during WordPress Multisite network feature activation and migration from one WordPress site to another.

BackupBuddy plugin uses to backup your entire WordPress site or Multisite WordPress installation network. Many of the backup plugin ad hosting companies will not take backup for widgets data we need to manually refill the widget data after the restore process.

But BackupBuddy plugin backup all data Including the widgets, themes and plugins.  And also it can backup the site data and store it in third party hosting like Amazon S3, Rackspace Cloud, FTP, or e-mail. check out more features here.

BackupBuddy has options to quickly and easily restore the entire backup site on the same server or migrate to a new server with a different domain and databases. These processes were simple with BackupBuddy WordPress backup plugin.

Backup WordPress Site directory and Databases

The BackupBuddy  WordPress plugin makes the backup procedure simple we can monitor the files which are going to backup by the plugin every 5 seconds. The backup method has two options for WordPress installation as follows

  • Full backup for WordPress site
  • Backup databases only

Full backup includes all the WordPress directory files and uploaded images themes, plugins and widget. Also it will take backup for the database configured with the WordPress directory.

Database only backup just download the SQL file for the database connected with the site. It will not take backup for the WordPress directory files. Just like laptop BackupBuddy will take regular backups for the blog or website. Only thing we need to schedule the backup time. Get BackupBuddy from PluginBuddy.

BackupBuddy storage

BackupBuddy plugin offer the backed up data sent off-site to the below location

  • Amazon S3
  • Rackspace Cloud
  • FTP/FTPS account to desktop
  • Dropbox
  • Email

We can schedule the backup interval with any destination to send the backup data using BackupBuddy.

BackupBuddy  backs up the SQL database, wp-plugins, files, themes, scripts, posts, settings, widgets, plugins, and all details in the WordPress database and directories. We can also include additional database tables during the backup process or we can also exclude some of the blog directories to getting baked up again and again.

This Backup feature is very useful if someone hacks our site and we can restore the site to how it was before the hacking. Another way that a BackupBuddy backup can be used is to migrate the site to a new location. This is useful when we move a site from a development area to a live web directory without the loss of any modification in the developed site.

BackupBuddy Email Notification features

Backupbudy setting have the options to setup notification for the backup via email. If we have used the scheduled backup method then the email notification can be received once the backup completed.

If we have manual backup method here also we have received email notification instantly after backup has taken.

It also backup failure and error notification in case if we have problem during the backup process in BackupBuddy.

BackupBuddy Processes

Backup, Restore and Migrate

Maximum limit for the backup archive is unlimited at initially we have o backup after he installation of BackupBuddy. No need to worry about archive data for the backup process in BackupBuddy. We can also have some below options

  • Password setup
  • Backup reminder settings
  • Version compatibility check
  • Backup log details

If we need we can configure the settings after the plugin installation.

Restore the backup data Using BackupBuddy

For restore the backup data first download ImportBuddy from the BackupBuddy by navigating to the ‘Backup & Restore‘ page. The inmportbuddy.php script will be used in the restore process.

BackupBuddy give options to restore ther WordPress site faster. The restore function in BackupBuddy is simple just upload the importbuddy.php script and the backup file that’s it will restore the entire WordPress directory we have taken backed up listed below

  • Themes
  • Widgets
  • Plugins
  • Admin files
  • uploads

No need to install WordPress here just click restore button in BackupBuddy after the success full upload of importbuddy.php file and back backup files. After the successful upload just runs the script if it is password protected just enter the password and click restore option.

During the restore process we can verify the database details below

  • WordPress Address
  • MySQL Server
  • Database Name
  • Database User
  • Database Pass
  • Database Prefix.

The migration of backup data to the new server this information could be useful.

WordPress sites migration process with BackupBuddy

BackupBuddy offers operation to migrate a WordPress site to another domain or another server easily.
This BackupBuddy feature can be useful especially if we have developing custom WordPress site for our clients.

We can develop the site in local host once the site development is completed just migrate the custom WordPress site to the live domain. This is a very popular feature for WordPress developers who build a custom site for a client on a local host.  And transfer the entire site with content, styles, widgets and all to the live domain.

BackupBuddy not only used in the custom web development it is also used in WordPress network sites setup. Because when we combine an individual WordPress site in to WordPress network we need to take backup for the site and migrate to the network site.

BackupBuddy with WordPress Multisite

WordPress Multisite is the special feature of WordPress 3.0 and above version. This feature named as network feature of WordPress.  With help of Multisite feature we can use single installation of WordPress for multiple WordPress site no need to install WordPress separately in all sites.

BackupBuddy with Multisite

BackupBuddy with Multisite

Most of the people who have multiple WordPress site they wanted combine as Multisite and manage all the sites in one location. BackupBuddy plays the major role in the Multisite setup process.

Because in the Multisite setup we need to create a network with sudomians or subdirectory then we could migrate all individual WordPress sites with each subdomain in the network.

Curing this process we need to take backup from individuals WordPress site databases and we should migrate the backup data with the sub domain network. Here BackupBuddy play major role in backup and migration work simple.

We can also backup the data in regular interval after the successful multisite setup. It is same as single site backup. BackupBuddy new version comes with Multisite support.

Check out the BackupBuddy license details for 2 sites, 10 site and unlimited number of sites.

BackupBuddy License details

BackupBuddy License details

BackupBuddy 2.0 Special Features

BackupBuddy 2.0 comes up with the below special features.

  • Multisite support with BackupBuddy
  • Added support for Rackspace Cloud Storage for remote backups.
  • Manage remote Amazon S3, FTP, & Rackspace Cloud backups within BackupBuddy. And use proper remote destinations in the schedule backups.
  • After starting the backup process even though we have closed the page the backup process will continue till the completion of the backup.
  • Compatibility checking, file permissions, database size and Site size maps to help easy to find where the space used for backup
  • Cron job viewer to view delete or run scheduled operations in WordPress.


BackupBuddy plugin from PluginBuddy uses to secure our WordPress site by its three processes as follows Back up the WordPress site, restores the backup data and migrate one WordPress site to another on the same hosting or between different hosting servers.

BackupBuddy 2.0 fully compatible with WordPress Multisite. We can store the backup data in various locations like Amazon s3, Rackspace Cloud, FTP account via desktop computer, e-mail and Dropbox. We can also use remote login to store the backup data in third party hosting.

Faster backup and restore operation with proper email notification for successful completion of backup process or if we had any error or failure during the backup process. We can schedule the backup and remote destination to store the data.

Download BackupBuddy now and feel free to about the WordPress site security. Share your experience in comments section.

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